Stilettos and Diapers: A little life update.


A little life update.

Wanna know whats REALLY been going on around here?

Thursday, I was stalking people's Facebook pictures totally minding my own business, when all of a sudden, these "Security Tool" pop-ups started flying everywhere. I clicked all the red boxes, but apparently, they misunderstood what the red box is supposed to do and invaded my computer. I didn't even know what to do for 3 days without it. I found myself looking out the hotel window at the freeway, and thought about calling the news to update the traffic. BORED.
Finally, the hubs talked to our good friend, Lanceman, and he told him how to revive it. Whohoo!! Now I owe him big time. Thanks, Lance!

I am loving clean towels everyday. The smell all fresh, are never wet from the day before, and I don't have to do it myself. Oh, and not to mention clean sheets and a made bed. Perfection.

The man working at the hotel desk asked me if Cooper was my brother. Granted, I wasn't wearing any makeup and had a ponytail, but really?

Cooper now has a favorite movie, Open Season. He would watch it all day if I let him, but I love how he has favorite parts and laughs at the same ones. It just cracks me up. He is saying little sentences now, and FINALLY saying please and thank you. Yessssss.

We went clothes shopping for the hubs, because he "forgot" all his suits and dress shoes. (Umm, HOW does that happen?) I did discover that I LOVE shopping for men's suits. Then you have the ties, and socks, and shirts, ahhhh! I was piling tons of stuff up to make the hubs try it on, and he even got some things he cringed at when I first picked it up. Now I want to be a men's stylist.

We started P90X again.
{I hate it, but I LOVE it.}

That road trip with eating out every meal did me in. Then I got tired of having to put my pants on with vaseline. We are in a competition with 3 other people with the winner getting cash monaay. At the end of the 90 days, part of determining the winner is by your votes. I will put headless before and after shots up, and y'all are going to vote for the most improved. Fun, right?

We are going to look at a house for the third time tonight. Eek!! Getting a bit nervous about signing my life away, but know its totally going to be worth it!

Lastly, my grays are out of control. Not sure if I'm getting lots more because of good 'ole stress, or if it's just my awesome hair color genes. Either way, I'm thinking of going lighter. I think that would hide them a bit better. Not totally blonde, just a lighter brown. Thoughts?


  1. Aw Girl I Love looking at houses Idk why but I do. That was so sweet of the hotel guy to ask if Cooper was your brother lol..

  2. i love clean towels too. i think clean towels and ready made beds are the only reason i would ever want to live in a hotel.

    hey facebook did that to me once too, but i managed to get out of it and not crash. at least you're back up and running.

  3. I'm a new follower & I love your blog!! I'm glad he got the computer fixed - I wouldn't know what to do!

  4. have cleaning sheets everyday sounds A-MAZING!!!

  5. crazy life woman, and yet, you have such a great attitude about it all! =)

    You go girl with the P90X, I'm so voting for you!

  6. I'm sure you will find the perfect house!!!

    I think you would look adorable with lighter hair! I, myself, have to go lighter because of premature grays lurking around my hairline..BOO! :(

  7. So excited to vote on the winner! Plus love the p90x before and after pictures. Keep showing them to Hubby so he will give in and get it!!!

  8. Super jealous of your clean towels and sheets. I really like your hair dark! I'm sure a lighter brown would look awesome too! Good luck on the house hunt!

  9. I'm glad your computer was fixed! I would be so bored in a hotel with no computer. And Cooper laughing at all the same parts? So adoarble. :) Hope you find a house soon. I'm sure you are ready to get out of that hotel! And I think you would look great with a lighter brown.

  10. and Coop, bro and sis :)....thast cute.
    I cant picture you with lighter hair...but I bet it would be super cute...and would def hide the grays!!

  11. I so need to get in on this P90x competition. I mean, for 3 kids I am pretty hot... hehe :-) but I could definitely use some motivation for summer!

  12. how exciting about the house!!
    i feel like i need to jump on the p90x bandwagon!!
    i think your hair would look fabulous in any color! i agree the light brown would hide grey's more.
    coop is too cute! my nephew is the same way about being obsessive with movies...his favorite is tars (cars), he watches it at least once a day.
    hope you are having a great day hun!
    glad your comp is working again!

  13. Definitely go with a lighter brown and congrats on Cooper being such a little gentleman :)

  14. Oh I love hotels, having someone clean up after me each day! :)

    You could just go lighter a little bit at a time, that's what I did awhile back when I went from dark brown to blonde, and that way I was able to say "stop" when I felt like I was blonde enough for me!

  15. I've been asked if I was Evan's babysitter. I wanted to cry. LOL

  16. My friend is doing PX90 and she says it's torture. I'm taking her word for it! :)

  17. Great to hear from you!
    I have the gray problem too! Lighter might work, like a light brown, go for it!


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