Stilettos and Diapers: July 2009


Fashion Friday - Indoor Edition

I love Fashion Friday! This week you are getting indoor shots. I had to dance and sing at the hubs office door for him to get annoyed enough to stop working and take my pics! So, needless to say, I didn't make him go far.
Alrighty then, on to the clothes.

Yes, I know I am wearing sunglasses in the house, but I just got them at Nordstrom's Anniversary sale and I had to share!
Oh, my. Can someone please teach me the "sexy face"? I can't decide if I look pissed, or like I about to laugh, but neither was the goal.
Jeans are Old Navy, sweater is Forever 21. Don't think I will ever have a post without something from there! I bought it about a month ago, but just pulled the tags off today. Earrings have already been here before, but I love 'um. And the shoes. Are you starting to notice that I wear them alot?

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The one where red wine is spilled on the couch.

I know the dos and don'ts of food and beverage placement. I am used to it. I know that if you don't want to share your food, you eat it during nap time. Or in the comfort of your closet. I know that the coffee tables, my desk and the kitchen table are places Cooper can get on top of, and swipe your goods. If you want your food to be safe, it must be placed at least 3 inches back on the kitchen counter. Because yes, he can now pull things off that are close to the edge.

The hubs knows these things too, but is not used to practicing them. Last weekend he put a beer on his side table, and I am pretty certain Cooper took a sip before I got it out of his hands. 2 nights ago, he put a rather large glass of red wine in that very same spot. As I heard the cling of the glass, I jumped up to find 3/4 of the glass had been dumped on the table, and all over the couch. Duh, I didn't take a picture. But trust me, it was everywhere.

Flash back 4 years ago to when we bought our couch set. The pushy salesman was trying to get us to get all the couches Scotchguard protected. We kept blowing him off since kids were the last thought at that point. We ended up giving in, mostly to make him shut up.
I would kiss that mans feet today.
That was the best $80 I think I have ever spent. We used a towel with only water on it and, BAM! Our couch looked like this:

After it dried it was as good as new! I love you, Scotchguard.


Wordful Wednesday - First Haircut

I knew Cooper's hair was getting really long. I knew he had a mullet. I knew he had a rat tail. But I also knew that he has very fine, blond hair and he really doesn't have much of it. It took my neighbor saying to me over the weekend, "hey, keeping those Georgia roots with the rat tail, huh?" to make me actually realize, he needed a cut. Bad.
Hubs and I decided we were going to do it ourselves, and here is the outcome.
My turn
Bill says "let me try!" Ha!

And the finished product. Doesn't he look so big!?

Of course I will save all of this forever!

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Got the collagen, so I guess botox is next.

Lets just start by saying that I am totally for plastic surgery. If Dr 90210 wanted to hook me up with a freebie, you better believe I'd be there.
I have been so fascinated with the new Eva Longria commerical for Loreal collagen mascara. I will stop the fast forwarding when it comes on, just to see her lashes practically touching her eyebrows. I am not sure if it's because it's her, or because it has collagen in it, or just because mascara is one of the many things in life that brings utter happiness, but I love it. And because I am a sucker for all things commercialized on tv, (i.e. As seen on TV store) I went and bought it. Of course I had to find it at a good deal. So, thanks to ULTA and their BOGO sale, I am the proud owner of 2 tubes. I am totally convinced that this mascara has a little Eva DNA in it. My eyelashes are BIG! Maybe not touching my eyebrows big, but big enough. I am a happy, eyelash fluttering girl. If collagen is this good, I may need it in more places than my eyelashes.
I also have been paying close attention to the Maybelline Pulse Perfection, you know the one with the vibrating wand? Let's be honest though, I would totally poke out an eyeball.


Do I smell like garlic?

This weekend, we joined the 3.1 million people before us, and went with to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. It is one of the biggest food festivals in the US! Our friends came down to go with us, and we had a blast! You know you are in for alot of garlicy goodness when one of the first stands is a Target one with samples of their new mouthwash.
Foster Farms is one of the festival sponsors, and you know we got a picture with the imposter chickens. It is supposed to be going on facebook. Yep, we are going to be famous.

We got hooked up after this with some sweet "Say no to plumping" t-shirts!

Lunch break. What did we eat? You guessed it...GARLIC!

I would say most of us c-love garlic. And most of us can fit our heads in the holes. Hehe.

They asked if anyone wanted to be interviewed, and of course the hubs said yes. Then they told him it would be while his head was through the hole!

