Stilettos and Diapers: July 2010


Off chasing sunshine.

Beach. Family. Vacation.

For the next week, I'll be here.
With the amazingness that is my family.
(This is the last time we were ALL together...Christmas 08)Sipping coffee while listening to the waves crash.
And hopefully, Coop will be doing some more of this.
I will actually have internet while we are there, so you may be hearing more from me than the norm for these days.

Happy Friday, Y'all!


Ewww. Not me!

I thought it would never happened to me.

I thought we'd passed that stage.

He's almost potty training.

He never even took his own diaper off.

Then, at dinner time, he ran to me yelling "pasta and sauce, mommy!"

Proud of all those words, I leaned down to give him a big hug.

He threw his arms around me.

Arms that were covered in POOP.

Poop on his shirt.

Poop on my shirt.

Poop in my HAIR.

Probably the grossest mommy moment thus far.
And if any of you have kids older than 2, you know its well passed the butterscotch and onto the full on grown up poop.

And no, I didn't stop on the way to the shower to get a picture.


Vacations, Holidays and In-laws.

These things leave me clueless.

Swapping families every other Christmas is reasonable. Normal.

Then what? Do you keep track of visits? Hours?

Do the hours count when its just mommy and kiddos and not the whole family?

No one told me that I should have gotten a family visit plan in a contract before the wedding.

{Just like no one told me that I would still look 8 months pregnant on the way home from the hospital. Yes, a cow in the first pictures with my child.}

I think I'll soon have to take the tip from Kathleen and just stay home. Then we'll vacation alone and the family can all come visit us.

So, what do you do?
Is this a real life problem for just about everyone?
Whenever I ask if people are thinking the same as me, I get an overwhelming feeling that I'm a freak child and y'all are gonna think I'm banana cakes. Then you tell me nice stories (maybe made up ones...hummm) and you make me feel all fuzzy. So, thanks.

On another note, forgive me for not reading your blogs as of late. We had the Verizon MiFi, but it was awful and had to return in before we got suckered into a 2 year contract. Last week my yard looked like this as they bored under the driveway to FINALLY bury the phone lines.

Lets just hope they get me some soon. I'm going stir crazy.

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Fashion Friday - I have to prove my style.

This was an outfit that required justification. Ya know, when the hubs gives you that look that makes you pull out People Style Watch just to be allowed out of the house? Ya, that one. But, I totally love it. And I'll wear those shorts with tights and peep toe booties this fall. Uh, huh.

Don't worry, I have pictures already to show the hubs.

Loose side bun made out of un-blow dried hair...hey heyyyyy summer! I got my ZEBRA!Room looks a little fuller this week, huh? Helloooooo zebra! I am so excited to finally have some furniture in this room, especially since I totally won the war. Hehe. We have a chair coming that is on back order until mid August. I'll show you pics when its all done, though.

Outfit Deets:
Shorts - Banana Republic, Shirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Target, Earrings - Gift the in-laws brought me from South Africa, Belt and Ring - F21

We were supposed to be leaving today for vacation with my fam in Destin, but due to some serious miscommunication and attempt to maximize days in the sun, we are postponing the trip until next week. Not too upset though, because this will be our first weekend alone in a long time!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer!

Le Musings of Moi


Rhoost Review, GIVEAWAY, and vlog!

I can't not mention this awful freeze shot. Thanks a ton YouTube.

Pretty awesome product though, huh?

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Are y'all hungry?

I cook and I tweet. Those are a couple recent hobbies of mine. I've literally been cooking up food for an army so if anyone wants to come to dinner, just let me know.

I thought for those of you who aren't on twitter, I would share some recent food pics off my phone with y'all.

Vanilla scented challah

Sauce and meatballs

Mojitos! Does this count? Ha!
I buy cheese in bulk
Well, this kindof deals with food!
Caramel pecan sticky buns
Last but not least, bananas foster!
I want to start a pastry shop like no ones business. I figure if I get pregnant again, I can perfect the recipes for 9 months, gain a ton of weight, then stop eating it all.
Think it will work?


Fashion Friday - "The yellow dress"

We've had two weddings already this summer, and I wore the same yellow dress to both of them.
Its just one of those dresses that nothing falls out, you don't really have to hold your stomach in, and sweaty dancing pits don't show up. Can ya blame me?

