Stilettos and Diapers: My busy little brain


My busy little brain

Want to peek into my crazy mind? Careful, it's dangerously confusing in here.

First, I'm trying to decide what to do for Cooper's 2nd birthday. I can't believe it is a month away! How do you have a birthday party in a hotel room? My family is coming, so I was thinking of having the party at a park. Or should I do Chuck-E-Cheese? I had like 5 parties there when I was little, so I think I want this one just for meeee!

Then, what present do we get him? I wanted to get a swing set, but we have nowhere to put it. Yet. Which leads to...

We put an offer on another house on Saturday. I hardly feel excited about it (although I LOVE the house), because of this whole short sale process. 90% of the stuff here is short sale, and it is so difficult to get anything.

We are debating if we should keep looking at other stuff while we wait for the answer. I am doing most of the searching just me and Coop, then bringing the hubs to the good stuff. It is so difficult to drag Coop from house to house, missing his naps. So, I'm kindof taking a break for those reasons, or because,

Jillian ruined my calf's. Not sure if I didn't stretch enough or what, but I'm limping like I'm 80. And I can't workout. So then,

How am I going to wear my bathing suit this summer? I'm trying hard, but feel so far away from my goal! I'm in a rut. I think changing up my look might help me a bit.

I'm going to cut my hair. I have donated it twice to Locks of Love, and I really want to do that again, I'm just not sure I am ready to go that short. Or maybe I should just forget the cut for now and go lighter.
Or gray.
If I quit dying it, I could totally rock the George Clooney look. Salt and pepper is a sexy look for a 25 year old mom, right?

Ohh, speaking of sexy celebritys. Nicole Scherzinger, Aiden Turner, Erin Andrews, and Jake Pavelka in one place? Ummm, yes, please. I've never been a Dancing with the Stars watcher, but I may become one tonight!

Pretty certain I have the shortest attention span ever.


  1. well, cant say you didnt warn us ;)

    for coops birthday a park sounds fun, but so does chuck e cheese. i would go with chuck e cheese. more stuff to do. less planning and taking care of minute details.

    jillian is a monster. she hurt my shins once and since then i havent worked out with her. but im sure you'll be fine once swimsuit season rolls around.

  2. Good luck on the house!!! Little kids birthday parties are always so much fun! I cannot wait for Dancing with the Stars tonight!!!

  3. I'm doing a "hair renovation" this weekend myself! I think you should keep it long and get some highlights!!! Have fun with it!

    (oh, and I would totally be rockin the salt and pepper if I didn't color mine too...sheesh...)

  4. Seriously, this Dancing With The Stars looks amazing this season. I've never watched either, but they seemed to have gotten all the good stars wrapped up in this one season. I may become addicted

  5. I would do a park because it's free and I am cheap. Plus I am terrified of Chuck E Cheese germies.

    I would just cut a couple inches off your hair and get a few highlights.. I am in a rut with weightloss too, I am trying to change up my eating habits. :(

    Also, tonight's gonna be a good night.. b/c of DWTS and Gossip Girl!!! Best shows ever!

  6. I have a mumbo jumbo of thoughts too girl, right there with you.

    You would look AHHHH mazing with any kind of hair, because you are just that hot.

    As for birthday parties, we always do a park too. We're also cheap. lol

  7. Good luck with the house hunting! You are super Mom for dragging your little one along with you from house to house!

  8. Jillian is a monster but I love her to pieces!!!

  9. My mind is just like yours. Let me know if you want me to put together a photo birthday invitation for Cooper. I'd love to!
    Also, good luck with the house hunting, I did it with 3 kids and it was a pain. It will pay off, hopefully sooner than later.

  10. 1) I think Coop would be thrilled with either party location!

    2) I would just get him a few little busy toys for now & get him his main gift once you're settled.

    3) Jillian Michaels has ruined my calves, butt, thighs, back... etc. MULTIPLE TIMES. I don't think it has anything to do with stretching... she just enjoys that we're in pain.

    4) Good luck with the house! Keeping my fingers crossed for y'all!


  11. Babes About Town recommended your blog on Pursuit of Mommyness connectMonday. Cute blog!

  12. Good luck finding the perfect house. We are house hunting too and it can be very frustrating!!

  13. Oh dear, good luck with the house stuff! And I think you would look awesome with a cute short bob!

  14. Do you have a Bonkers? Or any of the party places now that have all the climbing stuff? I have heard those are more fun than ChuckECheese. But I am not a ChuckE fan.
    As for your hair, I agree a short bob would be super cute but then you wouldn't have been able to braid it for your pic. Which was way cute. You really should just go into modeling.
    Leave the greys to us older folk.

  15. My mind is a mess of thoughts too. Hoping this house comes through for you!

  16. whoa! your brain is as crazy as mine! well on a normal day. today was not so normal.

    have fun watching DWTS! and good luck house hunting/shopping/buying.

  17. You are so cute! Love your little random thoughts. Kaylee's 2nd b-day is next month, too, and I'm trying to decide what to do. Last year was a big party at a park with tons of extended family. I think it was really overwhelming for her. The one idea I keep going back to is to have a few of her little friends over for a birthday playdate, and then all us mamas can just chill and talk. I figure we can do the sandbox, playdough, coloring - whatever the kids do or don't want to do, and we can let them help us make pizzas. And I was thinking in lieu of gifts (which were so overwhelming at the last b-day and at Christmas)I'd pick a non-profit or two, and say that if people felt really strongly about getting a gift, they could make a donation in Kaylee's name to one of the organizations. I think that's the direction I'm heading...

  18. whoa girl...your poor little brain is all over the place. it will all be so much better when you have a HOME! I so hope that it is soon for you!!


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