Stilettos and Diapers: March 2010


2nd Birthday photo shoot

In 3 1/2 weeks, my little man will be 2. (sniff, sniff)

I'm trying to get some good shots because the lovely Kelly (3 kids, a mini-van, and a lot of love) is designing his "I'm 2" cards to send out to the family.
She makes precious stuff. Go check out her Etsy site! Of course I'll show you all the finished product, and she even has offered a little something special for all of you.
Keep your eye out for it!

Now here are some of my favs from today that I'm deciding on.

I can't believe how fast hes growing...


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Houses: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I know I'm harping on the house thing these days, but it happens to be my life.

I think we've seen about 60 so far, so I've learned a thing or two about what I like and what I don't. I've also gotten some ideas of things I would like to have in a house, like this backsplash.

Isn't it fab?

Or this nifty little thing.

It was child height in a basement, and one side was chalkboard and the other magnet board.

Then there are things that make me cringe a little.
{Or cry, depending on how many houses we've been to that day.}

Like so much crap that I can't tell top from bottom.

Or kids rooms with paint on EVERY. SINGLE. INCH.

Or CD's on the bathroom ceiling.

This was completely and totally for reals. The entire bathroom was bright red, with these CD's on the ceiling.
(Although, it did complement the purple carpet in the living room.)

We haven't gotten anything yet, so the search goes on!

{Please pray for my sanity. Or for my men. Or the sweet ladies washing the hotel wine glasses.}


Fashion Friday - I have nothing to wear

I have no clothes. Seriously. I'm not pulling one of those "I have nothing to wear" (but in reality have a closet full) kindof thing. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I packed, because I've literally worn everything I brought a gazillion times. On top of that, I brought all these cold weather clothes, and its getting warm.
(Well, not today, its cold and raining)

I decided I am going to have to buy some things, since our stuff getting here is nowhere in sight.
I settled on some dresses, because they're easy. And they can hang in the closet instead of being crumpled like everything else in my suitcase. And they're cuuuute!

Since home buying is in our near future, I don't want to spend alot.
(Who am I kidding? I never want to spend alot! )
Here are some of my fav finds that are all under $30. I'm off to buy some now!

Old Navy Origami-Pleat Shift Dress

Old Navy Ruffled Linen-Blend Dress

Liberty of London for Target Ruffle Halter Dress

Forever 21 Drawstring Bubble Dress

Happy Friday Lovlies!

This sortof Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer!

Le Musings of Moi

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Doesn't church nursery make everyone cry?

At our old church in California, they had this nice parent room. It was pretty much like a little church inside the huge one. They had the service on a huge screen, lots of toys and coffee. I sat in there with Coop every week, and actually haven't been in the church since he was born, nearly 2 years ago.

We've tried a couple different ones here in Virginia, and for the most part, they are much smaller than our old church. Of course they didn't have the little overprotective mommy haven that I'm used to.

Sunday, we went to one that was recommended to us, and decided to let Cooper go in the nursery. He has NEVER been in a nursery on of any kind, and the only people he has ever been left with is our family.

We got to his room, and everyone was crying. These poor kids had snot dripping down their faces, crumbled cookies falling out of their mouths, and tears freely flowing. Coop was petrified and clung to me for his very life.

I decided to go in with him, and he eventually started playing with the toys. I stepped out, and 2 seconds later, I heard his heart wrenching cry. The workers convinced me he would be fine, and I should just wait a few minutes.

I stood in the hallway crying.

Not even the pretty little "I love my child so much" cry. No, it was full on "ugly face" cry.
I couldn't help myself. My heart was breaking for my scared little man.

He finally calmed down and we went into the service.
(And at this point we were 30 min late)

We were probably in there 10 minutes when my nursery pager went off.
I have to admit, I was kindof happy.
I missed him.
I was worried.
I didn't want him to feel fear.

He practically lunged into my arms when he saw me, and all I wanted to do it squeeze him, and tell him I would never ever leave him again.
(Even when he's 16 and trying to go by himself to prom)


My busy little brain

Want to peek into my crazy mind? Careful, it's dangerously confusing in here.

First, I'm trying to decide what to do for Cooper's 2nd birthday. I can't believe it is a month away! How do you have a birthday party in a hotel room? My family is coming, so I was thinking of having the party at a park. Or should I do Chuck-E-Cheese? I had like 5 parties there when I was little, so I think I want this one just for meeee!

Then, what present do we get him? I wanted to get a swing set, but we have nowhere to put it. Yet. Which leads to...

We put an offer on another house on Saturday. I hardly feel excited about it (although I LOVE the house), because of this whole short sale process. 90% of the stuff here is short sale, and it is so difficult to get anything.

We are debating if we should keep looking at other stuff while we wait for the answer. I am doing most of the searching just me and Coop, then bringing the hubs to the good stuff. It is so difficult to drag Coop from house to house, missing his naps. So, I'm kindof taking a break for those reasons, or because,

Jillian ruined my calf's. Not sure if I didn't stretch enough or what, but I'm limping like I'm 80. And I can't workout. So then,

How am I going to wear my bathing suit this summer? I'm trying hard, but feel so far away from my goal! I'm in a rut. I think changing up my look might help me a bit.

