Stilettos and Diapers: New Year's Resolutions - 101 in 1001 update.


New Year's Resolutions - 101 in 1001 update.

My New Year's Resolutions are to keep crossing things off my 101 in 1001 list. I'm right at 1 year in and I'm pretty happy with the progress. Well, as long as we don't mention NOTHING is done in the physical part...

The mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The criteria: The tasks must be specific (no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.

Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (represent some amount of effort on your part).

Start Date: January 5, 2010
End Date: October 2, 2012

BOLD - completed

Italics - In progress

001. Try 20 new recipes. (4/20)
002. Create 2 new recipes. (1/2)
003. Grow and use an herb garden.
004. Host 1 dinner party. (1/1) 7/2010
005. Bring dinner to a friend. 1/29/10
006. Make Christmas cookies for all my neighbors.
007. Keep a food diary for 2 weeks. (0/2)
008. Cook breakfast 4 Saturday mornings. (2/4)
009. Make hubby breakfast in bed 10 times. (0/10)
010. Cook Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon.
011. Cook 5 additional recipes of Julia Child's.
012. Bone a duck.
013. Eat salad before dinner every night for 2 weeks. (0/2)
014. Try Thai food. 5/1/2010
015. Make my Granny's homemade Chicken and Dumplings. 12/2010
016. Drink no alcohol for 1 month. (0/1)
017. Eat at a sushi restaurant.
018. Make one completely raw meal.
019. Eat an oyster. 6/2010
020. Make dessert for dinner.
021. Have a picnic.
022. Give a huge tip to a good waiter.
023. Try 4 new restaurants. (4/4)
024. Make pasta from scratch. 10/26/2010

025. Baby #2.
026. Move back East. 2/20/10
027. Take the 40 day Love Dare. (0/40)
028. Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru.
029. Play Basketball with the hubs 6 times. (0/6)
030. Learn to play a sport with a ball and not be terrified.
031. Go on 6 dates with the hubs. (3/6)
032. Have professional family pics done.
033. Surprise the hubs, big or small, 5 times. (1/5)
034. Have an Adopt-a-family for Christmas.

035. Write a letter to Cooper every month (12/34)
036. Send 4 drawings from Cooper to Grandparents. (0/4)
037. Take Cooper to story time at the library.
038. Scrapbook Cooper's first year.
039. Take Coop to the park every day for 2 weeks (0/2)
040. Take Cooper to the Zoo. 6/5/2010
041. Get Cooper completely potty-trained.
042. Let Cooper pudding paint.

Bloggin it.
043. Meet a bloggy friend. 2/23/2010
044. Do a DIY.

045. Get to goal weight. {6 months}
046. Run in 3 races. (0/3)
047. Work out 4 days a week for 1 month. (0/1)
048. Learn to swim.

049. Go to Europe.
050. Road trip to Washington and Oregon.
051. Have a girls weekend trip. 5/2010
052. Spend a weekend in Lake Tahoe. 1/2010
053. See the Mets play at Citi Field.
054. Take a spontaneous weekend trip. 1/2010
055. See the Grand Canyon. 2/2010
056. Take a road trip. 2/2010
057. Climb the Statue of Liberty.
058. Go camping.
059. Go to the beach. 7/31/2010
060. Cross 4 more states off my "I've been to" list. 2/2010
061. Go barrel tasting in Napa.

062. Read 20 books. (0/20)
063. Send 15 pieces of snail mail. (15/15) 12/2010
064. Donate my hair. 5/22/2010
065. Redo 2 pieces of furniture. (1/2)
066. Not make any clothing purchases for 3 consecutive weeks. (3/3) 1/25/10
067. Watch a TV series I have never seen on DVD.
068. Buy and not kill a plant for 1 year. (2/12 months)
069. Give Blood.
070. Volunteer. (Not sure the deets of this, yet. Ideas?)
071. Rent and watch 2 foreign movies with subtitles. (0/2)
072. Wear my hair up for 7 entire days (0/7)
073. Sew 6 things. (2/6)
074. Go to 5 baseball games. (0/5)
075. Have 4 girls night outs. (2/4)
076. Play in the rain.
077. Not go on Facebook or Twitter for an entire weekend 7/2/2010
078. Go to the range and shoot a gun.
079. Get a nursing job again. 10/29/2010
080. Organize the garage. 10/24/2010
081. Have a garage sale.
082. See a sports game. (other than baseball) 12/2010
083. Do 10 crafty projects. (2/10)
084. Read at a coffee shop alone 6 times. (0/6)
085. Sing karaoke.
086. Play the lotto.
087. Plan a surprise party.
088. Eat dinner by candlelight.
089. Get my teeth whitened.
090. Get a fancy schmancy letter opener and use it.
091. Send 5 "happies" (unexpected gifts) (0/5)
092. Throw a theme party.
093. Paint a canvas.
094. Get rid of all clothing not worn in 2 years.
095. Go to a drive-in movie.
096. Send a written song to a record company.
097. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet.
Dear John
Good Guys
It's Complicated
Sleepless in Seattle
Up in the air
When in Rome
098. Finish my Hawaii scrapbook.
099. Go ice skating.
100. Go fruit picking. 9/3/2010
101. Inspire someone to start a 101 in 1001 list. (1/1) 1/19/10


  1. I have ideas for the foreign films! The first two movies in the Stieg Larsson series, starting with the girl with the dragon tattoo. They are on netflix- in Swedish w/ english subtitles. THey are SO good! I didn't need the subtitles but I've turned friends on to them who did need the subtitles and they still really enjoyed them. Happy new years!

  2. What a great idea! I'm going to give this a try. You can give yourself another tick on #101.

  3. how fun! i love this idea! i may have to try it myself :) happy new year!

  4. These are great!!! I cracked up at #10. hahaha. Also, If you find a drive in movie in the area. Let me know where. I'm dying to go to one. Just wish I had a convertible to sit in.

  5. I really want to try this as well. I just don't know if I can come up with 101 things! Ah! New Years Resolution, perhaps? Great ideas, though!

  6. I have missed you soooooo much! So glad to be back and actually have time to read your blog (and update my own!!!)
    Hope you had a terrific New Year's Eve!
    More catching up in 2011...promise!
    Love you!

  7. Love! You are really making progress! Can't wait to see you at the end of the month!!

  8. What an inspiring list, and you've made great progress on it as well! Keep it up, I can see you finishing it!

    Malia @ One2One Network

  9. Great list. I am working on doing one, but it's actually harder than it sounds!!

  10. I love the movie idea. Great list!

  11. Love the "101 in 1001" update. I think I might give this a try!

    Love your list!


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