Stilettos and Diapers: Because I really needed another place to shop.


Because I really needed another place to shop.

Y'all, i just found out that you can now shop at Kirklands online. Dangerous, huh? If you've ever been there, you KNOW this means trouble. The hubs probably hates that they did this, but I'm pretty darn excited.

I hope my family reads this and tells Santa.

hint, hint.

Loving this stuff right now.

Canisters that are the exact colors of my kitchen.

Rolled Arm Bench that would be perfection in my entryway.

Santa Towel ummm, hello, does it get any cuter?

And these Ornaments that would fill in my "pretty" tree quite nicely.

We're doing a decorative one on the landing at the top of the stairs and a "let Cooper put whatever he wants on it" tree in the living room this year. I am counting down the days until I can put up the decorations, but I feel like I have to wait until after Thanksgiving!

Have you started to decorate yet?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kirkland's. We have an outlet down the beach and I always hit it up on the way home!! it's the BEST!

  2. I LIVE in Kirklands & I am so excited that they finally started selling online!

  3. Ohh.. we don't have anything like that 'round these parts. I need to get with it!

  4. ooohhh.....that's dangerous. Love that place and it just moved up the list of my fave shops since it's now online. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Online is So dangerous for me. I don't feel like I'm spending any money since I'm sitting on my couch..and then the bill comes..

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Um love love love the santa towel, it does not get any cuter then that!!!

    We normally don't decorate until Thanksgiving weekend. But since all the stores have all their cute christmas things out I want to do it sooner and enjoy it longer.

  7. I had no idea..I love that store and it's not near me. THanks!

  8. I love kirkland's! They have the prettiest things and you can always catch a sale.

    I am one of those nerds who did put up my Christmas tree last night along with many other decorations! It is me and the hubby's first Christmas and I couldn't wait much longer!!! But I am waiting until after Thanksgiving to do the outside of the house!!!!

  9. Ok seriously?! The one by my office just closed and I don't know of another one nearby so this is just dangerous! My wallet is going to be very upset with this knowledge! (but at least you aren't alone in the spending dept.)

  10. My daughter's birthday party is at our house next Sunday so I'm waiting until after, but it's killing me. I love that Santa towel. And I need new ornaments this year. I might have to go by Kirklands!

  11. I love, love Kirklands!! There's one right down the street from me. :)


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