Stilettos and Diapers: Thanks for the LOVIN!


Thanks for the LOVIN!

I missed a lot of sweet lovin while I was away, and I just wanted to give a big thanks to:
Amber at A glimpse into my thoughts who gave me the Stylish blogger award.

Sarah at Little Citizens of the World who gave me the Sunshine award.

Natalie at Blonde at Heart who gave me the Sunshine award and the Gorgeous Blogger award.

Suzanne at So Stinkin' Cute who gave me the Outstanding Blogger award.

Steph at Flip Flop Chic who gave me the Versatile Blogger award.

annnnnd, last but not least,

Sheila at I wanna talk about me who tagged me in a fun little game that I never got to play.

Y'all are so sweet! I would take the time to tag lots of you to play along if I had time, buuuuut, I don't. In-laws just left and I have some major cleaning and re-organizing to do. I also have been cooking up a storm and I think hubs now has permanent high expectations for dinner. Whoops.


  1. whoa girl....look at you and all of your awards :)

  2. Aww, big hug back to you!! SO glad you're back. I was having "stiletto and diaper" withdrawls...FOR REAL! :) ((HUGS))


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