Stilettos and Diapers: Wordful Wednesday - Christmas


Wordful Wednesday - Christmas

This is late for Christmas pics, and late on a Wednesday, but I feel like crap. Someone (probably some nice person on our flight home) gave me a stomach bugger. Nice, huh? At least the hubs just showed up with Gatorade and Julia and Julia.
The night is lookin up!

Now get comfy...there are tons of pics.

This was the hubs family's year to have us for Christmas, so we were in NY.
We started off Christmas Eve driving to RI to visit Billy's Grandparents.
And to take the 4 generation picture.
Christmas Day was a blast with 3 kiddos.
And Cooper thoroughly enjoyed watching TV, err, visiting with his cousins.
We played crazy games
And we rocked everyone's socks off!
We had another photo session, which was all about the bribery.
Notice the mouths full of candy canes?
And we took our first out-law pic. They love me, they really do.
The hubs practiced holding 2 babies at once.
We took Coop out in the snow.
And he LOVED it!
He liked the sledding much more than this pic shows, too.
Or maybe he just liked sledding with dad more? Or I'm a better photographer.
Lets go with that one.

Cooper slept for 4 hours on the flight from Chicago to San Fran. Thank goodness! I still am not interested in flying with a child EVER. AGAIN. Ha!

Congrats for making it all the way through!

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  1. Those are fantastic pics - especially of Cooper in the snow. I can't imagine flying - driving seven hours in a car was enough to make me want to shoot myself.

  2. You and your family are so cute! So it Cooper! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. greaat pictures :) Being with the family at christmas is something I REALLY miss. We have been living in the Bay Area for almost 7 years and I have not been home for the holidays in 6 :(

    Can I ask what game were ya'll playing with the ballons?

    Love the picture of Cooper with the shades and the waffle :)

  4. Adorable pictures, looks like you guys had a great time!!

  5. Aw, what adorable, family photos. My favorite is with the balloons and panty hose. I'd like to know that game:)

  6. The shades, the waffle, and the toothbrush ... could Coop be any cooler?!? I love how happy you and your hubby always look in your pics ... you guys are such a beautiful family!!

  7. fun pics. esp the stocking with the balloons. what kind of game is that?

    coop is such a darling.

  8. Great pictures! I'm loving the balloon one! It looks like you had a nice Christmas.

  9. Thanks for the well wishes for today! I love the "outlaw" picture and Coop is absolutely adorable in the snow :)

  10. What great pictures. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  11. Looks like you had a blast! And, not that I even have to say it again...but, Cooper is the most adorable baby EVER!

  12. Love the pics! Billy has a big fam!!
    WHAT is on their heads!?!? Pantyhose and balloons?!?...thats something that you dont see every day!
    Cooper is getting so big...and is still SOO cute :)

  13. i adore your son's monkey hat!!! so funny. and you lady look fantastic. all these pictures are great. looks like a fun time christmas.

  14. Sorry you're not feeling well. :( Pics are cute! Love the one with the nylons and balloons hats.... not quite sure what's going on there though!!! :)

  15. so many great photos hun! glad you guys had a good christmas!! :)
    what is up with the balloons and nylons!! the pic is hilarious!

  16. I am glad you had an awesome Christmas! I love the photo of you and your hubby celebrating your win! So Cute!

  17. Looks like you guys had a great time!!! Love all of your pictures, girl! Always gorgeous. What a beautiful family. Hope you're well! :)

  18. So cute! I absolutely LOVE those pictures! Totally curious how you stuffed all those balloons into the pantyhose! Really looks like something my family would do...
    Can't wait to go enter your giveaway!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks so much for your input on the bangs situation! I'm totally doing it!!!

  19. Where did you get that little hood? SO cute!


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