Stilettos and Diapers: December 2010


Our first Virginia Christmas!

Sooo excited Christmas morning!
He took his time inspecting every gift.
Oh, the disaster.
That's one thing I don't miss doing Christmas somewhere else.
Who wouldn't want to drink coffee out of this? I feet like such an adult getting this gift.
Its time to rethink the garage and it's going to be awesomesauce when its done.
He's a sweetheart.
And a ham.
Love my family!
My parents, brother and 2 sisters are here from GA and we are doing our 3rd Christmas today! My big sis has sick babies and had to cancel her trip. Sadness. Coop was so excited to see his cousins.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that my fellow east coasters are all safe in this snow!


Warp speed Christmas.

Am I the only one that feels like Christmas is running around me like a banchi?

I mean seriously. What happened to the time?

I felt like we were talking about the holidays for forevers, then once Thanksgiving hit, its been mad.

I guess going to NY to visit the in-laws twice, a quickie NYC Anniversary trip and preparing my house for 13 people here for a week could be the reason...

All I know, is hubs is off work starting tomorrow and we are both seriously ready for some relaxing and spending time with Cooper.

The plan is to make lots of these,And spend time by the fire with some of these.

Just want to take it as slow as possible and soak it all in. This is our first Christmas not traveling and they are calling for SNOW!

Oh, and before we stuff our child full of sugar on Saturday, we are taking him for his first dentist appointment this morning. I'm pretty freakin terrified. I think he suddenly hit the terrible 2's in the past couple weeks. Lord knows there will be post coming on that. The fit on the ground at Target pushed me over the edge...

So I'll be back next week with a shart ton of pictures and hopefully no fit throwing, embarrassing stories.

Merry Christmas, all you awesome bloggy friends of mine!

Or Happy Holidays. Whichever offends you less.

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Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

This morning, we did Christmas with the hubs family in NY since it's my family's year for Christmas.

Tucked in my stocking was a little envelope with these.

Hubs gave these "coupons" to his mom 20 years ago and she never used them, so she gave them to me.

I'm holding to the fact that there is no expiration date.
He is so going to regret adding the (s) to the end of room.

And "anything you want"? Muhahahaha.

Poor decision on your part, hubs. You're childhood sweetness is about to be taken advantage of.


I need this.

Who thinks hubs would be happy if I bought this for myself for Christmas?

This home bar furniture would look amazing in my basement, which happens to be the next thing on my "to decorate" list.

Merry Christmas to me? Hehe.


Fashion - Shorts and tights.

I wore this outfit when we were in NYC for our anniversary, but was so cold I couldn't take my coat off for pics. Who passes up a photo shoot in the big city for warmth? Me.
{Trying a new photo bedroom}
I am madly in love with these booties from last year.

Knot bracelet I got from a friend last Christmas.

{Layers = winter must haves}

I couldn't find shorts that were just right, so I bought boyfriend jeans on clearance for $6 and cut them off.

Pretty sure this look is way more accepted on the west coast than the east, but I love it. Just ask the hubs, if I love it, I'll wear it. (Whether he likes it or not)

Outfit Deets

Shorts - Target
Button Down Shirt - Gap
Cardigan - Kohls
Tights - Target
Tank - Old Navy
Booties - Charlotte Russe
Belt - F21


Self control and the lack thereof.

My happy weight is 5 lbs lighter than I am right now. My pants fit better and I just feel better about myself.

Lying in bed a couple nights ago, I told the hubs "I'd do just about anything to drop these 5 lbs". Then immediately started laughing.

Because, obviously, I'm not willing to do anything at all.

See all this?

I've eaten all of it this morning.

Hi, my name is Molly and I have no self control.

I eat tons of fruit and veggies, we rarely eat red meat or pork and I only buy whole grain breads, but I'm a snacking machine. I always have to have something salty with sweet, so my little piece of chocolate always comes with a side of potato chips.

And don't even get me started on the holiday goodies. If it says "Limited Edition" its coming home with me. (See the fudge covered Ritz? Amazeballs.)

