Stilettos and Diapers: Minneapolis - Part 2


Minneapolis - Part 2

Sunday was jam packed. We started with brunch at Crema Cafe. Isn't that courtyard gorgeous?
One of THE BEST couples you'll ever meet.

My Croque Madame. (Don't worry, I made sure the gruyere was pasteurized)
Forgot to add this pic yesterday of Lance and Maggie's buffet in their house. Anyone want to build me one?
Hubs really wanted to see Target field even though the Twins weren't playing while we were there. Boo.
Did you know that Wisconsin is like 30 min from Minneapolis? We drove across the border to add the state to our "I've been to" list. Well, that and to buy alcohol on Sunday.
General shenanigans are way too common with these two.
Moose country, apparently.
Wisconsin inspired the eating of cheese curds. We finished our bag, then decided when we got back to MN that we needed fried ones. They're like mozzarella sticks laced with crack.
Dinner was at Tuggs Tavern overlooking the Mississippi River.
I forgot to take a pic, but my scraped off the plate deliciousness was chili cheese fries. Mmmhhh.

I was DD after this beer rocket.
More shenanigans from those goofy boys.
Irreplaceable friends
Us feeling rested, relaxed and ready to get back to parenting a 3 year old.
Thanks, Lance and Maggie for being amazing friends and giving us such a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like you had fun! I love Tuggs! We eat there quite often. About 20 minutes from where I live and 3 minutes from my brother-in-laws house. :)

  2. you guys are just too cute, and you are looking lovely.

  3. Y'all sure packed a lot into the weekend! That buffet is amazing - I think we all need one!

  4. Aww.. so fun! What's a beer rocket?? I want one!

  5. Glad you all had fun. I wonder if I can find a wine rocket somewhere. LOL

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast

  7. It looks like you had a fantastic trip!


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