Stilettos and Diapers: April 2010


Fashion Friday - Sistas think alike.

When I was in Georgia last week, I spent a lot of time shopping with my sisters.

-"Molls, check out this cute shirt!"
Me "You mean this one I have in my arms?"
And while we were at it, we bought matching rings.
So we could be twinsies.
Totally loved the blue background until you could see the carpet. And the outlet. Uggg.
Then this week, I got this necklace from Julie the Fish. I LOVE it so much!

And if you love it too, you're in luck because a giveaway from the fish herself is a coming soon!

Outfit Deets:

Tank: Belks
Jeans: Joes - Ebay
Ring - American Eagle (Love their jewelery)
Sandals - Gap
Family Necklace - Julie the Fish!

Happy Friday!
Look out for my first vlog coming at ya this weekend!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer.

Le Musings of Moi


The result of birthday shindig #2 and #3.

Shindig #1 happened at my parents house last week.
See here if ya missed it.

Shindig #2 happened over the weekend at my sis-in-law and her hubby's house.
Cooper, AKA, Diego.
This is probably my fave pic of all time.
Dude LOVES him some cake.
Then shindig #3. Well, not exactly a shindig.
Just me and my man, hanging at the Cheese, on his actual b-day.We collected germs off every ride there was.
And came home with cotton candy.
And because I let all rules go for this special day,
We followed cotton candy with cupcakes.
And he has the hang of blowing out candles now, fo sho.
That's my 2 year old!
I'm a proud, happy momma that cannot wait to have one "real" party in our house next year!


2 years. Really? Part 2.

If you missed part 1, go here.

April 27, 2008

Contractions continued every 2-3 minutes all night long. They weren't little ones, either. They were going all the way up on that little chart. I just knew stuff was happening. We were getting closer. I squatted with every contraction for about 4 hours straight while listening to Lil Wayne. The hubs and I walked the halls for hours. I showered again. (And put my face back on for the 3rd time)

2:00 PM - When the nurse referred to my cervix as Fort Knox, I knew I would cringe at the results.

3 CM

I gave in and let them give me pitocin. But no pain meds. No freakin way. I was holding my ground. Wearing my little black dress.

Contractions were kicked up a notch with that stuff. Every 1-1 1/2 minutes will make a girl crazy, ya know? But I held on. For 6 more hours. Walking. Showering. Dancing like I knew how.

7:00 PM - I was
6 CM!

I was so excited. I knew I was still so far away, but this was the most I had progressed at all! The pain was getting miserable though. The hubs got sick from seeing me hurt and slept for a little while in the car. Men. Such suckers.

8:00 PM I wanted to push. I felt so ready for the counting, face turn purple, he-he-hooooooo breathing. But when the nurse checked, she gave me awful news.

4 CM.

Hello, body! Wrong direction!
Apparently my baby's massive head was wanting to get out, but couldn't. They gave me some medicine to relax me, thinking that would help things. It didn't. It made me cry. Then made me loopy. Then made me say some weird things. Then made Coops heart rate slow.

9:30 PM My doctor was on vacation in Napa and had just arrived at the hospital. He told me I could keep trying, or I could have a c-section. After 39 hours of trying, I knew I had given it my all, and gave up my little black dress for a hospital gown. Oh, the relief when I felt the bottom half of my body go completely numb. Ahhhh.

I did grill my Doctor about being drunk on the way in. He was in Napa, ya know. Then I asked for a nip and tuck while he was in there, and he said no. Jerk.

10:26 PM Cooper William was born.
9lb 2oz, 21 inches.

The Doctor lifted him up to show me and he peed right over the curtain and on my face. Such a sweetheart.

Even though the labor and delivery didn't go anything like I had planned, (I was wearing that AWFUL gown!) my little man came into the world healthy and safe. And I've been in love since that very moment.

Happy 2nd Birthday to the sweetest little man ever.

Mommy loves you, Cooper!


2 years. Really?

April 26, 2008

6:00AM - I was pretty sure I had peed the bed. Upon waking up the rest of the way and feeling intense tightening in my gut, I realized my water broke and I was in labor! I was 2 weeks late and had scheduled a c-section for 4 days later, so I was ready!

