Stilettos and Diapers: The road trip in pictures.


The road trip in pictures.

Get ready for it...the amount of pictures in this post is disgusting.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Day 1 - The stripping begins
Hubs irritated already
Somehow I missed the Arizona sign.
Day 2 - Grand Canyon!
They warned us it was ZERO visibility when we went in, but we went anyway.
The white behind the boys is not a wall, but glass and tons of snow!
Then for about 5 minutes, it cleared so we could see this!
The snow was just like Dippin Dots. Promise. It pelted you in the face, and you could hold 1 snowflake for a bit without it melting.
Then on to New Mexico
Coop slept a lot. {Thank GOD}
Pretty sure this was New Mexico, too.
We got on Route 66 for a second when we saw the signs. Then I was bummed that it basically went the entire length of I-40. Pssh. Everyones been there.
Next up: TEXAS
It was snowing like a banchie there!
Who doesn't like a little road soda?
I made the hubs get off the Checotah exit.
It took us about 2.5 minutes to see the entire town.Arkansas
Was expecting to see Bill Clinton, but no such luck.
Downtown Fort Smith was adorable, though.
Tennessee was my favorite!
Probably because I had my first bloggy meet-up with Rachel!
This happens to be on my 101 in 1001 list, so I am so happy to cross it off! Not to mention, happy that is was with such a sweet chica!
Forgive the "I've been in the car for 14 hours" hair.
We stayed at the Opryland Hotel.
And it was incredible.
Finally into Virginia!
I wish we had more time to stop and sight see, but we still had an awesome time.
Now we are living at the hotel, motel, Residence Inn.
Kindof awesome, and kindof NOT.

More on that another time...


  1. That long trip wasn't so painful just looking at the pictures... too bad you couldn't have gotten it done that way, huh? It's weird to think of you on the opposite side of the country now! blog more, I miss you! hehe

  2. oh my gosh i couldn't imagine driving that length with my kids in the car! but the pics are adorable!! i hope you're having fun on the east coast! :)

  3. Such a long, but BEAUTIFUL trip! Hope all goes well while you're settling in!

  4. I'm glad you are somewhat settled on this side of the country!!

  5. The pictures are beautiful. Hope everything is going good.

  6. You were in my neck of the woods! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Opryland!

  7. Obsessive picture taking is definitely the best way to cope with giant car rides.

    And the Opryland looks amazing. I make have to make someone take a trip with me just so I can go stay there.

  8. Looks like a fun trip! I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to take a road trip through the US. :)

  9. You guys got to see so many cool places!! I love Opryland...and Nashville :)....not that you could really party it up with little Coop...but cool that you got to go anyway!!

  10. Looks like a fun road trip!!! What part of Texas did you go through? The panhandle? Hope you get all settled in soon...

  11. How fun!!!!!! I cant believe that one pic is snow not a white wall---crazy!!!

  12. The first pic of Coop in his pjs ... we have that exact pair. We call them the "Freddy Krueger pjs" and he wears them on days he's been a bit of a nightmare :)

  13. Coop is so cute. So so stinkin' cute.

  14. looks like the road trip has been eventful! how fun!! awesome you got to have a bloggy meetup!!
    coop looks so cute! :)
    hope hotel living is going well!
    have a great week hun!

  15. great pictures! I've never seen the Grand Canyon with all that snow... beautiful.

    I'm also about to take a big cross-country road trip - they are so much fun! :)

  16. Well I have to made road trippin look fun!! But I am glad we don't have to do that any time soon. Addie would NOT have been as good as Coop :-) Oh...and the road soda thing made me laugh out loud. Not sure if your road sodas are actually soda...because I know ours aren't. Ahh...the days before kiddies :-) HA!

  17. I can't believe that road trip! I could never! looks like a lot of fun family bonding though!

  18. ooh a bloggy meetup and hey i recognize that girl ;) how fun!!!

    all that driving would make me go insane. you seem to do it with a smile. right on chica!

  19. Awww, what a fun trip!! How sad is it that I recognize most of those pictures. ;) Glad you guys are safe & sound! And glad the Southern States were your favorite!! Not that I'm bias or anything.. ;) <3

  20. ARGH, i'm so sad!! You went through Arkansas without meeting up with ME! haha. I'm glad yall had a good trip. Looks LONG. But all of you still have beautiful smiles on your faces :)

  21. You got to see so much on your road trip! That had to be exciting!


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