Stilettos and Diapers: 2 years. Really?


2 years. Really?

April 26, 2008

6:00AM - I was pretty sure I had peed the bed. Upon waking up the rest of the way and feeling intense tightening in my gut, I realized my water broke and I was in labor! I was 2 weeks late and had scheduled a c-section for 4 days later, so I was ready!

The contractions came pretty immediately after my water broke and they were every 3-4 minutes. I wanted to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital, so my mom, sis, hubs and I went for a walk. We walked about 2 miles, stopping every so often for the stronger contractions. We came home. We ate lunch. I took a shower and put my face on. At one point I looked at my Mom and said,

This is freakin sweet!

I was so excited for the labor. I'm a certified labor assistant and nurse and I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to go all natural. Labor at home for a while. Jam to the songs on my iPod. Wear my little black dress.

5:00 PM - Contractions were about every 2 minutes. I felt like I was making huge progress. I felt empowered. I am woman hear me roar. I breathed through each contraction, and smiled after, knowing each one was bringing me closer to my baby.

7:00 PM - Contractions were getting pretty intense. When I started feeling lots of pressure, I got scared that we waited to long, and to the hospital we went.

Getting picture ready
When we got there, they checked me. I was so ready to hear "you're ready to push", cause I sure felt ready. The sweet nurse looked up at me and said well, you're about 1 cm.


I was in complete shock. What in the world had my body been doing for the past 14 hours?
The nurse told me, "just try and sleep, this is going to take awhile". Really?
Thanks Nurse Obvious.
And how am I supposed to sleep with these massive interruptions called contractions?!

I showered. (Then put my face back on and straightened my hair.) I tried to sleep, with no luck. I walked. I had contractions every 2 minutes.

12:00 AM Checked again.
2 cm.

Cooper wasn't born on April, 26. Stay tuned.


  1. I know how you felt! I was in labor 20 hours and was only dilated 1 cm. I ended up having a C-Section.

  2. Hahaha - this is hysterical! When I got to the hospital after the water broke with my twins, I was convinced that I was like 6cm, but was only 3! Where was all that pain coming from?! Crazy!
    Can't wait to hear part 2 ;)

  3. Oh dear. This is why I have scheduled pitocin drips.

  4. oh man!! you have me intrigued!!!

  5. ughhh. i hate labor! I think the nurses felt sorry for me and gave me two doses of Stadol, so it knocked me out till I could get an epidural! praise the lord b/c I am pretty sure I would have killed myself or someone else if they hadn't.

  6. you took a walk and still had time for lunch during contractions...more power to you :)

  7. Cliff hanger! sucked me in...

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, MR. COOPER! You are one cute kid!

  8. hahaha what a suspenseful post!

  9. Wow, Molly! Thanks for leaving us all in suspense. Haha. I'm anxious to hear the rest of the story!

  10. I can't even imagine!!!
    Can't wait to hear the rest.

  11. This story is taking me

  12. OH I love labor stories!! Can't wait for the rest!

  13. he wasn't born today. oh man...please tell me it wasn't two or three days later. eek!

  14. LOL, long labor I presume? I'm eager to read part 2.

  15. I'm on the edge of my seat, lady! :) Can't wait to hear the rest. Kaylee was April 29, 2008, so they are so close in age!

  16. You put on makeup to get picture ready? Ha!

    I can't wait to hear the rest.


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