Stilettos and Diapers: My baby's big boy room.


My baby's big boy room.

Some things are just instant tear jerkers for a Mom. One thing that always does it for me, is being hit in the face with the fact that my "baby" is far from a baby these days. 

Irene kept hubs inside all weekend, so he did tons around the house. First thing, was finishing Cooper's big boy room.

Painted the walls khaki
 Bases for the new bunk bed
 (He's not into pants these days, mmkay?)
 That ladder has already been removed, just fyi. Bad, bad idea for a 3 year old.
 Finished big boy room. (Insert bookoos of tears)
The bunk beds have shelves and a dresser on the left and a desk and drawers on the right.
The beds actually used to be my brothers. He just turned 15 and is way to much of a man for bunk beds. 
The curtains I made like 3 months ago with his finished room in mind.
Bedding is from Pottery Barn and the wall art I made a few weeks back. 
I am still on the hunt for a big vintage plane to hang in the corner. If you know of a good place for them, let me know!
 Momma promptly stuck his baby lovies right on the bed to remind him that he is still, in fact, my baby. 
 Its a good think I'm already pregnant or I'd be making another baby about now.


  1. It looks awesome!!

    My boys just turned two and I haven't even thought about their big boy room yet! I'm desperately praying that they don't realize they can actually climb out of their cribs right now -- I'm not ready for toddler beds yet!

  2. It looks great, Molly!! Big kid rooms are both exciting and sad.

  3. It looks great. I know I'll cry buckets too when we change Brayden's room to a big boy room. Pretty sure my heart stopped for a second when I just typed that! :(

  4. So cute! And I'm getting excited to see this next baby of yours! So soon!

  5. Love it! My daughter is 4 and has started complaining that she has a "baby" room - it's true cause I can't bear to change it yet!!

  6. looks good...and Coop looks old!! I know how you feel about them growing up....sads!!!

  7. So cute Molly! I especially love the wall art.

    And yes, Ty loves to be pants-free. We say we are a pants-optional household at this point, between him in his undies and Travis crawling around in his diaper. :) Me and Scott pretty much keep our pants on.

  8. So cute! We just put our little guys twin bed together this weekend. I am both sad and proud.

  9. LOVE Cooper's new bed! We have been looking at a new bedroom set for Cole and I keep going back to a set just like this. Love that it has built in drawers and savers are amazing!

  10. Oh my gosh! I can't even sweet baby girl is only 7.5 months and this makes me really sad :(. I'm totally with you, good thing you already have another on the way... :)


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