Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion - Shorts and tights.


Fashion - Shorts and tights.

I wore this outfit when we were in NYC for our anniversary, but was so cold I couldn't take my coat off for pics. Who passes up a photo shoot in the big city for warmth? Me.
{Trying a new photo bedroom}
I am madly in love with these booties from last year.

Knot bracelet I got from a friend last Christmas.

{Layers = winter must haves}

I couldn't find shorts that were just right, so I bought boyfriend jeans on clearance for $6 and cut them off.

Pretty sure this look is way more accepted on the west coast than the east, but I love it. Just ask the hubs, if I love it, I'll wear it. (Whether he likes it or not)

Outfit Deets

Shorts - Target
Button Down Shirt - Gap
Cardigan - Kohls
Tights - Target
Tank - Old Navy
Booties - Charlotte Russe
Belt - F21


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I have tried shorts with tights before and I loved them! My boyfriend however did not. Haha! Oh well, what do men know about fashion anyways?!

  2. I'm love, loving this look!! Booties are def my fav right now!! I'm actually wearing a pair now. ;)

  3. Poor fashion backward me : ) I have still not boarded the bootie train. Lol. You look fab as always! You're thighs are so slender!

  4. HOT MAMA! I love it! I am SO wearing this look when I am not pregnant anymore!

  5. Ohh love!! I really need to get some booties...

  6. I wish I had the fashion sense you do. You are like straight from a magazine.

  7. I love this look! I've been rockin it this year too :) Love the booties!

  8. I actually really like it and think it is very in! Funny I just bought some sequin shorts from Charlotte Russe and plan to wear them with tights and booties too! Keep it up girl!

  9. Cute! Why is it that when you wear a skinny belt, it looks great, but when I try one on at home, I feel like it just accentuates the mom pooch? Yuck. Must keep trying. :)

  10. Hey Molly! I am having my first give away and I would love for you to enter it! I think you'd really like it!!!!

    ~Romantic Savy

  11. I love it. I've been thinking of wearing shorts with tights, but I only have mid-calf boots. I need some booties.


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