Stilettos and Diapers: The good, the bad and the ridiculously awesome.


The good, the bad and the ridiculously awesome.

The Good:

Scott is Un-marketing. He is a big deal on twitter...and he'll tell you. He has a hold nothing back approach to telling you like it is. What does he say about blogging? Frequency over awesome is not good. People don't spread meh, they spread awesome. Get rid of the captcha. Seriously, robots aren't trying to leave a comment on your blog. Only 1-3% of blog readers comment. Don't beat yourself up over how many comments you are getting or not getting. Never let anybody steal your voice.

Brene Brown

She spoke to us at Blissdom about vulnerability and shame. Shame unravels the connection between people. It makes you think you are not good enough. But it cannot survive being spoken. Be vulnerable and let out your fears. Hit publish on that post that is sitting in your drafts. Without vulnerability, there is no love, belonging, joy or authenticity.

The Bad:
The need for this:

Brene created this concept to provide peace in the blogosphere and I think its amazing. The bad part is that its needed. That there is stealing of content, copying of ideas and disrespect.
Grab the button above from her site and join in the Free-Range Social Media.

We are a community of talented, opinionated, strong women. (and a few men) We respect and honor the work of each other. If you don't have the creativity to be uniquely you, do something different. We are committed to cultivate the community that we want to become.

The ridiculously awesome:

The Drop A Love Bomb Team

This group of 3 people set out on a mission: To change the world with love.

Every week, they drop a "love bomb" on someone in need. How? By people giving 5 minutes of their time, once a week, to complete the mission. We did a live love bomb at Blissdom. We crashed the blog of a sweet blogger that lost her best friend in a freak accident only days before. She needed to feel love at that very minute; and we gave it to her.

Time is one of the most precious gifts we have been given. Why not give 5 minutes a week to make a difference in someones life? I strongly encourage you to go and sign up. You'll get an email every Thursday with that weeks mission. 5 minutes later, you've done a good deed. You may have changed a life.

They also have monthly love bombs that support people financially. They find a person/family in need and the money they raise through donations that month, goes to the family. So go now. Give your time. If you feel led, give your money. Its an amazing cause that I am thrilled to be a part of. Know a person in need? Contact them. Follow these awesome people on Twitter, too. You won't be sorry!


  1. You said everything I wanted to about last week, but couldn't find the words.
    There were so many important, awesome messages shared that they have been rambling around my head trying to find their way out into my computer.
    Now excuse me, but I have to go RT the hell out of this post B/C IT IS AWESOME.

  2. They had FABULOUS opening and closing keynotes! Such a great, inspirational conference!

  3. #1 I LOVE your blog title - stilettos and diapers! Priceless! You definitely need to buy that domain ASAP.
    #2 The concept of Love Bombs is outstanding!

  4. I joined the Love Bomb team...thanks for sharing the great ideas!!

  5. Thank you so much for posting all this! I really love all that Blissdom stands for and teaches so hopefully Ican attend one day.

  6. Great stuff Molly. Thanks for sharing. P.S. If 1-3% of your readers comment, does that mean you have over 1000 readers? Damn girl!

  7. Great post! I made a comment to hubby one night about "only one follower". He said, "Lindsey - that's one PERSON. One person that found you interesting enough to follow you." I see it differently now! :)

  8. Please. Please people get rid of the captchas they are sooo annoying.

    This Love Bomb interest me. I've signed up.

  9. sweet! I love the first point. Even though being honest sometimes attracts more haters than anything. And I've even lost a friendship over being honest on my blog (long story).

  10. I can't believe we made the "ridiculously awesome" portion of your post - I'm honored. :)

    BlissDom had some fantastic speakers throughout, especially Ms. Brown as the opener. We were SO happy to be part of your community for a few days. We came away with some new ideas and, more importantly, some new friends.

    Much love,
    Nate, J$ and Lauren

  11. Wow, those are some important/awesome lessons. It makes me wish I'd gone to Blissdom - though thankfully I can read the best lessons here!

  12. Very interesting post. Being part of a small male readership (or only one maybe, IDK, that pink color is too awesome!) I agree with all the pointers.

    And also subscribed to the DALB link.


  13. i HATE catpha's they make me not wanna post!! i love this molly it was great & i think i might go sign up:)

  14. Love this wrap up! Honored to be a part of it!

    to everything

  16. I just joined the love Bomb team...thanks for sharing:)

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