Stilettos and Diapers: Some guest fashion and some fashion with a purpose.


Some guest fashion and some fashion with a purpose.

The always fabulous, Summer, asked me to do show off some fashion at her blog.
The Fashion Friday mastermind. The amazing writer of Le Musings of Moi. The mommy with a drool worthy closet.

Yes, it's this gorgeous lady.

I'm trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful.

Head over and check it out, and if you aren't a follower of hers already, just do it. You're gonna love it over there!

In other news, a friend of mine from back in the day has started an amazing company called Know Me Love Me. They sell shirts, and for every shirt you buy, one is given to an orphan. Incredible, huh? Whats even better, is that the shirts look like this:
They have several styles to choose from for men and women, and they are a really good price.
This is their first week with the website up, so they are offering a 20% discount.
Just enter the coupon code LOVE at checkout.

You can follow Know Me Love Me on Twitter to keep up to date with what they are doing.

Now go check them out and buy a shirt! You will look good while doing good!


  1. What a fantastic business idea! Your friend deserves mad snaps.

  2. Girl, YOU are the rockstar!!! Everyone LOVES you and stylish ways! =)

  3. I love that shirt! I will definitely have to check out the shop! And yes, Summer is awesome, I totally follow her blog. :)

  4. she should partner up with Tom's shoes... then orphans could get a shirt and shoes!

  5. Yay for your guest ARE a big deal :)
    and LOVE the idea behind Know Me Love Me....I gonna go check out the site!!

  6. saw you on summer's blog!! love the outfit!

  7. i need one of these shirts!!! i absolutely love it!!! and of course...who doesn't love summer?!?

  8. I've been (lurking) following your friend for a while actually. Love her blog too.

    Nice shirts!

  9. This is such an awesome idea...Love It..

  10. awww i love me some summer!! that girls is too cute! and lady...i won't hold it against you the you're a jets fan....but my colts are gonna whoop you this weekend! :) lol...sunday is gonna be INTENSE! i love your friends tees...super cute and for a great cause! i'll check it out for sure!

  11. I saw your guest post over there, yay!! And I am loving those LOVE shirts... seriously need the one in the photo!

  12. oh that summer...she's quite the gal. love the LOVE tee and what an awesome cause...i'm already there!


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