Stilettos and Diapers: Blazer lovin


Blazer lovin

I am seriously in love with one of this seasons hottest trends: The Blazer.
I have a couple old ones, but I had to get one with contrast cuffs.
{You can dress 'em up, or dress 'em down.}
Just find a good fit and its flattering on all body types.
{Who says you can't jewel up your feet?}
{Wowzers. Someone really needs a hair coloring. Stat.}

Outfit Deets:

Blazer - F21
Jeweled T - Target
Boyfriend Jeans - NY & Co
Pumps - Steve and Barry's
Necklace - F21

You know where I went today to wear this? Nowhere. That's right. Only the hubs saw me today . But I did do a little shopping online last week and got a package from F21 that I was way too excited to let sit in my closet. Hehe.


  1. Love it!!! so jealous of your cute outfits!!! I try to dress up my preggo belly but it still doesnt make me feel as cute!

  2. Cute! And yor eyes girl are amazing!

  3. I agree with Rach. Adorable. Seriously.

    I have a tweed blazer I inherited from my dad. He wore it my entire childhood & now I have it. And it fits (thank you broad shoulders). I love it.

  4. Love it. Anytime I get dressed super cute I haave to go somewhere! I guess I'm so vain- but if we have no plans it usually results in an expensive target run.

  5. You are adorable! LOVE the outfit!!!

  6. Love the outfit and great job jeweling up your feet!
    I have that same blazer and it's so very versatile

  7. im am on the hunt for that exact same blazer. been wanting one with roll up sleeves forever! we're headed to F21 on friday and they better have it in stock and in my size or i will be pissed.

    looking hot momma!

  8. Oooh love the blazer...could you share which one it is...from their website!!!! Please!!!

  9. cutes!!! I wish i could wear a blazer right now.....well, maybe i could....just couldnt button it :( BOO....

  10. Love it! We need to live closer so when I get skinny again I can borrow your clothes. :)

  11. I'm seriously loving the blazer trend! I have one from last year that I got from NY&Co. I had no idea F21 was selling them.. I'll have to check them out!

  12. I love this. I don't know that I could rock a blazer, but you certainly can.

  13. I just bought a blazer too! (Well, I say bought, but really the shopping was done out of my sister's closet.) But now that I see those adorable cuffs on yours I'm super-jealous!

  14. I love that one post is about fashion and the next Veggie Tales, so my life!


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