Stilettos and Diapers: We don't know how to drive cars into the ground.


We don't know how to drive cars into the ground.

I love, love cars. I always have and owe that to my Dad. He has a car dealership and I never know what they are going to be driving when I go see them.
I've been known to walk with him behind a running bus just to smell burning diesel fuel.
That is one of my favorite smells in the whole world. For reals.

Then comes the hubs. Who loves cars.
I think that proves I add to some kind of statistic, right?
We've had 12 cars since we've been together.

We had NO cars when I gave birth to Cooper. Like ZERO. Like went from 3 to 0 in 2 days.
My mom was in a panic. Probably because her daughter was freakin 2 weeks over due and we didn't have a way to the hospital!
Don't worry, we got a rental thats proudly displayed in all our coming home pics.

Long story short, we went to NY last week for the hubs grandma's funeral. We had just listed hubs car for sale, because well, hes had it for a year...time for a change up.

When we got there, my SIL said her BF/EX/Friend/Secret Lover's parents wanted to see the car.

Well, they saw it. They liked it. They bought it.

And we came home in a rental.

Oh and guess what? We always list our cars at once, for some reason beyond me, and someone wants to come look at my car tonight. I feel a rental coming on.


  1. That is so strange... what kinds of cars do you like? How do you keep selling them?! I would love to sell mine!

  2. haha you sound like me! I love that new car smell and when it goes away I need a new one! We've been through so many!

  3. LOL! I was never a car person. This was purely because my dad didn't know how to check his own oil, he's totally a "suit". Well, I married a handyman who bought me the nicest car I'd ever I love cars! I now have an opinion about them...I now realize it's more than getting from point A to point B.

    Am I a statistic? :)

    Mrs. O

  4. Wow 12 cars thats a lot. We have only had 3. lol. But I do love cars. I also love the smell of diesel fuel too. soo bad for you but I love it.

  5. 12 cars!!!! holy moly...but i guess if my dad had a dealership id change cars that often too. we just got our second car/truck recently and i love love love being a 2 car family. it makes life so much simpler. screw being green and eco-friendly ;) if i could afford it, id buy a hummer, and not the hybrid kind!

    speaking of weird smell-likes....i love the smell of resh cut grass. when they cut the grass around our building, ill sit out there and just inhale the sweet smell. lol. goo thing i dont have allergies

  6. Haha, we never keep cars either. Since we've been married (4 years) we have had 9 (hmm, I'm thinking that's it). We won't even count how many we've had since we met each other.

  7. haha.. good luck with your car selling/buying. Maybe B works close enough to walk to work?

  8. HA! the opposite always happens to my husband and i - we've been married 5 years and have had 7 different cars, but only because they keep breaking on us!

  9. haha....what are you going to get to replace your cars!?!? Have anything in mind yet??

  10. lol dang lady thats a lot of cars!! but how fun!! i love my jeep commander...its my baby...i can't imagine not having it! i can't wait to see what car you get next!

  11. Wow, 12 cars is a lot! We have been married 6 years, and we have only had one car. What are you guys going to get?

  12. wow i'm like the complete opposite as you two. when i buy i car i will drive it til it's dead.


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