Stilettos and Diapers: Chocolate Dipped Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats


Chocolate Dipped Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

Last week, Michelle over at A Little Tipsy made the most adorable fall treat.
I decided I had to make them with Cooper!
{Won't take off the Buzz Lightyear PJ's}
Melt 3 Tbsp butter, then add 1 package of marshmallows and melt completely.
stir in
8 drops of yellow food coloring and 2 drops of red food coloring
stir in
6 cups of Rice Krispies
Press into round cake pan
{I used 2}
Cut into triangles, then round edges into the shape of candy corn
Melt 1/2 cup of white chocolate with 1/2 tsp crisco
{I used the melt chocolate option on my microwave}
Spoon onto the small end of your "candy corn"
Repeat with chocolate and spoon onto large end
Allow chocolate to harden in the refrigerator...then EAT!
Keeping baby wipes close by for post consumption.
{You know my baby wipe obsession}
Aren't they completely adorbs?

Thanks, Michelle!


  1. Cooper wins the 'completely adorbs' prize!! Such a little ham!! xoxo

  2. Oh, I kind of want to make these as well now. I love rice krispie treats!!! And I agree with April. Coop def wins for the adorable award over the treats:)

  3. So so so cute! This is sickeningly creative... I must make some! :-)

  4. I am now having a serious craving for these and may have to make them before the end of the day.

  5. coop is completely adorbs! ok i guess the treats are too ;)

  6. Im a new follower of your blog and your twitter! Its so cute! cant wait to read more.

  7. these are so cute and look so yummy and simple to make!!!
    i love the second to last picture of coop!! he has the best facial expressions ever!! :)

  8. Yum! If I had buzz light year PJs I wouldn't take them off either! :) He's so cute!

  9. holu crap that looks delicious!!!

    where is cooper's giants jersey? yay giants!!!

  10. Cooper is adorable!!! Love that little smile!! Those treats look delicious!!

  11. These look amazing! Thanks for sharing, I will be making them for my boys!



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