Stilettos and Diapers: Our weekend project and the power of YouTube.


Our weekend project and the power of YouTube.

2 weekends ago, we got hubs childhood pool table from his parents basement in NY. It is about 30 years old and needed some TLC, but is a 1000lb slate table that is still in great condition. So, we decided to recover it.

Since I'm cheap frugal and the hubs may be even more than I am, we discussed doing it ourselves. I pretty much believe that if there is a YouTube how-to video, I can do it. It usually takes a bit of pep talking to the hubs, but he usually goes with it. 

 I forgot to take a before pic, but this is after the hubs and his friend stapled the new felt over the top. With some serious coaching from me as I watch my how-to videos.
 It took us a few days to muster up the courage to do the rails, but alas, I found a great YouTube video and off we went.
 First, you have to take out the feather strip very carefully. 
 Then you replace the felt with the new stuff, hammer in the feather strip and razor off the remaining felt. 
In my mind, I was just like Pamela Anderson on Tool Time...Then I went to the bathroom and saw my hot mess self, braless and wearing the hubs boxers and that was the end of that. Oh, and the reason you can only see my hands in this pic.
 Once the rails are recovered, you bolt them back in.
 And ta-freakin-da!! You have a "new" pool table! 
What would we do without YouTube?


  1. Love You Tube.. And Google. Whatever did we do without the internet?

    The table looks great, btw!

  2. That's awesome, Molly!! Great job- now- who's going to teach me how to play pool on it?

  3. Great job! I'd never work up the courage to do that. I'm having a hard enough time working up the courage to paint my curtains LOL

  4. Molly-

    What a fantastic job! Holy smokes! That looks great! I loved your extra commentary in there as well :) There's no doubt in my mind that your hubs thought you looked like Pam Andersen on tool time ;)


  5. wow, that looks awesome. Youtube is my bible on makeup looks :)

  6. That is seriously christen it - duh! LOL I bet there's a youtube video on that too!

  7. Behold the wonders of the internet!

  8. Oh my goodness, thats amazing. Lol

  9. That is looks fantastic!!


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