Stilettos and Diapers: Are y'all hungry?


Are y'all hungry?

I cook and I tweet. Those are a couple recent hobbies of mine. I've literally been cooking up food for an army so if anyone wants to come to dinner, just let me know.

I thought for those of you who aren't on twitter, I would share some recent food pics off my phone with y'all.

Vanilla scented challah

Sauce and meatballs

Mojitos! Does this count? Ha!
I buy cheese in bulk
Well, this kindof deals with food!
Caramel pecan sticky buns
Last but not least, bananas foster!
I want to start a pastry shop like no ones business. I figure if I get pregnant again, I can perfect the recipes for 9 months, gain a ton of weight, then stop eating it all.
Think it will work?


  1. yum all of that looks AMAZING! I want to open a coffee shop so I'll come to you for pastries for SURE! yum yum yum!

  2. Since Hubs knows how much you cook now, I am expected to do the same. Sad day for me.

  3. DANG GIRL! Look at you. I need your expertise. Molly Crocker?

  4. That looks seriously delish... any chance you'd be willing to pass on the recipe for those sticky buns?

  5. Yummm... and yes, I'm hungry - I'm nursing after all! And yes, the mojitos count.

  6. I am so impressed with all of your cooking and baking skills....I need to take some lessons....or just come visit and taste test :)

  7. YUM! Those pics look delish!

    Oh my gosh I would LOVE to start a pastry or cupcake shop! My mom, grandmother, and I joke about that all the time! I have such a sweet tooth...and did I mention that those sticky buns look A-mazing?!?

  8. I'm with Kay. Will you share your sticky bun recipe? I AM preggo and those look deeeeeelish - yummy!

  9. YUMMMMM! I'm hungry now! :)

  10. Sounds delicious- all of it! Love the name of your blog. I stumbled upon it because of the name! You are hilarious BTW! I am a follower now! Look forward to getting to know you! Oh and I have 2 fun kid recipes on my blog today in case you are interested! XOXO Jessica


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