Stilettos and Diapers: Beach Vacation - Family Pics


Beach Vacation - Family Pics

We were brave souls who went out not once, but twice with bookoos of people to take family pictures on the beach. 
These are totally fake smiles. Cooper pitched a fit and I fell in the sand just a minute before this. 
 Love my boys! 
 Pa and Ma'am (Hubs parents) with all their grandbabies.
 I'm thinking of putting this one on a canvas.
 The whole gang. Hubs oldest sister, her hubs and their 3 kids, hubs youngest sister, hubs parents, us, and hubs younger sister and her husband. 
 The gang for the second part of the week, adding in hubs youngest sister's fiance.
 Kisses for baby brother!
 A little love for our new family member. Can't wait for him to get here!
I have 1090 pics in my "Beach 2011" folder, so there will be more to come for sure!


  1. Your family is just sooo beautiful you should have tons o' pics of them :)

  2. I love, love, love the one you are thinking of putting on canvas! You totally should, it is gorgeous!

  3. These are great! Also, totally agree on the canvas photo...priceless :) I love, love, love, love canvas prints!

  4. Those are lovely pictures! The one you want to put on a canvas is awesome!

  5. I love the pic of "your boys" and the one of him kissing your tummy!! The one of the three of you NEEDS to be on a canvas. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I love these pictures! I love the one you want to put on a canvas! Adorable!

  7. We had family pics taken on the beach too - they're some of my absolute favs!

    You'll love these for years to come!!!

  8. I love the pictures! White clothes on the beach are my favorites for family pics... Beautiful! You look fantastic!

  9. Great pictures. Looks like you all had fun. Im sorry if you take this the wrong way, but I find it hysterical that I know you fell in the sand a minutes before the picture was taken. Classic!

  10. Love the pics, you have a beautiful family.

  11. Haven't been on in awhile, and what beautiful pictures to return to. Where were these taken? I miss the beach so much. After living on one in the Philippines for three years, it kinda spoiled me. So glad to see you are doing well! Hoping I am on again before you give birth but if not, best wishes!

  12. You have a beautiful family!! This picutes are amazing :)


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