Stilettos and Diapers: How to spend Valentine's Day without a babysitter.


How to spend Valentine's Day without a babysitter.

Valentines Day becomes a smidge different once you have kids. The going out late once the kid is asleep, $50 for a sitter and having to be home by a certain time just kindof puts a damper on things. The first year we had Coop, we had a fondue night in. Cooper was 9 months old, my thyroid was acting like it ruled the world, and I threw some cheddar in the pot and called it romantic. Last year, we were about to move to DC and we spent the night with our great friends in California playing the newlywed game. {Which was awesome, btw}

This year, we're giving the fondue pot another go at it. After all, its only been used once and is pretty sad in the cabinet. I bought this one from Crate and Barrel when we were in California and I am ditching the cheddar in exchange for good fondue this time.

Valentines Day Menu:

Heart shaped pancakes
Berry compote
Whip cream

Gruyere and swiss fondue with filet mignon, potatoes and mixed vegetables
Homemade parmesan french bread
Argentine Malbec

Espresso chocolate fondue with fruit, marshmallows and shortbread
Red Velvet Cupcakes

I've been prepping all my little table goodies to lay out in the morning and I feel a bit like Santa on Christmas! Cooper will get his goodies in the morning, then we will have our dinner once he goes to bed at 7:30.
For me, I just assume enjoy a quiet night at home. Don't get me wrong, I luurve going out for a date night. But not having to worry about holding my stomach in, reservations, a sitter, and crowded restaurants is quite alright with me. And I'll still dress up and make it special. We won't just sit and watch the bachelor. Wait...the bachelor is on Monday. Nevermind. We'll be watching it.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?  


  1. I guess we are lucky to have so much family here. We have not paid once for a sitter since I met Michael almost 2 years ago!

    Your V-Day meals sound delicious!!

  2. Sooo true about Vday with babies! Your menu sounds delish!

  3. Oh we have the same plan! We love fondue and totally heart our pot (we have the electric Cuisinart one which is amazing) and would prefer a romantic date out without the whole rest of the world dining out at the same time. We're going to be doing a romantic day in, Waffles, fresh berries and mimosas in the morning, Mediterranean cheese fondue (Fontina & Gruyère cheese), French fondue (baby Brie, Fontina, Gruyère & Raclette cheese) and a dessert of Creme de Mint chocolate fondue! I'm pretty excited for it!

  4. The hubs and I make a point of having a date night at home once a week. On our date night we'll wait and make a nice dinner after putting our little sprite to bed. It feels romantic and we don't have the stress of getting a sitter, reservations, etc... Enjoy your date!

  5. last year our baby was sick so we had to improvise. I made a PW recipe, bought a bottle of wine, and then we danced in our living room. Kind of reminded me when we were poor and in college. Oh wait... we're still poor, thanks to two in diapers! haha!

  6. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. I think we are staying in too!

  7. Aww.. sounds fun!!! I wish I lived closer so I could eat your food!

  8. we will be doing the same thing minus the cheese fondue, but totally spending vday eating dinner after the babe is in bed.

  9. Well, no bebes for us here. Our first married V-day though. The plan is to celebrate on the actual day. In fact that's why I sit here at the computer now, when normally I only work a 1/2 day on Fridays. Instead I'll be working my 1/2 day on Monday and then taking a little extra time to get ready. We plan an early (5pm) dinner at a new restaurant on the beach to avoid the crowds. And then maybe a walk in the sand if it's not too cold. Ready for warmer weather!

  10. Hello! I just started reading your blog ( I forget what other blog I found you from). I noticed you have a thyroid problem. I have a underactive thyroid ( or should I say non-active haha!) I know what mean when you say your thyroid rules the world because that is exactly how it feels. I will be using that to describe it from now on :) I am a SAHM also and I have a 2 year old son. I don't have a blog yet, but I am thinking about starting one.

  11. We normally don't do anything big to celebrate V-Day. The past couple years we have gone camping with friends at the beach and always did a big potluck with friends. We were actually blessed to have my parents take Austin for those weekends. This year we will be staying in. Hubby has to work so early on Tuesday that he will be in bed early. We may just do a belated date night out in the next couple weeks to make up for it. I have really slacked on the planning this year. Maybe next year.

  12. I haven't even thought to Valentines Day yet. Our's are usually pretty low key.

  13. This sounds FABULOUS! I am so with you on the whole going out for Valentines Day thing. We were invited to dinner with another couple but sometimes you just want to wear your sexy(ish) PJS and stay at home with your hubby. I have an unused FOndue set too. I would love your cheese and chocolate recipes if you have time!

  14. Love your menu! You gave me a great idea too! I'm going to wake up early and cook the hubs breakfast!!!! I already had dinner planned, but breakfast is just another great bonus! Thanks!

    ~Romantic Savy

  15. This all looks and sounds soo fantastic! You are such a great wife! Hope y'all have a great time!


  16. The fiancé and I decided that our V-Day gift to each other is going to be 24 hours of NOT planning a wedding. We are both seriously looking forward to it!

    And your menu looks amazing... I might have to steal it...

  17. That sounds delish!! I've never had fondue.

  18. The last time we went out for Valentines we had a reservation a month ahead, when we got to the place we had to wait for an hour, then we where seated so close to everybody I could have eaten of the neighbors plate. NO THANK YOU!
    I'm going to make a nice Steak dinner and dessert and call it a day.
    There are other times when we can go out and not be overwhelmed.

  19. Cute blog! I'm following you back!

  20. We rented a hotel room for Saturday night...took the little one out to eat and to swim in the pool. We decorated our own valentines and hung them on the window in the kitchen. Quite a bit different than life before kids, but totally worth the change :)

  21. Hi! I have you on my blog list, but I have been so behind on reading. Your writing is so fun. Love the stay-in fondu idea. :)


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