Stilettos and Diapers: May 2010


Because my hubs is amazing.

The hubs is a hard worker. Sometimes too hard. Like those nights when its 10 and I'm ready for bed when he finally finishes work.
But, he does an amazing job. And its not just me that thinks that. His boss does, too.

So he was nominated for manager of the year.

And his good looks and charm hard work allowed him to beat the competition.

This makes momma happy because that earned him a trip here:

Vegas City Center

To stay here:
Mandarin Oriental

And spend a lot of time here:

Thanks to the hubs company and my parents for watching Cooper, we are going to have an amazing weekend this fall!! Whoot, whoot!
Thanks hubs! Love you and am so very proud of you! And its not just cause I'm the one you picked to go on your trip with you.
BTW, we still have no internet. I have been scheduling all the post for the last couple weeks, and it sucks. You are all freakishly sweet to me and I'll be responding to you slowly but surely.


Fashion Friday - Move over First Lady.

Now that I'm practically a DC resident, I took the advice from my lovely friend, Maggie, and dressed the part.

I want to be the First Lady.

That is my totally empty living room. Sitting room. Whatever it is. I suppose its nothing right now because its empty. Humph. I think it will take forevers to get everything in this house just how I like it!

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Target (My mom got it for me. $50 on sale for $3.24. See where I get it from?) Shoes: Ross Pearls: From my wedding Ring: American Eagle

I'm totally loving my short hair. I can curl it and it pretty much stays all day, and when I run, it doesn't fall out of the pony. Amazing!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the always fab, Summer.

Le Musings of Moi


House Tour - The randoms and the basement.

Sunday morning while Coop was eating breakfast, he said "zebra yard, Mommy". Those turned out to be these deer in the woods right behind our backyard.Here is the guest room bath.
This is a miscellaneous room. Guest, ironing, future second baby room...
Coops toy area in the basement. I am so glad to have all the toys down there!
I guess this would be the man cave area of the basement. The poker table was a wedding gift from the hubs friends. Its gorgeous! And there you have it people.
Y'all come back now, ya hear!


House Tour - Second Floor

This is the little man's room. We still have to paint, hang his name and decorate.
Still in the crib, but he isn't climbing out, so we aren't changing...yet.
This is our bedroom.

The bathroom. With random stuff sitting everywhere.
And, my closet. {swoon}
Next up: Basement!


House Tour - First floor

This was the kitchen before we actually moved in {and before the floors were cleaned}. Its too messy to show you now, because we are having the appliances replaced on Wednesday and there is just stuff everywhere. We are selling these and replacing them with the hubby's brand.

Can't be caught throwing a work party with the wrong appliances.
Since then, we painted the island, (and eventually paint the breakfast nook)
The same color as the dining room.
Ignore the missing chair that hasn't gotten chair pads on it yet, and the decorations awaiting a home.
I was impressed with the movers padding skills.
This was the living room on moving day, so still pretty empty. One wall now is currently ripped up from some really bad run the TV cables behind the wall work. Once it gets fixed, we're busting out the paint!
Hubs office is still packed with boxes and the only other room is completely empty. I think it will be a good Fashion Friday spot. I'll show some more pics once I get stuff done.

Next up: Second floor!


I've lost 9 inches since we last spoke.

I only wish it was from around the middle.

My sis-in-law (who also is my hair stylist) came down from NY to visit for a couple days.

What she didn't expect was 4 people all in my bathroom wanting hair cuts.

At least the hubs helped out a bit on mine.
{I look less than pleased}

And when it was all said and done, I was down 9 inches of hair.

{This is also proof that I wear sweats and my boy has a Foofa doll}

I'm pretty sure I like it...

Now those 2 pony tails (that I will seriously miss as a side braid) are headed off to Children with hair loss. I've done Locks of Love twice, but I hear this organization is really great so I'll give it a shot.

In other news...

I still have no internet. I hate all things Verizon, Comcast and anyone else that isn't willing to give me service. I don't live in the boonies for crying out loud!

We don't have appliances yet. Well, we do, we just aren't using them. You see we are fully equipped with GE in this crib and that is the competition. The hubs is getting them from the company he works for and they are supposed to be delivered next week. We are putting the others are up for sale. Any takers? I'll even make you dinner when you come get them. Until then, its fast food every meal, and this gal isn't complaining.

I know you want to see house pics. And I'll give the people what they want! Just not yet. It is seriously a disaster in here and I don't see it being picture worthy anytime soon. I will show before and afters, though. Don't fret!

Lastly, I miss y'all. Like really, really miss y'all. I don't know what is going on cause I can't read blogs! If I could, I'd be sitting at Starbucks completely neglecting the house, but, I have a pretty dependant 2 year old that doesn't know what sit still means. So if you have big things happening, make sure to tell meeee! Don't leave me out. That's just mean. I already told the hubs I need an entire day to myself once the internet is here. That is perfectly reasonable, right?


Fashion Friday - Boyfriends have my heart.

These jeans could fit two of me inside. And I love um. The loose french braid has been visiting frequently around here.
Who says no to blue suede shoes?
I went on a mad search for boyfriend jeans. I looked everywhere. I tried on men's jeans, and ones that were 3 sizes too big. They were all wrong. And the ones that said boyfriend were too skinny.
Or maybe I have more thunder thighs than I thought...

Then I got all woozy-eyed when I saw NY and Co was having a 50% off everything sale, and instantly jerked Cooper's stroller into the store.

And there they were. In all their wide leg glory.

So I bought them just like *that* and we've been BFF's ever since. The end.