The first one was the hubs cousin's wedding in upstate NY, and Coop tore up the dance floor.
It was under a tent on a gorgeous lake that made for perfect pics.
Aaaand, apparently, Coop gets his dancing love from his Mommy.
Oh, yeah. That's a definite.
The second was our first weekend away without Cooper, and I survived.
It was at an herb garden in a tiny town in Michigan, and was perfect.
Anyone who gives out dancing flip-flops at the reception is brilliant, right?
We got a nice picture of us that I don't think is awful and hubs isn't making a funny face or pretending to sleep. (his specialty...haha)

My sister had a wedding to go to back in May. We went shopping together and we both loved this dress. It fit us both. It was $90 on sale for $40. So we each forked over $20 and I have gotten my moneys worth, don't ya think? Hehe. I'm so cheap.

Dress - Macy's, Shoes - Marshall's, Ring - Stella & Dot.

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer.

Le Musings of Moi


Visits from the fam.

Here are some pics of what I was up to in my no-internet funk.
My family came to visit and help us get the new diggs set up.

We spent two of those days being tourist in DC.

This was at the start of our Capitol tour.
Not sure why this pic turned out so white. Grrr.

The old House was so amazing to see.

Inside the Capitol Dome

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument and National Mall
Of course we checked out the bones at the Smithsonian
Then, my big sis and her youngest, Miss Avery, came to visit.
(We have matching Julie the Fish necklaces)
Cooper wasn't so sure about Avery being so close to him. Hehe.
And yes, I'm a true southern belle. See my John Deere coffee cup?


My hubs is 30!!!

Its the hubs 30th birthday today!

He is freaking out like woah, but I'm trying to keep him busy and help him hold it together.

Saturday we started the birthday weekend with a trip to a local winery. It is the closest one to the DC area and it was amazing. The in-laws and Billy's sis came over to keep Cooper while we snuck off alone. (What the frick am I going to do when they leave Wednesday?)
We tasted some Virginia wines we had never had in Napa, and had some delish sangria. Not to mention crab artichoke dip and Irish cheddar. Ooh, I love food. Apparently, with over 200 wineries, Virginia is the new Napa.
Who knew?
Hey, I took a self photog that both our heads are in. SCORE!
Today, we'll be grilling fillet and eating ice cream cake, all per hubs request. His present is an event that will take place in a couple weeks and I can't wait to tell him (and you!) what it is! Eek!

Happy Birthday, Billy! I LOVE YOU!


Fashion Friday - Baby, it's freakin hot outside.

I don't know about where you live, but its been miserable, walk out the door and into an oven kindof weather around here. Temps over 100 3 days this week! Craziness. Enough to make me question our sanity in moving here from the 70 degree beautifulness that is NorCal.

In my opinion, the only thing to wear in this heat, is a sundress.
That way when your thighs get all sweaty, you can spread your legs and get some breeze up in there. Whatevs. You all know you do it too.
Heat = tan and no eyeliner. (Right, Jimaie?)

Do y'all like how I have one random chair in that room? Well, not for long! We finally got a kitchen table and sitting room furniture. YEAH!
Can't wait to show you when its delivered next week.
Lets just say the hubs gave in to some Zebra...muahahahaha.

Outfit Deets

Dress, necklace and bracelet - F21
Shoes - Payless

So easy a caveman could do it.

Monday is the hubs 30th birthday so we're off to spend the entire weekend celebrating!


Fashion Friday is brought to you by, Summer.

Le Musings of Moi


Thanks for the LOVIN!

I missed a lot of sweet lovin while I was away, and I just wanted to give a big thanks to:
Amber at A glimpse into my thoughts who gave me the Stylish blogger award.

Sarah at Little Citizens of the World who gave me the Sunshine award.

Natalie at Blonde at Heart who gave me the Sunshine award and the Gorgeous Blogger award.

Suzanne at So Stinkin' Cute who gave me the Outstanding Blogger award.

Steph at Flip Flop Chic who gave me the Versatile Blogger award.

annnnnd, last but not least,

Sheila at I wanna talk about me who tagged me in a fun little game that I never got to play.

Y'all are so sweet! I would take the time to tag lots of you to play along if I had time, buuuuut, I don't. In-laws just left and I have some major cleaning and re-organizing to do. I also have been cooking up a storm and I think hubs now has permanent high expectations for dinner. Whoops.

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