Stilettos and Diapers: September 2009


Wordful Wednesday - Blog Swap Excitement

I participated in a blog swap hosted by Kelly over at Two Kids, a Mini-Van, and Lots of Love. My partner was Erin from Hoping for our Peanut. She is adorable and after a long road, is expecting her first baby (a boy!) next month. She sent the most perfect gifts for Cooper. He is really into Diego right now. He is affectionately calling him Dago, so sorry to all my Italian friends. We're working on it.
I love that he is grabbing the table trying to get the stuff!

Got it!
Reading Diego a Diego book.
Happy Guy! Thanks so much, Erin!

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The scars from Christmas plays.

When I was growing up, my sisters and I were in tons of church plays. We did a summer play and a Christmas play every year. I actually loved it, and when I got to sing a solo, lookout. I was a total rockstar. I loved all the attention on me. I don't think that has changed, though.

One year, my sister and I were the narrators of the entire Noah's Ark play. We sat on high stools at the front of the stage, and my head was probably a touch bigger than the ark. The only downfall was that I got a new permanent retainer the week before the play, and I talked with a lisp. I was so embarrassed when I watched the video. Thanks alot, teeth, for ruining my possible news anchor career.

One summer play, I was singing with another girl about senses. (I know, who wrote these plays?) She had a stuffed animal, and I was supposed to have a lollipop. Only I left it sitting in my seat. Whoops. I felt up her stuffed whatever the whole song, so no one thought I was loser that forgot her prop.

There was the Christmas play when I was 9. We were all in the choir room, waiting on the time to make our grand entrance. Two of the boys were jumping off chairs and screwing around. One of them jumped but got caught in the chair and we all heard a loud crack. Long story short, the paramedics came and cut his freakin pants off. I had never seen a boy in his whitie tighties before and I was mortified. How embarrassing. To this day, my undies match my clothes. Almost every time I get dressed, I think "how am I going to look if my pants have to get cut off of me?"
What if this guy was my paramedic?
I just know I would be laying there, totally forgetting the pain, going through the checklist of what I shaved that morning, while trying to strategically place my hands without anyone thinking anything of it. Then off we will go to the hospital, while I wonder, "Does this stretcher make my butt look big?"


Fashion Friday - Sneaky Bedroom Edition

Shhh, don't tell anyone that these are bedroom shots. My in-laws are here and I can only imagine the looks if I asked them to take these pictures! I am pretty sure they are not reading this, but if you are, sorry for judging.

On to the fashion. I LOVE this dress that I just got at Ross. They have the greatest dresses. I have heard from alot of people that their Ross sucks. Sorry that I have the jackpot one here. Come visit me, mmkay?

My sisters both said "what do you have on your feet?" They obviously don't like the booties, but I do, so they are going nowhere! They are my Charlotte Russe find from a few weeks ago. All jewels are from Forever 21. You think I would do a FF post without 'um?
When you shake real fast it looks like those brushes at the car wash, right?A blurry close up of the shoes. At least I don't have to worry about my sisters stealing them.

We are waiting on the hubs to come home so we can go to the Jelly Belly factory! If any of you are ever in the bay area, you have to go there. I adore Jelly Beans and you can have all the samples you want, then buy all the "belly flops" that are mutated and deformed for super cheap. Sounds like a perfect way to start a stomach ache, right?
Next week, I am going to show you a very controversial piece of clothing that my hubby hates. You are all going to have to vote on it, so get ready to bust out the honesty! (Not that I am for sure going to listen, but maybe!)
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Wordful Wednesday - The Fog

This past weekend we went over to San Fran for the afternoon. It was so foggy you could hardly see in front of you. It was chilly, so I came back and decorated for fall. The next day it was 102 here, so totally not fallish, but whatever. I love my decorations!

My hubby's parents, sister, niece and nephew are here right now, so I may be a little MIA in the next week. I am busy being a tour guide, and chef for the masses!


I'm so sad.

