Stilettos and Diapers: What I'm wearing - 32 Weeks Pregnant


What I'm wearing - 32 Weeks Pregnant

Humph. My face looks fatter than it did last week. I think I'm starting to get the puffs. Cuuute. 
{No one comment on how big the bootay is getting.}
Happy that it was warm enough for sandals one last time. 
My most favoritist earrings.
How far along: 32 weeks. 7 to go!
Size of baby: Size of a large jicama...Whatever that is. Average is 3.75lbs, but my linebacker child was 3.9 4 weeks ago. 
Total Weight Gain: 29lbs. Bumped it up an extra lb this week. It went right to the baby, though. Riiiight.
Maternity Clothes: And regular still. 
Gender: Sweet baby boy!
Movement: Plenty! 
Sleep: Ehhhh, okay. I just have to keep waking up for the bathroom. 
What I miss: Fitting into the clothes I want to wear. When I pulled out the fall/winter stuff yesterday, I realized not much fits. And it made me mad since I can't really go to the mall.
Cravings: Apple Cider Donuts, which I'm getting TODAY!
Symptoms: Contractions. Lots of them. I'm really trying to take it easy, but its so hard. Hubs went on a boys camping trip in upstate NY this weekend, so he dropped me and Cooper at his parents on the way up. Hopefully it will be easier than me staying home alone and I get those donuts here!
What I’m looking forward to: Getting rid of the bruises I got from falling down our entire flight of stairs yesterday. I look completely beat up. But luckily, I didn't hurt my belly. I managed to stay upright and just slam into the window frame at the bottom of the stairs. I guess that means I am completely front heavy and have no balance left whatsoever. 
Can you tell pregnancy is getting kinda ugly on me?

Outfit Deets:
Maxi Dress: Ross last year (Non Maternity)
Shoes: Walmart (cause I'm cheap like that)
Earrings: Lia Sophia

Happy weekend y'all! We're off to pick some apples and get some donuts in this chilly NY weather. It was 38 last night! 


  1. I do have to say you look glowing! I don't see the puffyness in the slightest! I hope I am as cute as you when I am preggers! Pray tell where do you get said Apple Cider donuts? It sounds like the perfect fall treat!

  2. i hope i look as good when i'm pregnant! you look awesome!

  3. Hot mama!!! You look great!!

    Love that dress

  4. Molly, you look great! Love the dress! You are glowing!

  5. Love the dress!

    You look better pregnant than I do non pregnant! Hahaha

  6. Cute, as always and if you are calling yourself puffy, I must have been an elephant. You look great!

  7. awww.. you still look adorable!!
    glad you're a-okay after that fall.. be careful, girlfriend!

  8. Girl, you look stunning!! I wore a purple maxi dress with my twins when I was like 7 months and I looked like a whale -- you look gorgeous!

  9. You look FANTASTIC, as always! I love LOVE that dress!

    And WHERE do you get apple cider donuts?!

  10. You look absolutely beautiful and your bump is so cute! The color of your dress looks great on you as well.

    Apple cide donuts? Oh my.. that sounds delish!

  11. You fell?!!? Please be careful!! Also, I just showed John this picture and he said in the sweetest voice, "Aww, she looks great!! All belly!" :)

  12. You fell down the stairs?! Holy s*#%! It sounds like you are ok though so that is good. Hang in there mama. One step at a time (literally). :)

    Doughnuts sound amazing!

  13. OMG you fell, thank god you are ok. and you still look sooooo pretty!

  14. I've been away from blog-land for a really (shamefully) really really long time. Like, the last time I blogged (regularly) and read blogs, was right after you announced you were preggers. And you look adorable! :)

  15. You look amazing! Such a beautiful momma to be :)
    By the way your eyes are gorgeous!! :)

  16. You're adorable! I have those earrings too. :) I love all my Lia stuff! I can't wait to make it to our local cider mill for the doughnuts, fritters and cider... Of course! :)

  17. You look great!! All baby belly!! Love that dress too!!

  18. Holy moly, you look GORGEOUS! Seriously, believe it. You really do look like you're all baby! That color is awesome on you.

  19. So glad you guys didn't get hurt in the fall. And that is an adorable dress, love it!


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