Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Just pretend its cold.


Fashion Friday - Just pretend its cold.

It was kindof awesome dressing up all warm and toasty when we were in NY. Its like 55-60 degrees and people dress like its the Arctic. Hehe. Not me!

Here's a little example of how you southern and Cali girls can dress like its cold, with out getting wet pits.

The key is light layers.
Paper tees. Cotton. Thin scarfs.

Outfit Deets:
Black wash skinny jeans - Forever 21
Khaki tank - Target
Olive tunic - Target
Plum scarf - Forever 21
Khaki boots - Macy's

Oh, and could you please not judge the fact that there are still Christmas decorations in my house? Mmkay, thanks. I'll be trying out good spots for FF pics over the next few weeks. Have to be able to prop the camera up for some self portraits.

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Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer.

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  1. I love your boots, and you look great with bangs! Not sure I could pull them off. And no worries on the Christmas decorations still up. We are finally taking our's down this weekend.

  2. I didn't have to pretend it was cold. I swept and then shoveled (once a neighbor spotted me sweeping and offered the use of their shovel) 6-8 inches of snow in 6 degree temps with cold wind blowing snow flakes in my face. Your outfit was too cute for shoveling! LOL

  3. So cute! But girrrrl, it's been cold in the South recently. It's a whopping 17 degrees as we speak with a lovely windchill that's making it feel like 10. AWESOME. Our blood wasn't meant for this kind of weather, brrr!

  4. i'm obsessed with this outfit. great tip. i'm in wisconsin so it's freezing here. i love your bangs though, do you have to trim them a lot?

  5. You are rocking it out my sweets. And I'm so having a moment with those boots. They are so amazing, I don't even have words.

  6. P.S. When do you wanna guest post a Fashion Friday on Le Blog???

  7. Pretend it's cold? HA! Today in Maryland it was close to 20 degrees, with lots of wind. It was FREEZING here! Soooo wishing I was dressing in paper tees and thin scarves. Heinously thick sweaters and wool socks is more like it :-(

  8. oh yea...the purple scarf does it for me! i love adding a punch of color with a scarf. cute as always.

  9. there is nothing not to love about your outfit!!
    in love with your boots!!
    your bangs are adorable!!

  10. Have to say, great outfit and love those boots...You go girl!

    Yours in Health, Robin

  11. Love your bangs....and your boots!!

  12. I wish I was in Southern Cali.

    I'm in Vegas, which its a bit cooler.

  13. You are the fashion queen! I love those boots!!!


  14. ADORABLE! You have wonderful taste!


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