I'm going to cut my hair. I have donated it twice to Locks of Love, and I really want to do that again, I'm just not sure I am ready to go that short. Or maybe I should just forget the cut for now and go lighter.
Or gray.
If I quit dying it, I could totally rock the George Clooney look. Salt and pepper is a sexy look for a 25 year old mom, right?

Ohh, speaking of sexy celebritys. Nicole Scherzinger, Aiden Turner, Erin Andrews, and Jake Pavelka in one place? Ummm, yes, please. I've never been a Dancing with the Stars watcher, but I may become one tonight!

Pretty certain I have the shortest attention span ever.


Fashion Friday - A little bit country

{And a little bit rock n roll}

{I feel like Giuliana on E! news with the pocket dress}

{See all that hair? It's soon to be short and light...I think}


{Details up close and in person}



Outfit Deets

Navy Plaid Dress - F21 $8. Booyah!
Boots - Macy's $17. Can I use booyah again?
Did you notice I have the cuff up in some pics and down in some? I think I like the cuff. What do you think?
Gold Stack Rings - Christmas gift from my sis.
Necklace - Payless $1.

El Cheapo, anyone? Hehe.

Its finally warm and sunny here and I'm totally loving it!
This weekend is going to consist of lots of house hunting, and a hike to see some nearby waterfalls. I am getting so antsy for a house, so I'm hoping for great things.

Happy Friday!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer!
Le Musings of Moi


When I grow up, I wanna have boobies

Bubbies. Boobs. Chesticles.
We all have um.
Some more than others.
I used to be in that more category.

When I was preggo,
I put Pamela Anderson to freakin shame.
Then came P90X.
And there went my bubbies.

I could probably just solve this whole problem
By stopping my workouts and doing some serious pigging out.
But nooo,
I just befriended Jillian Michaels,
And her and Tony make a really painful pair of trainers.

I'm 2 1/2 weeks in, down 7 lbs,
And I swear its 3.5 out of each kahuna.
Probably doesn't help either that I just kicked the old daily pill habit. Eeeek!
Every day, I sing Dave Matthew's "Where are you going?" to whats left of them.
Then I dream about being on Dr. 90210.

If any surgeons wanted to gift me some cc's,
I'll write a post about you.
Alexis can be the queen of really long 700's. Too much of a good thing is NOT always wonderful.
Oh, and you have to be super duper amazing, err, Dr. Rey.
And it will be totally worth it, because here on my blog, I'm my own superstar.

In other news: Anyone else sad that the Pussycat Dolls are no more?
I know the words in title aren't the REAL lyrics to that song, but I always sing whatever I like. And I like these a lot.


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Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?

{Well, you could try sleeping in my bed.}

I found the perfect house.
I walked in and felt it.
That feeling that I was so wanting to feel in "the one".

My hands were shaky as I sent the hubs pictures.
He was out of town, but it didn't stop me.
I made an offer.
Then I put in an escalating offer so we would beat anyone else.

We knew the house was going into foreclosure,
But were told our contract would stop that process.

This kitchen wooed me.
Our offer was accepted.
Hubs saw the house and loved it.
Pictures were sent to the family.
We went looking at furniture.

Then today, we found out there was a mortgage company
that hadn't been paid,
and the house went into foreclosure.
Just like that.
Nothing we could do to stop it.
No one cared that there was a contract.

Now my little heart is sad,
And all hopes of being in a house by Cooper's 2nd Birthday are gone.
I can't look at more listings, because nothing is perfect like this one.

Hold me. Or send wine and chocolate. Or a perfect house. Please?

{So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you.}


Fashion Friday - In pearls.

So now that I'm officially a southern gal again, I decided it was time to bust out the pearls.
I won these gorgeous pearl and diamond earrings from Heather over at Live.Love.Laugh, and I can't take them off. LOVE THEM! Thanks, Heather!

This post also serves as a sneak peak at hotel living. You can see our little kitchen, (in its entirety) with my saaweet two burner cooktop. I've had to be creative with no oven, but free dinner in the lobby 4 nights a week sure does help! I'm getting rotten!

{check out how clean that floor is! bahaha}

My clothes are extremely limited right now. Not sure what I was thinking in the packing process, but the majority of my stuff is comfortably sitting in storage, somewhere in Michigan. Loverly.

Be prepared to either:
A - See the same outfits over and over or
B - See lots of new clothes from some hardcore shopping.

Outfit Deets:

Dark skinny jeans - F21
Black pumps - Amanda Bynes
Black ruffle tank - Old Navy {via sis' closet}
Herringbone crop jacket - ? {via sis' closet}
Pearl Necklace - Gift from my Aunt and Uncle for my wedding day.
Wow, lets hope the sis doesn't read this post!

A little shout out to the new readers, holla! I can't believe you chose to follow me in my severe bloggy desert! Thank you so much, and I hope to get the chance to chat with all of you soon.

