Stilettos and Diapers: Happy Twittiversary to me!


Happy Twittiversary to me!

Hi, my name is Molly and I've been a tweetaholic for 2 years today. Also, I have no plans to stop.
2 years and 7,195 tweets later, I'm a complete addict. I mean, how does this happen?

Why do I feel the need to share what delicious fattening food I just bought, what floor cleaner makes my hardwood super shiny, or my thoughts on every reality show I watch?

The even BIGGER question is, why do y'all care? I guess its the same reason I care what you tweet. I "talk" to y'all more than my own mother sometimes. (Sorry, Mom)

Bottom line is, twitter is awesome. Its taking over the world. (Okay, maybe not THAT crazy) I ask questions and you answer them. Never again will I search cookbooks to find a substitution for baking soda. I'll get a tweeted answer in 5 seconds flat. And those running shoes I wanted to buy? Got all the reviews I needed tweeted right to me. Thankyouverymuch. Need a pee your pants laugh? Twitter hits the spot.

Are you not a tweeter? You don't even know what your missing. Or how many hours a day you could be wasting spending typing randomness and chatting with some awesome people.


  1. Ahh.. I love twitter!! Such an addict!

  2. I, too, LOVELOVELOVE twitter!

    Your twitterversary prompted me to look for mine! I'm going to be 2 years on the 16th!

    It has changed the way people communicate for certain.
    Can you imagine if there was twitter when Sept 11th happened?

    new twitter follower ;) stephanieg143

  3. I just made a twitter account and haven't really figured it out yet so I'm still warming up to the idea of it.

  4. Oh, I'm ashamed to say that I have NO IDEA how Twitter works. I have tried. I don't get it. I stick to Facebook, but would still like to learn about this twitterfever you speak of.

  5. I'd definitely give up Facebook before Twitter! LOVE it!

  6. I have NO Twitter experience but I do love Facebook...if Twitter is better???

  7. oh dear i have a lot of catching up to do

  8. Yay! Happy Twittiversary! I just joined the bandwagon this past weekend! I will have to look for you!

  9. Impressive! I am still trying to get the hang of it!


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