Anyone who wants to send me dark chocolate or tulips can go right ahead, although I am not boo-hoo sad. Not singing the blues, emotional eating, or going through countless boxes of tissues. I'm sad, as in pathetic sad, over my Christmas list. I have been Christmas shopping, (I like to plan ahead) and I am actually about halfway through. Pat on my own back. I am good for everyone but me. Like you, I'm sure, I get the "what do you want for Christmas" questions from the family. I usually say nothing, which is a complete lie. I can just never remember what I want. I mean, I always remember that I wanted a million dollar check, but I forget all the reasonable things.
To prevent this, I have decided to start making my list now. My birthday is also in November, so I can pick things from my list for that, too.

On to the sadness, my list. It's looserish. Here is all I can come up with:

Trifle bowl
This is #1. I really, really want it, even though I'm not sure how much I will actually use it.

Maybe this one from Crate and Barrel.

Or this one from The Pampered Chef. How cool is that with a removable stem and lid?

And we have one item left. Yep, my list has 2 items. The second:


It's really bad when you see something you want to try, and think, this would be a perfect stocking stuffer for me. I'll add it to my list. See? I'm sad.


Fashion Friday, on Saturday.

Happy Fashion Friday, a day late! It's still fun anyway, right? These pictures were all taken yesterday, so it totally counts! Last night was girls night out since my sis-in-law is in town. She took my pics while we were getting ready. Please ignore the random messiness, that is my bedroom, in the background.

Alrighty then. First up is the dress. It's been begging to go out since July when I got it, but I haven't had the right night. You can probably guess where it is from...yup, Forever 21. BUT, it is from the outlet in Anaheim and I paid a whopping $3.99 for it. If any of you girls are in that area, YOU. MUST. GO!

Allow me to show off my sweet dance moves, and the back of my dress at the same time. See that Ross bag hanging on the door? Want to know what's in it? I'll tell you. Just keep reading.

I am obviously putting a heart by my shoes, right? I love them. They are a Ross find from a couple years ago. Oh, and the necklace is Forever 21. It had a teal bead strand through it, but it looked weird, so I took that part out. And the shot before the night began. Laura (sis-in-law), Erika, Me. Erika got middle all night due to her non-LBD outfit.

You remember that I am the queen of cheap frugal, right? Well, yesterday we were shopping at Ross, looking for Laura's dress. I was pulling out cute dresses to show her, when I came across a cute hot pink number. I immediately thought, next girls night! I totally wanted it for myself. I pulled out the tag and it said...wait for it...$0.49. Laura was so mad when I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Only you, she said, could find a cute dress that fits for $0.49. Teehee! I'll show you all soon, I'm sure!

Happy Weekend!

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The Plague

I am full certain that the world as we know it is being taken over. Not by Obama as many may believe. No, he pales in comparison to these buggers. We are loosing it to these guys.
Those would be LOVE BUGS covering the ground of a bus stop in Disney World.
One warning I found online states that car's windshields become covered with the fatty remains that can become thick enough to obscure vision. Um, gross? They can ruin your paint, clog your radiator and make you overheat. Lovely, huh?
Now some of you may not be familiar with these guys. They are in the southeast, and urban legend says that the bugs are synthetic, and come from a genetics experiment gone wrong at the University of Florida. What were you idiots thinking? They fly around in pairs. Yep, HAVING SEX in the air. After that happens, they female only lives 3-4 days, and then those horny men get to go get another lady. Yep, this definitely sounds synthetic and non-natural.
Here's what I am scared of. They are everywhere. They are thick when you walk outside and you have to swat them away. What if they overtake us? What if I have to fly around with a man hanging out of my vajayjay? PAIN! What if I get smashed onto a windshield for my fatty remains to obscure some person's vision. I guess it wouldn't matter because I would DIE within 3-4 days anyway.

Universal Health care can wait, people. This is the real problem.
Photo credit here


Rosh Hashanah Surprise

With Rosh Hashanah coming up this weekend, I found some time to reminisce.

