Stilettos and Diapers: Baby #2 - 27 weeks!


Baby #2 - 27 weeks!

Time to start recycling some clothes! I reverted back to dresses this week. It is just so comfy to have nothing smashing under my belly.
Yellow is my fave color so I adore these shoes!
 My favorite earrings...who cares if they pull my ear lobes way down.
 Loose french braid into a messy side bun.

How far along: 27 weeks!
Size of baby: 2lbs, size of a cauliflower!
Total Weight Gain: 20lbs!!! Ahhhhh!
Maternity Clothes: Mixture with the bottoms def leaning toward maternity.
Gender: Boy! Did I mention he's still nameless?
Movement: Lots and lots!
Sleep: Sleeping very well with my body pillow.
What I miss: The skinnies!
Cravings: Cherries. Yeah, the ones that are $5/lb. But they're soooo good! 
Symptoms: I'm hot and starting to get a waddle down, but feeling pretty good!
What I’m looking forward to: The BEACH! We are on our way right now!

Outfit Deets:
Dress: Stolen from my sister, bought at a little Georgia boutique.
Shoes: Payless 2 years ago.
Earrings: Maurices
Ring and Cuff: F21

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


  1. Gosh you just look so fantastic. Your shoes are fabulous and you wear those maxi dresses SO well! I love how you styled you hair too. Total fashion icon ;)


  2. You look great! Love the dress and your hair. Have fun at the beach!

  3. You always look fantastic! My favorite earrings pull my ear lobes down, too - who cares?! :)

    Have a fantastic trip!

  4. You look amazing! That dress is fantastic on you! Have fun on your trip- so super sads I am not there!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful!

    Is the baby still nameless because you can't agree, or because you can't think of anything that fits?

  6. You look awesome! Love the bump and your entire outfit including your cute!!

  7. Beautiful as always! Don't worry about not having a name will come--

  8. I'm a new follower - Love that dress, and the shoes! You look great!

  9. Did we buy those earrings together?! I wore them last night. haha! You look great. Wish I could see you!

  10. You look amazing, as always! I love your hair, so pretty! I cant wait to hear that boys name..whenever you decide. I fear we are having a boy simply because we have no name options! Boys are tough!

  11. You look great!! I can't belive you're still wearing heals, I just couldn't while I was pregnant.

  12. You look fabulous!! Love that dress!!

  13. You look great! I love your blog and check it every day :) It's so fun to see your adorable maternity outfits! I just started blogging myself and would so appreciate if you would follow me too and add me to your list of things that keep your from your to-do list :) .

    Thanks, Molly!


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