Outfit Deets:

Boyfriend Jeans - NY and Co. Tank - Target Cardigan - Anthropologie courtesy of Jen. Shoes - Kmart (Don't gets better) They were $3 in the little girls department. Necklace - Julie the Fish

If you are curious about the location...its my sis-in-law's gorgeous patio that begged me for it's Fashion Friday debut. And I obliged cause my flowers will never make it to be that pretty. Freakin black thumb.

In other news...


Be still my little heart...tonight, you get to sleep in your own house! I can't wait!!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the oh so lovely, Summer!

Le Musings of Moi


Does that make me crazy? Probably.

Y'all, its been banana pancakes over here.
I never knew the week of home closing would be so stressful. Or that I would have to do so much. I mean, I thought I just had to sign my life away and turn over all the money in my piggy bank.

So far this week, we had our inspection. Then we had a walk through where we put blue tape on any and everything that wasn't perfect.
I felt bad, then I remembered my empty piggy bank and started slapping that stuff up everywhere.

I have set up 2 out of 3 utilities. Which took the greater part of 2 nap times.

I learned that Comcast will take 3 weeks to even know IF they can get us service, and I've yet to find an internet provider. How will I survive without internet!?!

We decided on 3 paint colors for the first floor and bought them.

We went to 4 furniture stores, and agreed on nothing.

My car looks like I live in it. There are pillows, clothes on hangers, paint cans, a hand mixer, rugs, a fireplace log holder and food.

I've been fueling up on fast food because of the intense lack of time.
But.....come Friday, I'll be a homeowner.
We'll be snuggled up on our air mattress with a little bubbly.

Then Saturday, our stuff will be delivered, and all this craziness, will be kicked to the curb with the boxes.

Then maybe, just maybe, I'll miss living in a hotel, and having perfectly good excuses to eat fast food.


How do you shower?

While my child dumps boxes of bisquick all over a hotel room,

Colors on window sills,

And eats M&Ms I left on the coffee table the night before.

I've been getting up when Coop does in the morning and jumping in the shower before we go to breakfast. I turn cartoons on for him in the bedroom, so if I peek out the curtain, I can see him in the bed.

But he is 2. And doesn't stay in the bed.

Then I get out and catastrophe has occurred.

Or I wait until nap time. But then I'm gross all morning.

And I can't go anywhere with sprikly legs.

What am I supposed to do?
Please don't tell me to wake up before him, cause I just might die.


There are no words.

Because that isn't a huge turd.

Its a fuzzy bear slipper in a hotel toilet. Pretty sure there is nothing nastier.


Fashion Friday - Fashion for the birthday girl and the floor.

My sweet baby sis (who I delivered, btw, and remind her of it on a regular basis) turned 12 yesterday. I look at her and see myself. I seriously double take sometimes because the way she moves, her bubble butt, and even her fingernails look just like me.

I'm honored and terrified that she is going to be just like me when she grows up. Ha!

And to continue the similarities, she lurvvves Fashion Friday, so I asked her to be today's star.

I call this country chic.

I'm talking pedicure on my toes, toes.

Love you Shelby! Happy Birthday!

Sooo, the floors. Ya know, closing is in 1 week. 1 week! And my pretty, pretty hardwood floors are buck naked.
Or is it butt naked?

This is what mama really wants, but I'm getting vetoed like whoa.

So I might give in to one of these

Via Lowes

Watcha think?

Do I hold my ground since the wife is always right? Or pick one of the others? Note that I also picked out the other two, so I like them. Just not as much as the zebra...oh the zebra.

Happy Friday!

Do you follow my review blog? Well, cause I have sweet giveaways. Like ones from Juliethefish. And CSN is fab enough to hook me up with a great review coming up. It involves loosing the baby cribs and moving up in the world. You should come check it out. For reals.

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer.

Le Musings of Moi


8x8 Picture Tag

The adorable Melissa over at Hanging with Mr. Cooper tagged me. She is one of my new found bloggy loves, and has fabulous taste in baby names. Hehe.

Here are the rules.
1]. Go to your photos files and select the 8th photo folder.
2]. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3]. Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4]. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same.

This is the hubs spear fighting on our trip to Hawaii last summer. It was the most amazing vacation ever. I want to go back. Now. Please?

I decided that I want to tag some new blog friends.

Monique @ Making Memories of Us

Suzanne @ So Stinkin Cute

Mrs. Dixon @ The Doll House

Molly @ The Fuchsia News

Nicole @ The Wallace Word

Jamie @ Pickled in Pink

Missy @ Life as Missy

Jimaie @ Jimaie.Marie

Y'all go meet these awesome gals!


Dream of Californication

My solo weekend in California was, to put it simply, AMAZING.
I cried at the airport leaving my little man, but then I got to walking.
With ONE bag.

I went through security without breaking a sweat.

Then stopped for Starbucks and I didn't have to worry about spilling it on a little person.

I watched TV almost the whole flight. Oh, sweet, sweet, uninterrupted TV.
I love you.

I rented my first car. And I felt like a big girl.

Saturday was a polka dot baby shower.

For the pretty one with the baby bump.

I was seeing spots.
She is also the mommy of Cooper's best bud, Ty.
Erika, the hostess with the mostess.
Then is was off to Sacramento to see the hubs in woman form, Maggie.
Where we ate Thai food and drank sangria till the wee hours.

Sunday was brunch outside with bottomless mimosas,
Mascarpone blueberry pancakes,
And the most amazing eggs benedict ever.
(Which the hubs would NEVER eat, and almost threw up at the pic)
Hey, soul sister.
We spent hours discussing dresses for our summer weddings and decorating our eventual homes.
With guest rooms for each other, of course.

Then I took my stuffed belly, and jumped on a red eye.
Leaving a bit of my heart in California.

Thank you girls for giving me an incredible 48 hours in California! Miss you already!
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