Stilettos and Diapers: 2010. The Continuation.


2010. The Continuation.

Hubs and I took a road trip to Michigan for our friends wedding.

And got to hang out with some of our fab friends who I miss terribly.

Hubs turned 30 and possibly shed tears.
Went on a vacation in Destin with my family.

Tagged along for the hubs work trip to the Gaylord National Harbor hotel.


Apple picking in NY

Then we literally labored our Labor Day weekend away on this patio.

Hubs is awesome in his job so we went on an amazeballs award trip to Vegas.

Then my sweet friend, Erika and her hubs came to visit.

We took lots of time to explore our new city and found we love DC.

Met my family in Ohio for the Pumpkin Festival.

My little lion on Halloween!

I turned 26 and got an every other weekend nursing job. (Which I am seriously loving)

Our 5th Anniversary trip to NYC. (3rd solo trip of the year!)

Still trying to figure how this spot ended up in Manhattan.

Saw my bestie from when I was a teenager for the first time in 10 years.

We got the first snow at our house. (Which Coop LOVED!)

Pre-Christmas Christmas in NY with the in-laws.

Our first Christmas day at our house.

Post-Christmas Christmas when my fam came up.

And a morning after Happy New Year from my sweet little man!

2010 was amazing, fabulous and perfect. So excited to see what 2011 holds!


  1. SO impressive you got three weekends away! I haven't had a weekend away from Jasper since Sweden- I think its about time!!

  2. Truly looks like you had an amazing's to 2011 being even better!!!

  3. Where in Michigan did you visit in 2010? That's where I am from :)

  4. Awesome pictures and hopefully this year will be much better for you and the family. Wishing you the best.

  5. You have the cutest photos... I always forget to bring my camera places, and then at the end of the year I realize I have no pictures!

  6. Great pictures!! I'm loving your yellow top and your boots you're wearing in the Pumpkin Festival picture. :)

  7. And how awesome with January be?!?!? BLISSDOM!

  8. Love your recap! Jealous u have an every other weekend nursing job lol. I need one of those.

  9. Commenting for the CSN giveaway! (Does this count??) Btw, we are totally the couple with the TV in the bedroom. And I love it!!

  10. glad you had such a wonderful year!! :) i hope 2011 is wonderful as well!!! :)

  11. 2010 looks amazing and by the way, you are BEAUTIFUL! I hope 2011 is just as wonderful!

  12. Love these posts!! You guys had a great year :)


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