Stilettos and Diapers: When I grow up, I wanna have boobies


When I grow up, I wanna have boobies

Bubbies. Boobs. Chesticles.
We all have um.
Some more than others.
I used to be in that more category.

When I was preggo,
I put Pamela Anderson to freakin shame.
Then came P90X.
And there went my bubbies.

I could probably just solve this whole problem
By stopping my workouts and doing some serious pigging out.
But nooo,
I just befriended Jillian Michaels,
And her and Tony make a really painful pair of trainers.

I'm 2 1/2 weeks in, down 7 lbs,
And I swear its 3.5 out of each kahuna.
Probably doesn't help either that I just kicked the old daily pill habit. Eeeek!
Every day, I sing Dave Matthew's "Where are you going?" to whats left of them.
Then I dream about being on Dr. 90210.

If any surgeons wanted to gift me some cc's,
I'll write a post about you.
Alexis can be the queen of really long 700's. Too much of a good thing is NOT always wonderful.
Oh, and you have to be super duper amazing, err, Dr. Rey.
And it will be totally worth it, because here on my blog, I'm my own superstar.

In other news: Anyone else sad that the Pussycat Dolls are no more?
I know the words in title aren't the REAL lyrics to that song, but I always sing whatever I like. And I like these a lot.


  1. boobies!! i thought i would always want some boobies but after the pregnancy it got big! so now i dont want any im happy with my boobies :)

  2. I wish I could lose some of mine.

  3. i totally just put that PCD song on my ipod & i always sing the "boobies" line, too.. it's more fun that way.


  4. Hahaha when that song first came out that's what my hubby thought they were actually saying! :)

  5. Mine were HUGE while I was pregnant. I kept having to buy new bras, every time I would buy one, 2-3 weeks later I'd outgrow it!

  6. I was in the big category too! Now they are just long tube socks. At least they aren't pointing to the ground... yet.

  7. 7 lbs!!!!! get it girl! that's awesome! I did the shred Tuesday and I'm still sore! :-(

  8. 7 pounds in 2 weeks?!? That is amazing....although you do not need to lose anything!!
    Your poor bubbies....I vote that you get new ones :)
    and more pills!?!?!? exciting!

  9. There has to be a doc out there who wants to just hook you up!! :) Way to go! I switch it up between p90x and Jill too! Hooray for you lady love!!!

  10. I love working out but my boobs sure don't! It's almost like the up and down motion of my work out is evaporating my boobs :)

  11. Lol. Um, I wish I could lose a little of my boobage. My mom told me that it will be a little while longer since I just stopped breastfeeding last month ... but seriously. I've had boobs since I was 9. Maybe Dr. Rey could reduce them for me?

  12. I got my breast Aug at 21 and i wish i waited. Having children RUINS any boobs, real or fake. I need to get them done again, sooner than expected. I went 450 480 and they were HUGE. I am 57 so yeah make sure you know what you are getting into and also make sure your done having kids when you get them. Congrats on the 7 lbs! Like you needed to loose ANYTHING :)

  13. I sing the song that way too! lol, I love it.

    This post sums up my life. Miss em, want em, need em.

  14. i was in your area today!! I went to pentagon & got some amazing stuff!! how are you guys settling in??

  15. I have the perfect solution...just get preggers again!!!!

  16. nooooo don't do it. fake boobies are SO overrated.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. OMG that was the funniest blog post i have ever read...i am thinking of getting them too after 3 my BIL is an amazing plastic surgeon...still don't know if i want to take the plunge yet though.

  19. My present to myself after losing all my weight(60 lbs, yikes!) is new boobs!!! Not bigger, just up to my chin perky! Do what makes you feel good!

    Congrats on the 7 lbs! I am down 8!! Scared to try P90X....

    And...does no pills mean you guys are trying for a bebe?!?

  20. I want boobies too. And a tummy tuck.

    And then I SWEAR I'll be happy then. =)

    I was always a C before kids, and quadzillion F during and right after pregnancy, and now?

    Now I'm a minus A.

    It's just not fair.

  21. Are you done having kids? Then get them... best thing evah!

    And when you do,

    do not,

    I repeat...

    do not

    go to Dr. Rey!

  22. BUBBIES! I developed early, so they came early..and BIG. But then I had my first son early and since then, now 4 children later, they are almost non-existent. Whoever said breastfeeding would keep them LIED!!! (prolly a man lol)


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