Maggie and Lance watching Bill's interview.

My "look like I don't like garlic ice cream" face turned into an "I hate the world" face. Woops.

I thought it was disgusting, but Cooper sure didn't! He ate the entire cone!


Fashion Friday - Beter late than never!

I have a confession to make. This morning, while I was getting ready, I ate sour cream and onion potato chips in the bathroom. I was eating them in there because I didn't want to feel guilty when the hubs saw me devour a whole bag, and I didn't want to share them with Cooper. It is sometimes nice not to have to share your food, because quite frankly, Cooper can eat more than half of my food in a setting. Thanks for listening to that. I felt a little like an alcoholic in hiding, so I wanted to come clean.

Anyway, on to Fashion Friday. I was planning my clothes while eating chips, at least. I planned on wearing my "fat" clothes due to massive sodium expansion in my mid-section.

You all know how I love leggings, and I wore them yesterday too.

Can you feel my love of these shoes coming off your screen? It is deep. They are from Gap and I just picked them up for $10 this week. The top and jewelery are from Forever 21. Leggings from Target and the belt is Express. The sunglasses are Coach and I got them for free. Yup. That sure cuts down on my outfit total! It suddenly hit me this week as I was at a Mom's Club event, that maybe I should "grow up" my style a little. Then I quickly changed my mind and decided to keep wearing clothes that look like I am in high school for as long as possible.

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Wordful Wednesday - Park day

Cooper got his first mohawk this week! We usually just brush his hair over, but it is getting a little longer and I decided to do something with it. I sat him on the counter and he laughed and posed in the mirror the whole time I was fixing it. I think it looks adorable, but I felt a little bad for putting all that gunk on his head!
I did it again when we went to the park the other day. The girls were eating their little hearts out. Of course, it probably helped a bit that he is blowing kisses at everyone these days. I think my little Coop is already a player!

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My first night missing bedtime

My friend Lisa and I went to see Kenny Chesney, Lady Anetbellum, and Miranda Lambert on Saturday and it was an absolute blast. It was the best concert I have been to in along time. It started at 5:30 and we both have little ones that we put to sleep. No one has ever put Cooper to sleep but me, so I was scared to leave, but so excited to go! I gave the hubs very detailed instructions and started getting everything in place so he wouldn't have to search for anything.

Now, Cooper loves his passie. We carry tons around everywhere we go, and he always has 5 to sleep with. Don't judge me for fueling his addiction. He sleeps in his bed for 12 hours straight, so whatever keeps him there. Well, about 45 minutes before I was to leave, I couldn't find passies. He had one, and there were 2 that he is just okay with, but not his favorites. I started to freak. I looked everywhere. I looked under the living room furniture and beds so many times, that Cooper started squatting down and peering for himself. When I asked him where his passies were, he just put his hands up and shrugged. Lovely. Daddy is screwed. I ended up leaving, just hoping for the best, and come to find out, he went to bed without a hitch. Apparently, he doesn't need 5 passies in his bed, or me for that matter.

The next day, I was doing laundry, and I found a passie in Cooper's laundry basket! I knew he is really into putting little things in and out of other things, but didn't realize he was doing it with something as precious as passies! A little while later, I threw something away and there was another one, right there with a handful of magnet letters. What else has he thrown in there?! Throughout the day, I found 2 in my dresser drawers, and 1 in Billy's toiletry bag. Nothing is safe anymore!
Here are a few pictures from my responsibility-free night!
Lady Antebellum
Kenny Chesney!

Me and Lisa

I suppose that a sure sign of a good concert is getting beer spilled all over you.


Fashion Friday - Summa, Summa, Summa Style.

I am joining in on the fun with Summer again for Fashion Friday! I am really late, but it is not my fault. It's because the hubs decided that working was more important than taking my picture this morning. So selfish, huh?
Today it is miserably hot, so we are going with casual shorts.

Shirt is from my favorite place in the world...Forever 21 outlet in Anaheim! Totally worth driving 6 hours to get there!
Shorts are Old Navy, via my sister's closet. Thank goodness she is pregnant and not missing them. Hopefully she will have forgotten about them by the time she pops that kid out, because I don't think I am giving them back. HA!
Shoes are from WalMart in GA. They are few and far between here, so I love going when I visit the rents.
Purse is from Burlington Coat Factory. Their commercial doesn't lie; they really are more than great coats.
Can you tell I am really into yellow right now? After seeing these pictures, I think this outfit really doesn't match and I probably won't wear it again. Hehe. I won't cheat though, and go put on a fabulous one.
Since I didn't buy the shorts, my total outfit cost was under $25. Told you I was cheap!
Now go check out Summer!


