Stilettos and Diapers: Even a 2 year old needs fashion options.


Even a 2 year old needs fashion options.

I am seriously loving getting ready for Halloween this year.
Last year, Cooper was a bit freaked to go door to door with his little friend.
{He had yet to realize that strangers aren't scary enough to miss out on candy}

This year, he's got "trick-or-treat, give me some candy" down pat.

I couldn't choose when I was searching for outfits last year and bought 3. He's going to choose 1 for the "trunk-or-treat" at our church, then 1 for going around the neighborhood on Halloween.

Option #1 - Lion

{This pic is mid growl}

Option #2 - Chicken

{I think Coop is partial to this one}

Option #3 - Monkey

{His room is a monkey theme and he's always loved them}

I'm going to let him choose, but I have my favorites! Hehe.

Now, what do we do about kids coming to our house when we walk around the neighborhood? We both want to go, so I think we'll leave a tray on the porch. Is that lame?

It's FRIDAY y'all!!

I am leaving the house tomorrow for the first time this week to go CAR SHOPPING! I so can't go without a car anymore. Sheesh. Hope you have a fab weekend!


  1. He looks adorable in all of them but I love the lion costume, too cute!

  2. So stinking cute!!! Love them all, but 1 & 2 are my favs! Can't wait to see what the lil man picks!! =)

  3. I'm with Coop ... the chicken is too darn cute!! He looks adorable in all three though! :o)

  4. oh my god!!! He's a winner in any of them! what a freaking cutie!!

  5. Of course he's rockin' all of them, but the Lion is my person fav!! We don't have trick or treaters in my neighborhood--which is lame. Good luck car shopping!!

  6. He is adorable in all of them but I am partial to the lion. Have a blast on Halloween and good luck car shopping.

  7. He's so cute! I like the chicken best, but they're all adorable!

  8. OMG they are so so cute! I love the chicken!!!

  9. I love them all!!! the chicken and the monkey are my fav!

  10. the monkey is the absolute cutest one especially with the banana sticking out!

  11. OMG- they are all so cute! I think the tray is the only way to handle it- but I do suspect some kids will be helping themselves and clearing it out fast! :) Maybe stay home for an hour and walk around for an hour?
    We are hosting a trunk this year at church. We're going as ranchers/hicks/wackytacky hillbillies. Lol. But we're bringing the pups and they are gonna be sheriff n prisoner, lol!
    Coop is so pretty if he had long hair, he could pass for a girl. I mean this in a great way!

  12. Yea, I think the chicken is my favorite too! Seriously though, they are all so freaking cute! Hopen you have a fabulous Halloween.

  13. I seriously just screamed out loud at work just now over these adorable pics! lol OMG!!! I love them all!

  14. Cooper's costumer choices are the best :) The duck is hilarious and his scary lion face made me laugh out loud. He will be cute no matter what he goes as. :)

  15. All of those are so precious!!!! He is such a cutie!

  16. I love them all! My little man was a Lion last year. I adore Monkeys, but then that chicken is too adorable. I must try to find some sales now so I can have some choices too.


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