Stilettos and Diapers: Don't wanna be all by myself.


Don't wanna be all by myself.

Coop and I have been all alone this week while hubs has been on a business trip to Chicago.

I couldn't tell you people of the Internet because I was sure some creeper was going to get me in my sleep.

This was the first time we've stayed alone here in the new house. One things for sure, being alone in a 3rd floor apartment is way less scary than a house with 3 floors and lots of windows. I checked the closets, showers and locks more times than I can count. Thank God hubs travel is way less than it was in California, or else, I would have to get a room mate. Seriously.

I freaked out when we we're in Target and Cooper kept announcing that daddy was in Chicago. I watched in the rear view mirror the whole way home to make sure no one was following me. Paranoid, much? Poor Coop asked no less than 504 times if we could go to Chicago, too. I guess that will be a trip in the making!

In other news, my Internet won't work. We have the little broadband cricket jobber and for some reason today, it quit working. I may blog online, but that's about all I know how to do. Fixing will have to wait for the hubs. I'm just using our new iPad right now, which is awesome, but I haven't figured out how to upload pics yet. See, I have no clue about these things.

This afternoon, we're going to pick hubs up and head home to a Friday night of wine and Chinese takeout. I'm so excited!

Happy weekend, y'all! I'm hoping I can give you some post that are a bit more exciting next week!


  1. My Hubby (I can call him that now:) was traveling the last few days as well. I couldn't sleep at all. I kept waking up thinking I heard a noise. Thank God he comes home today or my beauty sleep would definitely suffer!!

    Happy Weekend

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  3. That sounds like the perfect night!!! And I do the SAME thing when hubs is away! I can't mention it on facebook OR on here... because you know... everyone has been waiting for the random day I'll see he is away! lol Have a great night!

  4. I am so glad someone else checks showers when they're home alone! My sister told me I'm nuts, but if I'm the only one in the house, I cannot walk into a bathroom where the shower curtain is closed. Anything and anyone could be hiding behind there!

  5. So now would be a good time to come steal your sweater? :) JK I hate being by myself too. For some reason before we got married I was fine living by myself for a year. But now when he goes out of town, I hate it.

  6. I am the same way when my hubby goes out of town! Im such a baby!

  7. You and Coop shoulda joined him in Chicago! Trevor would have showed you around. ;)

    I hate being alone..even if its for a few hours. Im thankful my Hubby doesnt travel. Id go nuts!!

    Hope you enjoyed your date night in. It sounded perfect.

  8. I cannot stand it when John goes out of town. I make Addison and Trixie(our dog) sleep with me. Poor Claire is on her own since she will not go to bed in our bed.

  9. Cute post! I know how you feel! I hate when I stay by myself at night...and I don't even have kids yet! I check the locks a thousand times!

  10. I am crazy paranoid about that stuff too! When Ben has to go out of town I turn on every single light in the house and it takes me at least 3 hours to fall asleep!


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