Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Never leave the house style.


Fashion Friday - Never leave the house style.

I'll be honest here. There are some days I never even leave the house. I love to get dressed up anytime I go out, but if I'm just home, I don't want to put out the effort. I do like to have something other than pajamas on when the hubs gets home, though.

I'll be real and show you my minimal effort stay at home garb. Brace yourself.

{But look how much better I would look if I were wearing heels!}{My everyday jewels}

{Never wearing white socks}

{My fav part of this hoodie}

Outfit Deets

Jeans - Old Navy

Gray Tank - Target

Slub French Terry (Doesn't that sound better than sweatshirt?) - J. Crew (Courtesy of Jen!)

Socks - My stocking via Target

My Everyday Jewels are:

1. Wedding Ring

2. Diamond Studs from my Daddy - Nursing School Graduation

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Collection - All from the hubs.

3. Necklace - New Years 2002

4. Earrings - Nursing School Graduation 2004

5. Ring - Valentines 2008

And that's all folks! If you are the UPS man, you will find me at home, with no shoes, and in something like this.

I am realizing that this post should not even be considered fashion. I hope Summer doesn't ban me...

Fashion Friday is brought to you by, Summer!

Le Musings of Moi


  1. Wow... this is better than my stay at home outfit!! It's usually 4 year old yoga pants and a t-shirt of some sort... Do you wear make-up when you don't leave the house?

  2. Awww I Love the outfit when I stay at home I usually wear jeans and one of my hubbys shirts lol..


  3. You look so cute and comfy! That is what I wear nearly every day lol-hence the reason I do not participate in Fashion Friday.

    You and Summer need to come pick me out a complete new wardrobe, K? K.

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. You look great in anything, Molly! Love the socks!!! I also never wear white socks. Haha. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, pretty lady! xo

  5. I am a SAHM too... if we don't venture out, I hardly ever get out of my pj's. You're about 10 steps ahead of me... LOL.

  6. You look great in anything!! I love your necklace.

  7. haha better than me!!! im usually in my pj's all day unless im in the mood to actually get dressed.. love the socks :]

  8. Girl, when you're stayin home, you look way more fashionista than I do!!!

    As I sit in blue sweats and a gray sweatshirt. Ha!

    I wish I felt comfy in jeans...they just make me feel fat...especially around the waist. lol

  9. P.S. I will NEVER EVER ban you!!!

  10. you look oh so cute!
    i love stay at home all day kinda days :)
    i usually stay in comfy clothes those days though.
    i think i have the gray tank you are wearing, pretty sure i'm wearing it right now ;)

  11. You look cute AND comfy! To be honest, I never wore hooded sweatshirts until recently. I got two for Christmas, and they are quite comfy!

  12. uh HELLO, you still look way cute!

  13. haha your so cute! its not fair that you can look that adorable in a sweatshirt.
    I have that necklace, except I haven't worn it in like 35454 years cuz its wrapped up in a knot at the bottom of its little ti&co satchel!

  14. LOVE the hoodie!!! I noticed it right away. And look so much better in it then I did! Haha! Love the socks by the way. I never wear white socks either...I need color and fun :-)

  15. Good for you for getting out of the pjs for the hubs! My poor husband usually gets to see me in my workout clothes- but atleast I'm working out and getting a nice body for him right?! Ha! anyhoo- too cute- as always! bye!

  16. That's better than I look most days at work!!! And pretty much my go-to outfit too! Although I'm trying to be better and dress up more, you know, because of that whole fashion designer thing.
    Have a great weekend, Molly!!!

  17. That is so my mommy at home outfit too! Im pretty sure we would be bffs if I lived in Cali!

  18. that sweater is so cute! i love the stripes.

    good luck with your 101 in 1001.

  19. Girly - you are too cute!! I was gonna do a casual post (who am I kidding, I am always casual) this week, but I will hold off til next week. Great minds think alike!! :o)


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