I am getting used to the fact that I would much rather eat than be comfortable in my pants. At least through the holidays. Then I may throw some exercise in with the snacks...or not.


Theres a bug among us.

Last night, Cooper was playing with the hubs in the basement when I heard screams of terror. No, it wasn't Coop, it was the hubs. Screaming for towels. When I got there, Cooper was sitting in the hubs lap and they were both covered in puke. Apparently, Coop said "theres something in my mouth" then let hubs have it.

Cooper hasn't ever thrown up before and has only been sick in general a couple times. He seemed to act normal after that, so we thought it was just a fluke.

Notsomuch. Closer to bed time, we brought him up for a bath. He came into my bathroom while I was getting something, then suddenly ran out and puked on the carpet. And my bedroom wall. I picked him up and put him on he tile and it was like the kid had a gallon of water in him. Poor thing was so freaked out and kept trying to catch it, in turn splattering it on the bathroom walls and into both closets. I just warned the hubs not to come in or I would have had double the clean up. (If I hadn't been home, pretty sure hubs would have thrown a towel on top and considered it clean.)

So we stayed on the sofa sipping pedialyte all night. Y'all, telling a kid they can't have more to drink it TORTURE! He kept saying "sorry it came out of my mouth, mommy", while trying to convince me to give him more. Seriously, heartbreaking.

So, all plans today are cancelled and we are watching those billions of Christmas movies I can't stop recording. Hopefully, this is all gone really soon. I cant see my little man like this much longer!


Big lights will inspire you.

{Lets hear it for New York}

30 Rockefeller
{Lights is blinding, girls need blinders}
I want these massive street ornaments in my yard.
Our hotel lobby all dressed up for Christmas.
The quintessential stop in NYC at Christmastime: Macy's
{Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty}
Times Square
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Oh, helloooo, Tiffany.
We stood in a 20 minute line just to get in to this place.
NEVER leave the city without a Sabrett street cart hot dog.
And you must have mustard and sauerkraut.
Where did this spot come from?!? Tranquility in the bustle.
(Wow, you can really see that foot long height difference here. Hehe.)
{No place in the world that can compare}
Lady Liberty
Then we made the bold decision to cross to the dirty side...
All for this:
Which had a 2 HOUR LINE. So we took a pic and left. Went to an Italian bakery a little south and stuffed ourselves with cannolis.

Then End.

Can y'all tell that my New Yorker hubs has completely brainwashed this southern gal? Haha.


NYC Fashion

I wanted a special dress to wear for our Anniversary dinner. I had the exact thing I wanted in my mind, but couldn't find it anywhere.

So I decided to make it.

This was the result.

Loving shoulder decorations this season, so I stuck some on.

And the thing that was #1 in my mind was the long exposed zipper. That I ripped out and redid. Twice.

Then I covered it all up to go to dinner. Hehe. At least I know no one was wearing the same thing as I was.

Outfit Deets:

Booties: Charlotte Russe

Tights: Target

Jacket: Old Navy

Purse: Coach

Necklace: F21


These streets will make you feel brand new.

{Now you're in New York}
Our Anniversary trip was amazeballs.

The gorgeous hotel we stayed at on the East Side.
We may have been a bit too excited to be alone in the big city.
Cheese grins in full effect. {Hey, sexy. Going my way?}Ahhhh, back of a NYC cab.
First stop was Central Park where the horse drawn carriages are all lined up.Gapston Bridge where we got engaged 7.5 years ago.
SO sad it's blurry!
View looking the other way on the bridge.
Dinner was the same as our engagement night at Jean Georges in Trump International Tower.
We got our same hide-a-way booth.

Our view out into the restaurant.

I didn't get pics at dinner, but by dessert, I had consumed just enough wine to take away any embarrassment.

They gave us this flan special for our Anniversary. I would go back just for whatever that stick thing was.

This was all just dessert. And hubs plate is cut off. Mhhhh. I want it again.

Don't y'all worry...I have more pics to come!
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