Stilettos and Diapers: August 2011


Berry-Spinach Smoothie {RECIPE}

I'm a smoothie lover and so are my boys. I have tried a few green monster smoothies and about puked myself. I don't want so be sucking down something that taste like a salad at 7am. 

I saw this recipe on Krysta's blog, My Life in Food. (You should go there and browse. While drooling. Then cook every recipe she post.) This smoothie has spinach but doesn't turn out green. Perfecto. 
4 cups baby spinach leaves, loosely packed
2 cups frozen mixed berries or just blueberries works fine
1 banana (she suggest a frozen banana and thats what I used)
1 orange
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (you can add 2 teaspoons if you really love it)

(I also added a splash of orange juice to make it mix easier.)

Mine aren't as pretty purple as hers, but I am not the chef she is either. And I dumped a bunch of random frozen berries that were left over in my freezer. And they were still delish. 

I'm buying spinach in massive quantities and feel so good drinking all those nutrients in the morning! 


My baby's big boy room.

Some things are just instant tear jerkers for a Mom. One thing that always does it for me, is being hit in the face with the fact that my "baby" is far from a baby these days. 

Irene kept hubs inside all weekend, so he did tons around the house. First thing, was finishing Cooper's big boy room.

Painted the walls khaki
 Bases for the new bunk bed
 (He's not into pants these days, mmkay?)
 That ladder has already been removed, just fyi. Bad, bad idea for a 3 year old.
 Finished big boy room. (Insert bookoos of tears)
The bunk beds have shelves and a dresser on the left and a desk and drawers on the right.
The beds actually used to be my brothers. He just turned 15 and is way to much of a man for bunk beds. 
The curtains I made like 3 months ago with his finished room in mind.
Bedding is from Pottery Barn and the wall art I made a few weeks back. 
I am still on the hunt for a big vintage plane to hang in the corner. If you know of a good place for them, let me know!
 Momma promptly stuck his baby lovies right on the bed to remind him that he is still, in fact, my baby. 
 Its a good think I'm already pregnant or I'd be making another baby about now.


Baby #2 - 29 weeks!

This is what I wore for a big, special outing. Aka, Doctor's appointment.
 I'm getting HUGE.
 It doesn't even matter if your favorite shoes are from the little girls department of Target. 
 New hair! Got about 4 inches cut off and lots of layers put in while we were on vacation!

How far along: 29 weeks!
Size of baby: Same as a butternut squash. 2.5 lbs is the average, BUT, my ultrasound this week measured baby at 3lbs 9oz! Yeahhhh, boy! I'm growing a linebacker!
Total Weight Gain: 25lb...OMG. 
Maternity Clothes: Oh, yeah. 
Gender: Sweet baby boy!
Movement: Plenty! 
Sleep: Great! Love my body pillow!
What I miss: Still missing the skinnies. And missing going out and someone not gawking at the fact that I'm not due until November.
Cravings: Nothing new this week. I am totally sure next week will bring me something new. Hehe. 
Symptoms: Well, this week got exciting. I've been having lots of Braxton-Hicks lately. On Wednesday, they got pretty intense and I got scared. Called my Doc and she sent me to the hospital. (I was pretty upset because I didn't have time for all that non-sense) They monitored me for a while, but I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid and baby looked great. So they sent me home on modified bed rest. Having gone through this same thing with Cooper, I just cringed. How am I really supposed to relax and have my feet up for 10 hours a day with a 3 year old?!? Insanity.  So, at my follow up appointment the next day, the Doctor told me no more work either. How am I supposed to justify buying ridiculously overpriced tiny baby clothes if I'm not working? 
What I’m looking forward to: Now, I'm just looking forward to 37 weeks when I can move around again. And taking myself to the store to get peanut brittle ice cream. Its the important things in life, right? 

Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Liz Lange (Maternity)
Tank: Ross (Non-Maternity)
Shorts: Ross (Non-Maternity)
Sandals: Target
Watch: Christmas gift
Sunnies: Coach

I just got a call from our insurance company telling us we are in the line of hurricane Irene. (Thanks Dr obvious) We will be stocking up and bunkering down for the weekend like all you east coast friends! Don't y'all forget redbox movies, hot chocolate, popcorn and charging up your camera batteries! Stir crazy kids make for good pictures. Hehe.

