Stilettos and Diapers: I'm so not convinced that soap is ACTUALLY clean.


I'm so not convinced that soap is ACTUALLY clean.

I used lots of hotel soap while we were on our road trip. I am totally a loofa and body wash kindof gal, but I forgot to pack it. I was too busy packing the really important things.

{Ya know, leggings, booties, accessories.}

But, all that soap use solidified what I already suspected.

Soap is straight up nasty.

When I have to use it, I put it on a washcloth. One particular hotel, in a must be nasty state, (ahem, Arizona) didn't have washcloths. Weird, no?

That leaves only one option.

To rub it directly on your stank body.

In your toe jam.

Right on your kibbles and bits.

This just makes me want to hurl.

Then the poor people after you are "cleaning" with all your filth. It's just sitting right there on top of this bar that you think is clean. Ewww.

Sorry if you are a direct soap rubber, but be a dear and get your guest some body wash.

Mmkay? Thanks.


  1. OMG. I just got a visual with skanky soap. I even hate hotel wash cloths.. they are kinda disgusting as well. P.S. I think reading your blog is even MORE fun now I can hear your voice with it.

  2. Kibbles & Bits - hysterical! What kind of hotel doesn't provide washcloths?!

  3. Oh girl I would have went went out and bought a loofa and Body wash I can't use hotel soap eww...

  4. The thought of that grosses me out.

  5. I totally agree. i will not use soap. You re use the same bar till its gone and it carry's all the nasty dead skin cells and germs that you have on your body form one wash to the next. I am strictly a body wash and loofa person. atleast that way i know its not got nasty on it.

  6. Haha. It is gross. I agree. But the way you worded it...kibbles and bits, made it sound that much grosser. Ewww.

  7. haha! TOTALLY agree... After 6 years of marriage I have finally gotten Jarrod to use a loofa and body wash. Yeah! I wouldn't even use the soap after my own hubby!

  8. amen! my hubs is totally a bar guy and i just can't do it! it's so nasty!!! especially when i take a shower right after thanks!

  9. I agree!! Soap is so's clean, but you reuse it? IDK...I just don't get it.

  10. haha! I have thought that SO many times. I love my husband but I DO NOT want to rub the soap on me that he just rubbed all over him. How can you possibly get clean??

    you crack me up.

  11. *laughing sigh* Kibbles &'re hilarious!!! I agree tho, bodywash all the way!!!

  12. ha! you just made me never want to use soap again!
    thankfully, i'm a body wash kinda girl as well ;)

  13. Kibbles and bits? My new favorite saying! I must agree, shower gels are a much better option than bar soap!

  14. I love staying at The W Hotels. They carry the Bliss line of soap in their rooms. Works for me!

  15. I am dying right now. If I ever use "kibbles and bits" I will totally credit you ;)



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