Stilettos and Diapers: Someone does fashion post around here?


Someone does fashion post around here?

 My last fashion post was January 7. I know, shame, shame.
It's not because I'm trying to hide a baby bump (as one person suspected) although, I would LOVE it if I was! I was busy, busy for a couple weeks and kept forgetting to take pictures. Then this week, I have been doing nothing. Sweats and tees and staying indoors all day.

But then it got warm. And sunny. And I got happy and busted out some not-worn-in-awhile clothes.

And ventured into the back yard for some pics in the warm sun.
Love this new F21 ring. Coral is where its at for spring. See here. And here. And here.
That lovely fence (that I'm calling coral) will be gone soonish...I hope. Come oonnnn HOA.
Who doesn't love 70 and sunny?!?
Outfit Deets:

Jacket - Aeropostale
Tank - American Eagle
Boots - Target
Socks - Stole them from my Grandpa. No lie. I love 'em.
Sunnies - Prada
Ring - F21
Necklace - F21

Skirt - This one is embarrassing. Kindof. Hubs said I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm not really someone that can keep a here it goes.

Its a shirt. A maternity shirt. But I love it and its stretchy and it works perfectly as a skirt for a non preggo person. So consider yourself inspired. Go closet digging and find yourself a "new" piece of clothing.

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Look at you all modeling and sporting preggo shirts as a skirt. Very creative. Nice look!

  2. Very cute! I've missed Fashion Friday (wait, is that what it was called?) You must have been loooving that warm weather! Great ring. :)

  3. Ain't no shame, girl! Just goes to show that you can rock anything and make it look fabulous!! I just wished we lived closer so we could share clothes!

  4. Are you suuuuure your not preggo? Busting out the maternity clothes and all? Ha just kidding, I have a favorite pair of capris w the big ol' elastic waistband that I love wearing. I can't help it- I can never find cute capris, I think I'm too short!

  5. I think you look fantastic! I've missed your fashion friday posts! I love the outfit- the skirt/shirt and the boots- everything. Looks great! You are a total hottie! :)


  6. Haha that's awesome! You crack me up, girl! :)

  7. I love your maternity shirt..err.. skirt. Cute Cute Cute!! Maybe a Skype soon to go over Disney outfits?

  8. I think it's genious, not embarrasing at all!!!

  9. Love the outfit! Is it a Gap maternity shirt? Because I have a Gap maternity shirt that looks like that, but mine is purple. I have totally worn it as a skirt! So no, not embarrassing, and I love that ring.

  10. you look adorable!! love the ring! i guess i need to buy some coral clothes, once baby is born.
    i'm totally jealous of the warm weather there!!
    have a great weekend girly!

  11. that is a great maternity shirt skirt. its adorable.

  12. OMG! I knew that skirt looked familiar!!! Now I know where I have seen it... it was mine... no wait... it was yours and I borrowed it??? Who even knows any more... You look adorable any way! Love you!

  13. You are so so so cute!!! love that you took a maternity shirt and rocked it out as a skirt!!!


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