Happy Friday, Y'all! 


Beach Vacation - Family Pics

We were brave souls who went out not once, but twice with bookoos of people to take family pictures on the beach. 
These are totally fake smiles. Cooper pitched a fit and I fell in the sand just a minute before this. 
 Love my boys! 
 Pa and Ma'am (Hubs parents) with all their grandbabies.
 I'm thinking of putting this one on a canvas.
 The whole gang. Hubs oldest sister, her hubs and their 3 kids, hubs youngest sister, hubs parents, us, and hubs younger sister and her husband. 
 The gang for the second part of the week, adding in hubs youngest sister's fiance.
 Kisses for baby brother!
 A little love for our new family member. Can't wait for him to get here!
I have 1090 pics in my "Beach 2011" folder, so there will be more to come for sure!


Mary Kay $100 Prize Pack {GIVEAWAY}

You have a few more days to enter to win a $100 prize pack from Mary Kay and BlogHer! Head over to my review blog to enter! 


Baby #2 - 28 weeks!

How far along: 28 weeks. Helloooo third trimester!
Size of baby: Chinese cabbage...whatever that is.
Total Weight Gain: I think 20 lbs, although, I've been eating everything in sight while on vacation.
Maternity Clothes: Mixture still and still not ashamed to rock the bikini!
Gender: Boy! 
Movement: Tons. Especially after ice cream. Hehe.
Sleep: Great. Only wish I could sleep like 3 more hours a night.
What I miss: Being able to walk without running out of breath. Walking the beach is so much harder than it was last year!
Cravings: Coronas. Yes, everyone is drinking them here on the beach and I.Want.One.Now. 
Symptoms: I've been having tons of braxton-hicks the past few days. I got scared at a couple points since we are 14 hours from my Doctor, but they go away when I stop walking around. 
What I’m looking forward to: I am just getting so excited for little man to get here! 

Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Liz Lange sequin tank (Maternity)
Shorts: Target (Non-maternity, just super low rise)

We have 2 more glorious beach days before heading home. I look like a lobster and I am down about 4 inches of hair since I got here! It feels soo much better now that I got it cut. I will be sad to leave here!

Happy Friday Y'all! 


We're beach bums!

Just a quick update from the beach! We are spending some awesome time on the gulf of Florida and I am loving the color that I am quickly changing into. 

{My pool boys}
{My sweet little man with toes in the sand}
We had family pictures done yesterday and we have one of the 3 of us that we all look halfway decent! It is nothing short of a miracle, I tell ya. 

We have also done a bit of shopping for new little man! He finally has some clothes he can wear this winter and also his "home from the hospital" outfit. Freaking adorable. 

I'll be back to regularly scheduled post next week sometime, but for now, I'll leave you with the view from here...

I may never leave! 


Baby #2 - 27 weeks!

Time to start recycling some clothes! I reverted back to dresses this week. It is just so comfy to have nothing smashing under my belly.
Yellow is my fave color so I adore these shoes!
 My favorite earrings...who cares if they pull my ear lobes way down.
 Loose french braid into a messy side bun.

How far along: 27 weeks!
Size of baby: 2lbs, size of a cauliflower!
Total Weight Gain: 20lbs!!! Ahhhhh!
Maternity Clothes: Mixture with the bottoms def leaning toward maternity.
Gender: Boy! Did I mention he's still nameless?
Movement: Lots and lots!
Sleep: Sleeping very well with my body pillow.
What I miss: The skinnies!
Cravings: Cherries. Yeah, the ones that are $5/lb. But they're soooo good! 
Symptoms: I'm hot and starting to get a waddle down, but feeling pretty good!
What I’m looking forward to: The BEACH! We are on our way right now!

Outfit Deets:
Dress: Stolen from my sister, bought at a little Georgia boutique.
Shoes: Payless 2 years ago.
Earrings: Maurices
Ring and Cuff: F21

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


What to expect when you' shopping.

Grocery shopping used to be one of my favorite things. I could get my cup of Starbucks and stroll up every aisle getting inspiration for new meals. When Cooper was a baby, it was pretty much the same, only I had him strapped in the Baby Bjorn and he slept. 

But now, oh now, how things have changed. 

I dread the grocery store. 

It takes twice as long as it used to and there is no strolling or inspiration getting. 

What is there? 

