Stilettos and Diapers: Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!


Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!

We got our tree. Then pulled all the boxes from the basement and turned our house into a winter wonderland. {Dining Room}
My table faded in the Cali sun so the leaf is darker now. Boo.
{Coffee Table}
{Entry way table}
I'm obsessed with Willow Tree figurines, btw.
{Upstairs landing tree}
{Sofa table}
Apparently, I have a thing for holiday "joy" decorations.
{Living room...FINISHED!}
Well, not quite. There are still icicles dangling off our garage. Hubs got 3/4 through and it got dark so he came off the roof.

That was 9 days ago.


  1. haha sorry to laugh at your icicle misfortune, which is why I don't do outdoor decor that I can't put up myself! The rest of the house is beautiful!

  2. Your house is gorgeous! It looks like pages in a Christmas mag! I can't believe that you had kids in your house, honestly. You have trained them well to leave everything the heck alone. :)

  3. Looks beautiful! We'll be getting all our decorations out this week. Can't wait to let the little one "help" decorate :)

  4. Love all of your decor - so pretty!!

  5. i had no doubt in my mind that your house would be decorated to the nines :) just as fabulously dressed as you always are!

    thats cool that you guys have two trees. and youre pretty brave displaying all that stuff with Coop being eye-level with most of them.

  6. love your house- so gorgeous. I have that willow tree nativity too and love it. last year, I decided to find a home where it could stay out all year long and not just at Christmas time. And speaking of 9 days ago...that's when we put our tree up. I put 4, yes FOUR ornaments on it, and that's as far as I got.

  7. Wow I love all of your decorations...especially your living room! Very classy and modern! I love the Willow Tree Figurines too....I own one and have given them as gifts too! They are so beautiful...I didn't know they had a nativity set!

  8. Love your holiday decorations! And totally LMAO about the 9 days since your hubby came off the roof and still hasn't finished the icicle lights. My husband put the lights up on the big tree out front and called me to say how good he thought it looked. I got home, and asked where it was plugged in so I could unplug it until he fixed what he did. Or else take what looks like one strand of lights on a ginormous tree off and don't put any on.

  9. you all did a great job! I love that you have two trees!!! I'm working on getting my first one! :)

  10. Everything looks so pretty! I think you have done a great job decorating! And I love the comment about your husband and the icicles. The "nine days ago" made me laugh! Ahhh, men. Gotta love them! Ha!

  11. Looks gorgeous! I love your decorating if you just lived could help me!

  12. the house looks great hun!! love all your decorations :)

    have a wonderful time in NYC this weekend!!!

  13. Your house looks so nice Molly! We just did our decorations yesterday. Now we just need more furniture. ;)

  14. pretty pretty pretty!!
    I collect Willow Tree figurines too :)


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