Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Fashion for the birthday girl and the floor.


Fashion Friday - Fashion for the birthday girl and the floor.

My sweet baby sis (who I delivered, btw, and remind her of it on a regular basis) turned 12 yesterday. I look at her and see myself. I seriously double take sometimes because the way she moves, her bubble butt, and even her fingernails look just like me.

I'm honored and terrified that she is going to be just like me when she grows up. Ha!

And to continue the similarities, she lurvvves Fashion Friday, so I asked her to be today's star.

I call this country chic.

I'm talking pedicure on my toes, toes.

Love you Shelby! Happy Birthday!

Sooo, the floors. Ya know, closing is in 1 week. 1 week! And my pretty, pretty hardwood floors are buck naked.
Or is it butt naked?

This is what mama really wants, but I'm getting vetoed like whoa.

So I might give in to one of these

Via Lowes

Watcha think?

Do I hold my ground since the wife is always right? Or pick one of the others? Note that I also picked out the other two, so I like them. Just not as much as the zebra...oh the zebra.

Happy Friday!

Do you follow my review blog? Well, cause I have sweet giveaways. Like ones from Juliethefish. And CSN is fab enough to hook me up with a great review coming up. It involves loosing the baby cribs and moving up in the world. You should come check it out. For reals.

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer.

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  1. A happy wife = a happy life :)

    Happy birthday to your baby sis!

  2. Go Zebra or Go Home!!! Your sis DOES look JUST like you! I totally thought it was you until I did a closer look!

  3. LOVE the zebra! I wanted sheets like that and got DE-nied! but then he said last week when he saw them in a magazine... oh well i guess it doesn't look bad all put together! It'll grow on him when everything is put together!

  4. Happy birthday you your baby sister! I like all three of those rugs... maybe you should just buy your fav and hope he doesn't notice?? =0)

  5. you delivered you baby sis?! what a special bond you two must have :) so sweet.

    sometimes boys can't visualize what it will look buy the zebra and let him see...he may change his mind ;) if already bought it ;)

  6. second one. maybe ebcause im not so big on animal prints. maybe you could buy both and then find a room to make into a girls room and use the zebra one in there.

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  7. i vote zebra ALLL the way!!! what?!? love it! and i am not saying blog friends trump husband...buuuuuttt...haha! j/k!

    and happy birthday to your sister! i love having super young sibs! you actually get to watch them grow and experience and then complain to them that they better enjoy the youth while it lasts!

  8. Your sis is adorable! And I love the zebra!!! :)

  9. She is adorable!!! Happy Birthday to her! I just had to tell you that I purchased the Piggy Toe Paint for Brynlee this week and cannot wait to paint her little Piggy's!! Thanks for sharing your find!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Shelby! She does look alot like you! And I like the zebra, but out of the other two I like the darker brown. Let us know which one you pick. :)

  11. I love both of the non-zebra rugs. Either would be gorgeous. Wow, only one week left. Craziness. Are you so excited about getting out of hotel-life?

  12. your sis is a doll, happy birthday to her! :)

    i wanted to do a zebra rug in our black and white office...not gonna happen for me either! boo!

    i really like both of the other rugs you picked out as well! do you have a theme in the room, acents already picked out?! the rugs are all so different!

  13. The very first one, probably... i like that one.

  14. Love, love, love the zebra but I'm sure my hubby would veto it too!

  15. i love love love the last rug!!! gorgeous colors!

  16. Definitely the zebra. I totally wanted it but Jarrod vetoed it too and I regret it now... and it would look FABULOUS with red pillows on your couch.

  17. I vote for the last one, sorry :) But I am really only an animal print person when it comes to clothes and clothing accessories, not household furnishings and accessories.

  18. I L.O.V.E the first rug, I mean seriously! Tell the hubbs TOO BAD :) I typically just buy it and come home with it, then the hubbs just says 'OK.' HA HA!

    Thanks for the photo tag, and sorry I'm such a crappy bloggy friend. I will be better, promise! Especially since we share the same name :)



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