Carts. Carts harder to drive than my 7 passenger SUV. Carts that have massive cars on the front of them that my child insist on having. Carts that are very difficult to see all the loot that your child has crammed in there until you get to the register.

Cars 2 and other branded crap. The marketing people are freakin brilliant. You have the regular simply gogurt that I like to buy without all the high fructose corn syrup and food coloring. Then you have the Cars 2 gogurt that is chocked full of that crap and $1 more. I always try to grab the simply gogurt as I keep up my jogging pace through the store, but that never works. Cooper always knows I'm trying to pull one over on him and lets out a scream for the entire store to hear. But I want the Cars 2 yoguuurrrrt! And away we go with my child happily holding yogurt with more color in it than a rainbow. 

Redbox. Redbox is awesome. Who can beat $1 for a night of entertainment? But when your kid wants a redbox movie every time you go to the store and its impossible to get it back the next day, I start to feel intense hatred for those redbox effers. The selection of kids movies is miserable and I keep renting the same movies simply so I can say, "be nice if you want to get a movie on the way out". 

I get my flustered self to the checkout and start throwing stuff on the belt, (now while trying to squeeze my huge belly in between the candy stand and the cart) when the cashier ask me, "did you remember your reusable bags?"

As much as I try not to, I feel like I always look at them with eyes that scream, you have got to be kidding me. I am lucky to not have burst into tears during this trip. (I saved my, I'm going to have 2 kids in 2.5 months meltdown for the car ride home.) And I don't get the luxury of drinking this whole bottle of wine tonight. Nope. That's for the hubs. The one that didn't have to endure this shopping trip. 

So we make it out, hours after we get started our fun outing, and watch our "new" redbox movie on the way home. And guess what? We get to do it again in 4-5 days. 


Baby #2 - 26 weeks!

This week, we've finally gotten a little break from the heat. The DC metro had the hottest July EVER. Of course, the year I'm pregnant. So, I could actually afford to throw on a layer.
 I'm still in shock that I look like this...
 I've been wearing wedges all summer!
 Trying to see your feet, are you? Forget about it. 

How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of baby: 2lbs and 15in long! 
Total Weight Gain: 19lbs
Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture
Gender: Boy! A sweet, nameless baby boy.
Movement: Lets just say I have NO DOUBT that there is a large, healthy baby in my bellah.
Sleep: I am sleeping really well and napping, too!
What I miss: Nothing right this minute.
Cravings: Frozen yogurt.
Symptoms: Holy emotions. I have shed more tears this pregnancy than I think I ever have. Over any and everything. Most of it completely ridiculous and not requiring tears. You can only imagine how many were shed when I came out of Lowes yesterday and found our new car was victim of a parking lot hit and run. Soooo freaking bummed.
What I’m looking forward to: Hanging a new fan/light we got for the nursery! I'm hoping hubs gets it done this weekend!

Outfit Deets:
Pants - {Non-Maternity} Old Navy
Tank - {Non-Maternity} Old Navy
Shirt - {Non-Maternity} Macy's
Shoes - Tommy Girl from DSW
Ring - F21
Earrings - Sis made them for me!

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


Our weekend project and the power of YouTube.

2 weekends ago, we got hubs childhood pool table from his parents basement in NY. It is about 30 years old and needed some TLC, but is a 1000lb slate table that is still in great condition. So, we decided to recover it.

Since I'm cheap frugal and the hubs may be even more than I am, we discussed doing it ourselves. I pretty much believe that if there is a YouTube how-to video, I can do it. It usually takes a bit of pep talking to the hubs, but he usually goes with it. 

 I forgot to take a before pic, but this is after the hubs and his friend stapled the new felt over the top. With some serious coaching from me as I watch my how-to videos.
 It took us a few days to muster up the courage to do the rails, but alas, I found a great YouTube video and off we went.
 First, you have to take out the feather strip very carefully. 
 Then you replace the felt with the new stuff, hammer in the feather strip and razor off the remaining felt. 
In my mind, I was just like Pamela Anderson on Tool Time...Then I went to the bathroom and saw my hot mess self, braless and wearing the hubs boxers and that was the end of that. Oh, and the reason you can only see my hands in this pic.
 Once the rails are recovered, you bolt them back in.
 And ta-freakin-da!! You have a "new" pool table! 
What would we do without YouTube?
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