The contractions came pretty immediately after my water broke and they were every 3-4 minutes. I wanted to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital, so my mom, sis, hubs and I went for a walk. We walked about 2 miles, stopping every so often for the stronger contractions. We came home. We ate lunch. I took a shower and put my face on. At one point I looked at my Mom and said,

This is freakin sweet!

I was so excited for the labor. I'm a certified labor assistant and nurse and I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to go all natural. Labor at home for a while. Jam to the songs on my iPod. Wear my little black dress.

5:00 PM - Contractions were about every 2 minutes. I felt like I was making huge progress. I felt empowered. I am woman hear me roar. I breathed through each contraction, and smiled after, knowing each one was bringing me closer to my baby.

7:00 PM - Contractions were getting pretty intense. When I started feeling lots of pressure, I got scared that we waited to long, and to the hospital we went.

Getting picture ready
When we got there, they checked me. I was so ready to hear "you're ready to push", cause I sure felt ready. The sweet nurse looked up at me and said well, you're about 1 cm.


I was in complete shock. What in the world had my body been doing for the past 14 hours?
The nurse told me, "just try and sleep, this is going to take awhile". Really?
Thanks Nurse Obvious.
And how am I supposed to sleep with these massive interruptions called contractions?!

I showered. (Then put my face back on and straightened my hair.) I tried to sleep, with no luck. I walked. I had contractions every 2 minutes.

12:00 AM Checked again.
2 cm.

Cooper wasn't born on April, 26. Stay tuned.


Fashion Friday - Not ready to let go.

If there is one winter trend I'm not ready to give up, its some cozy flannel.

And since this weekend is calling for rain in these parts, I busted it out.
Paired with my favorite jeans, and apparently angelic sandals.

To make a happy gal!

That still lives in a hotel. Hehe.
Outfit Deets:

Plaid flannel top: Kohls
Jeans: Macy's
Bracelets: F21
Sandals: Target
I snagged them from the little girls department while I was in Georgia. So happy that the good Lord gave me little feetsies.

Happy Friday Y'all!

Le Musings of Moi


First 2nd birthday celebration.

We had to have a party here in Georgia with my family.
The theme as Coop would call it was "Queen".
Opening presents

The kid LOVES cake

Then I made him take his shirt off so he didn't get dirty.
Pretty sure I'm in for a rude awakening with dirtiness after seeing my nephews.
His first tricycle from Poppa and Marmie.
I can't believe my little man is getting so big!
Now we're getting ready for his next party back home this weekend!


Fashion Friday - Glitter Shoes

This week, Fashion Friday is from one way more fashionable than me.

Meet my niece, Miss Avery.

Does this diaper make my butt look big?

She makes my uterus ache.

Rockin her new $2 shoes from Auntie Molly.

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Old Navy
Socks: Target
Shoes: K-mart
Hairbow: Made by my sis. You can check her Etsy shop HERE, or feel free to email her ( for custom colors!

Le Musings of Moi


I'm on my way...home sweet home.

In 5 weeks that is!

Because then, the house won't look much like this anymore.

These cabinets will be in,

It will look just like I like it,
And I'll be calling it home.

Thank the good Lord!

In other news, the hubs has to go out of town for the week, so Coop and I are headed down to Georgia today. We're going to do a little 2nd birthday celebrating and lots of sipping coffee on the back porch. I am so excited to have some family time, and my first night not in a hotel in 7 weeks!
I can't believe I'm close enough to drive to my parents house now!


Why yes, that is a wallet, and no, it doesn't close.

This is my very sad wallet, and thats how close it comes to closing.

Why? Because there are 57, yes, 57 plastic lovelies that live in there.
At least only 1 is a credit card.

There are the ones that save me money.

The ones that make me remember California living.

The ones that are straight up free money.

And the ones that prove I am who I am.
(Now you've seen I can give CPR so you can skip asking next time ya need it.)
Oh, and we can't forget my rolls of cash $4. This was actually surprising to find because I NEVER have cash.

OVERKILL, I tell ya.
Our California friends, Lance and Maggie, (who I get to see in less than 3 months!) were giving me a hard time about how many I had in there right before we moved. Since then, I think I've added about 10 to the pile, resulting in a non-closing wallet.
So now I'm debating, should I get a bigger wallet and keep all the goods, or get rid of some?
Am I the only one with a massive amount of these cards?
Does anyone have an awesome big wallet I should get?
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