Stilettos and Diapers: Mini carts.


Mini carts.

You've all seen them. Those tiny carts at the grocery store your "little shopper" can use to be just like Mom. Before you get all excited about them, you should probably know a few things.

The Good

They're adorable. Who doesn't want their sweet child pushing a mini cart around the store filling it with cheese puffs, fruit snacks and ice cream vegetables, fruits and whole grains? It's just sooo cute.

They're a distraction. They give your child something to do at the store instead of opening every single bag of potato chips unsalted pretzels.

They make great Twit pics and Facebook mobile uploads. Who doesn't want to share a picture of their precious child with the whole world? All while proving that being a stay at home mom is filled with picturesque moments? (Of course the picture would have to be taken pre-shopping to try to prove this.)

The Bad

They're not actually pushed. Your child my push it through the door, but the rest of the trip, you will have one hand on your cart and one on the mini cart. You will be bent over in a ridiculously awkward position trying to pull your sweet wee one along.

The contents are unacceptable. To avoid any freak outs, you will let your child put anything you're buying in his cart. Even wine. This makes it look like you're an enabler.

It overflows. Once your child's favorite toy is put in the cart, (most notably a large stuffed Winnie the Pooh) there isn't much more room for food. Your child will still insist on more stuff which will fall out. You will then have to go back and pick stuff up off the floor and try to sneak it into your cart.

The bar you hold onto isn't actually held. While you are bent in your awkward pulling position, you will look back to notice your child isn't actually holding the cart anymore. He is 2 aisles back eating those freakin potato chips unsalted pretzels.

The Verdict

Think long and hard before you let your child lay eyes on those suckers. Get blinders or a hat for the run in, buckle him in the seat of the regular cart and be done shopping in half the time.

You're welcome.


  1. hahaha im glad my kids are too old for those!! i always have some kid run it into my heels!!!

  2. Too funny! I really do try to avoid those. My kids still love to ride in the big car cart!

  3. HAHAHA! Love it, the part about being an enabler is my favorite. We have little cars built on the front of shopping carts here. Way bulkier, but you can strap them in! YES!!! I'm a germaphobe so I totally clorox wipe those babies down before I let my neice in. Seeing as I only have her twice a week, I still have time to be a crazy germ freak. ;o)

  4. I am laughing so hard reading this! I see poor mothers struggling with these all the time and while I think they are adorable I can't even imagine trying to get your kid to "push" a shopping cart. Thank you for writing...this was a much needed laughter break!

  5. I am so glad our store doesn't have these...
    Funny post!

  6. Sorry it was a pain, but it made for a very funny blog post! If only you had a picture of yourself trying to push both carts!

  7. phoenix does ok with the mini carts its the ones with the big dumb cars on them that i have trouble with.

  8. My grocery store does not have these... and does not sell wine either. Good thing or we'd just stay there and push those carts all day!

  9. hahaha.....this is so funny Molly....and so true!!

  10. Hahaha love it.
    Clearly, grocery stored need to attach some kind of tow rope so you can pull it along behind you without ruining your back. That has to be a chiropractic no-no!

  11. LOL!! Especially about the wine part! I can just picture this whole scene now!! We don't have the mini carts here thankfully but I know exactly how an episode would play out with my son if we did have those here! But he does prefer the big 'ole' huge carts where he can "drive" from the child's seat and I will avoid those at any and all costs...I have just about knocked over dozens of people with one of those!

  12. too funny. there are no stores around here that have those any longer, but i remember the as a kid myself :)

  13. Thankfully our market does not have them! Should I run across one that does I shall remember your advice :-)

  14. Our store doesn't have those...instead we have carts with a car built on the front that little ones can actually get in and "drive". Problem is, the freakin' things so long with the car and the cart attached, I can't "drive" it. Makes me look like I've been drinking wine!

  15. Ha ha! Funny! It's so true though! Dang those mini carts!!!


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