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer!
Le Musings of Moi


Wordful Wednesday - First park day in VA

I think he looks so grown up in this picture!
Finally running in some wide open spaces.
The light up shoes I swore I'd never buy.

Happy Hump Day!

{Wordful Wednesday is brought to you by Angie}


A little life update.

Wanna know whats REALLY been going on around here?

Thursday, I was stalking people's Facebook pictures totally minding my own business, when all of a sudden, these "Security Tool" pop-ups started flying everywhere. I clicked all the red boxes, but apparently, they misunderstood what the red box is supposed to do and invaded my computer. I didn't even know what to do for 3 days without it. I found myself looking out the hotel window at the freeway, and thought about calling the news to update the traffic. BORED.
Finally, the hubs talked to our good friend, Lanceman, and he told him how to revive it. Whohoo!! Now I owe him big time. Thanks, Lance!

I am loving clean towels everyday. The smell all fresh, are never wet from the day before, and I don't have to do it myself. Oh, and not to mention clean sheets and a made bed. Perfection.

The man working at the hotel desk asked me if Cooper was my brother. Granted, I wasn't wearing any makeup and had a ponytail, but really?

Cooper now has a favorite movie, Open Season. He would watch it all day if I let him, but I love how he has favorite parts and laughs at the same ones. It just cracks me up. He is saying little sentences now, and FINALLY saying please and thank you. Yessssss.

We went clothes shopping for the hubs, because he "forgot" all his suits and dress shoes. (Umm, HOW does that happen?) I did discover that I LOVE shopping for men's suits. Then you have the ties, and socks, and shirts, ahhhh! I was piling tons of stuff up to make the hubs try it on, and he even got some things he cringed at when I first picked it up. Now I want to be a men's stylist.

We started P90X again.
{I hate it, but I LOVE it.}

That road trip with eating out every meal did me in. Then I got tired of having to put my pants on with vaseline. We are in a competition with 3 other people with the winner getting cash monaay. At the end of the 90 days, part of determining the winner is by your votes. I will put headless before and after shots up, and y'all are going to vote for the most improved. Fun, right?

We are going to look at a house for the third time tonight. Eek!! Getting a bit nervous about signing my life away, but know its totally going to be worth it!

Lastly, my grays are out of control. Not sure if I'm getting lots more because of good 'ole stress, or if it's just my awesome hair color genes. Either way, I'm thinking of going lighter. I think that would hide them a bit better. Not totally blonde, just a lighter brown. Thoughts?


I'm so not convinced that soap is ACTUALLY clean.

I used lots of hotel soap while we were on our road trip. I am totally a loofa and body wash kindof gal, but I forgot to pack it. I was too busy packing the really important things.

{Ya know, leggings, booties, accessories.}

But, all that soap use solidified what I already suspected.

Soap is straight up nasty.

When I have to use it, I put it on a washcloth. One particular hotel, in a must be nasty state, (ahem, Arizona) didn't have washcloths. Weird, no?

That leaves only one option.

To rub it directly on your stank body.

In your toe jam.

Right on your kibbles and bits.

This just makes me want to hurl.

Then the poor people after you are "cleaning" with all your filth. It's just sitting right there on top of this bar that you think is clean. Ewww.

Sorry if you are a direct soap rubber, but be a dear and get your guest some body wash.

Mmkay? Thanks.


The road trip in pictures.

Get ready for it...the amount of pictures in this post is disgusting.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Day 1 - The stripping begins
Hubs irritated already
Somehow I missed the Arizona sign.
Day 2 - Grand Canyon!
They warned us it was ZERO visibility when we went in, but we went anyway.
The white behind the boys is not a wall, but glass and tons of snow!
Then for about 5 minutes, it cleared so we could see this!
The snow was just like Dippin Dots. Promise. It pelted you in the face, and you could hold 1 snowflake for a bit without it melting.
Then on to New Mexico
Coop slept a lot. {Thank GOD}
Pretty sure this was New Mexico, too.
We got on Route 66 for a second when we saw the signs. Then I was bummed that it basically went the entire length of I-40. Pssh. Everyones been there.
Next up: TEXAS
It was snowing like a banchie there!
Who doesn't like a little road soda?
I made the hubs get off the Checotah exit.
It took us about 2.5 minutes to see the entire town.Arkansas
Was expecting to see Bill Clinton, but no such luck.
Downtown Fort Smith was adorable, though.
Tennessee was my favorite!
Probably because I had my first bloggy meet-up with Rachel!
This happens to be on my 101 in 1001 list, so I am so happy to cross it off! Not to mention, happy that is was with such a sweet chica!
Forgive the "I've been in the car for 14 hours" hair.
We stayed at the Opryland Hotel.
And it was incredible.
Finally into Virginia!
I wish we had more time to stop and sight see, but we still had an awesome time.
Now we are living at the hotel, motel, Residence Inn.
Kindof awesome, and kindof NOT.

More on that another time...

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