Stilettos and Diapers: Weekend in {tons of} pictures.


Weekend in {tons of} pictures.

We decided last week to take a last minute trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend. We threw together stuff Friday morning and were off. I must say, California drivers are as ridiculous about snow as they are about rain. We were creeping along until we stopped dead.

For an hour and a half.

Cooper didn't seem to mind because he was watching Shrek.
The hubs took a nap.
We watched the snow fall and saw bare booties making yellow snow.
I didn't get pics of that, although, I did try. Hehe.

People even made snowmen on the side of the road.And eventually, (7 hours later) we got there.

Good thing our room was worth the wait.

This was 11pm and Cooper was still up
But that didn't stop us from breaking out pizza and vino.
The night time view from our balcony
And the next morning.
We stayed at the Marriott Grand Residence right in Heavenly Village.
They had shopping, restaurants, and an ice skating rink!
The gondola to the top of the mountain.
We spent lots of time driving around and playing in the snow
Because the scenery was incredible.
On our way to go tubing
And after the boys flipped out of their tube.
Throwing snowballs off the cliff.I would rate Tahoe in the top 2 of places we've been, the other being Maui. If you ever have the chance to go, do it!

The whole weekend was perfect, until we watched the Jets-Colts game, and the Jets lost. And then I had to make pie for the hubs, and snuggle him while saying "there's always next year" over and over. Guess I'll put my jersey away for now!
Hope you all had a fab weekend, too!


  1. oh no!! what horrible traffic! i could have warned you about that one! lol...i LOVE tahoe, we go there when we can and we stay at that SAME marriot! have you had the chance to go to the fire and ice restaurant there? YUM! glad you guys had a fun trip!!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! and it looks GORGEOUS there! Now I MUST go!

  3. How fun!! I used to go there when I was younger ( I grew up in So Cal).

    Beautiful pics!

  4. It looks absolutely beautiful!
    I'm so glad you had fun!

  5. Looks like you all had a great time! Such beautiful scenery!

  6. What a fun-looking trip! I'm sorry the drive was so miserable —that whole stopping for hours thing? Happens in Virginia too. Not cool— but at least the weekend was worth it!

  7. I just LOVE the faces your little guy makes! He's the cutest thing!!! Looks like it was a fabulous trip! Gorgeous room and views. :)

  8. That looks absolutely gorgeous. And good for you for taking pictures during the traffic. I wouldn't have been able to after I would have gouged my eyes out :)

  9. aww that looks like such a fun little getaway!! glad you had a good time!

  10. Must. Go. There. Now. Poor hubs.. hope he enjoyed his pie!!!

  11. Oh WOW its so beautiful I have Never seen snow before. The room was very nice glad you guys had a wonderful time.

  12. what a fun weekend! i love snow. We havent gotten too mush this season though. sux.

    yes, there will always be next year! isnt peyton just the greatest thing alive?

  13. Looks like alot of fun! Gorgeous scenery!

  14. how fun...that place looks awesome!! looks like a perfect weekend...(minus the drive!!)....

  15. looks like you had a blast!!! lucky girl!!

  16. I love those types of "pick-up-and-go" trips!! Such a beautiful place ;)

  17. sorry about the jets lady. i won't tell you "i told you so"... ;)

    but whaaattt?! you did tahoe too! dave was there on friday for his bach party. he kept texting me pics of the snow. i was so jealous! and now seeing your gorgeous pics and lovely hotel, i'm even more jealous!

  18. woops...not "his bach party". his friend's bach party.

  19. Wow, that place look amazing!! Glad you got some great family time!!

  20. I just told my hubby that I wanna go to Tahoe now! Looks like fun!! Love your vocab!! My kinda girl!

  21. sounds and looks like a perfect family getaway!!
    your hotel room was fabulous!!
    i am totally adding lake tahoe to places i want to visit! :)


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