Stilettos and Diapers: What I'm wearing - 25 weeks


What I'm wearing - 25 weeks

Yesterday I had a Drs appointment. The Dr measured my belly, looked at the chart, looked concerned and measured again. Looks like this baby is trying to give his big brother a run for his money. I'm still measuring 5 weeks ahead. I am going for an ultrasound in 3 weeks so they can tell exactly how big the baby is. I know there is no way that I am off with my calculations, so I don't want them to push for me to deliver too early. They were talking about 36 weeks, but I think the hubs and I feel more comfortable at 38. We'll see what the u/s shows, but its looking like we may have an October baby! 

Onto the clothes.
 I feel like I am totally running out of things to wear, but I have no desire to buy more maternity stuff. 
Wedgies! I am loving that this style is in so I don't loose my balance in high heels. 
 Remember this post where I revealed that this same "skirt" is not a skirt, but a maternity shirt? And now that I look back, I was like a second pregnant there and didn't know it. Must be a magical shirt. Hehe. 
 I'm a happy preggo, short and stout...

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: Same size as an eggplant
Total Weight Gain: 19lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes and regular one still, too.
Gender: Boy! A sweet, nameless baby boy.
Movement: Oh, yes. The hubs was laughing hysterically last night because he was kicking him so hard! Then he stopped and said, "Wow, that must be kinda painful on the inside, huh?" Ummm, yeah
Sleep: Good and often!
What I miss: Nothing now. I am overall enjoying being pregnant.
Cravings: Cheesecake frozen yogurt. Thank heavens we just got a froyo place 2 minutes away!
Symptoms: Hot, tired and breathless.
What I’m looking forward to: Baby!!  

Outfit Deets:
Top: Liz Lange Maternity for Target
Skirt: Motherhood
Shoes: Jonathan Martin from Ross
Cuff and Ring: F21
Purse: Nine West from Ross

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


  1. You look fantastic! I pray that baby takes it easy on you!

  2. Adorbs!!

    I was induced 5 days early with my son.. NEVER.AGAIN! I had a horrible experience. Next time, I'll for sure be letting nature run it's course.

  3. Molly, you look great!! I'll be praying that your doctors have wisdom to know the right time this baby needs to be born without him getting too big, but also not taking him to early!

  4. I was off about my due date the first time around. Funny how mother nature plays tricks on us.

  5. Yep. Still the cutest preggo around!

  6. You are SO cute!!!! I love that little bump....oh, and those shoes. yum! =)

  7. Looking awesome momma :) I know how they measure and all but you don't look big. Maybe baby is swimming in extra fluids or something. Either way you look great!

  8. Good are like the cutest, most fashionable pregnant chic ever!!! Honestly. I can't believe you are measuring so far ahead!! That is crazy! I'll be anxious to read about your next ultrasound. Hopefully the doc can put you at ease with your due date. October...holy shisnit!!!

  9. Love that big preggo belly!!

    And October birthdays are THE BEST. I should know.. I have one & so does my youngest kid.

    I was induced with #1, but it was only a week off from my due date. My aunt had a scheduled c/s with my cousin (25 yrs ago). I think they had her due date off b/c when he was born, his lungs weren't fully developed AND there were heart problems.

    I'm definitely a big advocate for letting nature take it's course. On a side note, have you watched TheBusiness of Being Born? Great documentary.

  10. You look wonderful! I can't believe you're measuring 5 weeks!!!

  11. Pregnant...and fashionable!! Glad to hear Sam's doing well - can't wait to hear what they say after the ultrasound!

  12. You are so cute!!! I'm sure your tummy will even out when you get closer to D-Date! Then again, I measured ahead and DID have a big baby! Hopefully the scan will give you some clues! :)

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