Several years ago, my grandmother told my mom that she is Jewish. Now this had been a huge secret in my moms house because her dad was German. Opposites attract, I guess? She waited until long after he passed away to tell anyone, so we never grew up with any of the traditions, or holidays. I decided that I really wanted to learn about this new found heritage, so my mom and I studied up.

Rosh Hashanah 2001 was my chance to show off my new wisdom.

My oldest sister invited her then boyfriend over for the second time to have dinner. I was so thrilled to be cooking and surprising my family with this authentic Rosh Hashanah meal.
Everyone was sitting down when I came to the table with this.

Thats right, eyeballs and everything. My poor sister ran off to the bathroom. She is the kind that used to puke every time she walked into Taco Bell because "it stunk". Needless to say, she didn't eat any of that meal. But luckily, that boyfriend stuck around to become her hubby and the father of her 3 beautiful babies.

Don't think I am cooking a whole fish this year. I couldn't even get the hubs to eat fish tacos tonight, much less something that is staring at him. His food particulars are another post completely...


And then there was more.

After leaving Disney last week, I went up to Georgia to see baby Avery and visit with the family some more before coming home. So, of course, I have more pictures to show you!
I did alot of holding of this little gal,And Cooper did some funny stuff to make me look, every time I held her.
This is all of us girlies together.
Me, little sis with Avery, Mom, baby sis, and big sis (Avery's mom)
Me and my sis with the bow holder I made for Avery.
I wanted to take her home! My sweet brother, Josh.
And of course we had some time for Coop to take a night ride on the tractor with Poppa.
It is always bittersweet to get back home. I have such a hard time leaving my family!
Now that I'm home, though, I will resume the normally scheduled programming on this blog. Well, maybe not. Starting tomorrow, my in-laws will be here for 5 weeks!


Oh, the things I have learned.

I feel like I have been away from home forever. Well, I kindof have been. I have learned alot since I left, and I am happy to pass on my wisdom.

Flying a red eye with a 16 months old is miserable then, and for the next 2 days that he is behind on sleep.

If your baby gets pink eye in Disney, it cost $105 for Vigamox to be brought to you.

If your baby is tired enough, he will sleep anywhere.

Never assume a baby will be born on or around her due date just because you flew across the country to be there.

Also, do not assume that because Disney World is only 6 hours away, that you can get back before the birth. You will end up in tears, making a U-turn on I-75.

Do not entrust your husband to keep your 16 month old while you race to the birth that you missed anyway. Your baby will fall in the pool. TWICE. At least I have a honest husband, huh?

If you are driving alone, a DVD player is not an option. It is a requirement. Or else you will be yelling at every other driver on the road and look like this.

You will do anything to entertain your child. Even this:

Or this:

Ok, so I was having a total blast.

BUT, if you get to be at the beach with your family, and stay here,

then go to Disney with the in-laws,

See your little man smile like this,

And meet your new niece, who happens to be gorgeous,

Then it is all worth it!


Fashion Friday - With the mini me.

This week, I am still at the condo, waiting on baby Avery. She is the most stubborn unborn child I have ever known. No, take that back. Cooper graced us with his presence 2 weeks late. My baby sister, who is a little blond me, loves Fashion Friday, so she joined in on this one.

I bought the majority of this outfit since I have been here. What else is there to do when it is raining at the beach?

The tank is from Old Navy, and the shorts from Wet Seal. Pretty sure I have never bought anything from there, but my older (pregnant) sis and I got matching ones. I LOVE my sistas! The belt is from Nordstrom.

This is my 11 year old sis, Shelby. The one who did this, and therefore, made me ridiculously prideful. She loves dressing up as much as I do, and she got her outfit this week, too. Her tank is from Old Navy, and the leggings are from Tarjay.

I forced her to do the kissy face. Training her right.
This is us stomping down the hall singing the ANTM theme song. Isn't that hall the perfect runway?
And reverse.
As I type, my brother Josh is hanging over my shoulder demanding credit for his photography. So there you go, Josh.

In other fashion news, this is Cooper wearing my bathing suit bottoms while checking himself out in the oven.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

Fashion Friday comes to you from Summer. She's adorable. Check her out.

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