If the shoe fits, BUY IT!

Payless. I usually don't shop there. You might be thinking, "Molly, you are the cheapest person on the planet, of course you shop there". Well, I actually think they are overpriced. Haha! Seriously $24.99 for a pair of fringed flip flops? I can pay that at Macy's. I have been known to be a little more generous in the shoe department, anyway. Remember Dr. Martens? I have tons. I even bought a pair in England that you couldn't get here. Bleh. What I would give to have that money back!

Last week in LA, I was waiting outside of a store for Bill to finish up work. We went into every store around and finally into Payless. I was just walking through, being grateful that the stroller actually fit down the aisle, (that drama is another post) when out jumped these beauties.
They are adorable. They are comfortable, and they were $10. A girl is crazy to pass that up! I wore them for the hubs birthday and they were oh so cute. They will probably be taking part in Summer's Fashion Friday in the very near future. Oh, and they look fabulous with my newly lotioned legs.
After all, Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change a girls life.


Wordful Wednesday - Can I pull this off? I need your advice!

I love, love, love bando style headbands. So stinkin' cute. They are a little boho, a little flapper and alot of adorable. See?So I know they look great, but my question is, can I pull this off? I don't think I will go for the peacock feathers or huge forehead flowers, but something simple. Like so.

Or maybe this?

Don't you just love the self portraits in the kitchen? Ha! So now, let me know what you think! The hubs says it looks like Janis Joplin, and I am pretty sure I should take offense to that.

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I'm really back...with shaving gel and lotion.

I have done 1 measly post since I came home from Hawaii 2 weeks ago. I am sorry! We did go to LA last week, but I had time. Plenty of time. I just spent it shopping and laying out instead of talking to you. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my reader shows 1000+, so I have been avoiding it. Why do you people write such great stuff that I can't just mark as read? I will be there for HOURS, but I will love it. Well, once I actually do it. I am going to start once I am done writing this, because Cooper and I are in conference call solitude. We get as far away from the hubs office as possible, bring plenty of food, toys and the computer and just wait. I should go somewhere, but we are still in our pajamas. Hehe. Motherhood has its perks for sure.
On to bigger, earth shattering things. Before we left for vacation, I bought some shaving gel. I wanted my legs to be sprikle free when wearing a bathing suit for days. I have never bought the stuff, because I am cheap and thought it was non-essential. Wow. What kind of girl am I? My legs were...smooth. Weirdest thing ever. I have gone years complaining about how my legs are never smooth and who would've thought that was all I needed?
On to lotion. I got tan. Okay, maybe a little red, and I just didn't want to peel. So I started using lotion. Here is where I really felt like an idiot. It never crossed my mind that if you lather on Vaseline cocoa butter, then you don't have chalky knees and elbows. Huh. I actually had a little sheen to my newly tan legs. You know I pranced around singing the America's Next Top Model theme song.

Shaving gel: $2.50.
Lotion $3.99.
Wearing daisy dukes around everyday and walking like I am on the runway: PRICELESS


Wordful Wednesday - Hawaiian style

It has officially been 2 weeks since my last post. 2 freakin weeks!! I can't believe it. If I was at home, not blogging, not emptying my reader every couple of days, I would literally be gasping for air. Does that mean I am addicted? We had an amazing Hawaiian vacation. I didn't even worry about you. Wait, that was mean. I wasn't worried, but I was thinking about you. Thinking about how you would manage without me. Kidding! I did miss you all!
Here are tons of pictures for you. Prop up your feet and take a mini vacay.

Roadside fruit stand in Maui.
Kanipalli Beach, Maui
Chiquita girl, pineapple style.

Bill cut us pineapple every morning.

400' waterfall in south Maui.Our hike to get there. Ignore my lumpy boobs, I had a bathing suit on!

Bamboo forest was amazing
Getting ready to parasail!The yellow one is me 1200' up!
Black sand beachPolynesian Cultural Center, Oahu
Check out my new tribal tat and my new friend.
Leis from our Luau.
Looking for turtles. They were HUGE!
That is me jumping, holding my nose, with my fist in the air, looking much like your 5 year olds. Waimea Beach, Oahu
Bill's surfing lesson
Shave Ice!
Laie Point, Oahu.
I decided not to share all 850 with you. We filled every memory stick we brought and had to empty them onto the computer. Ha! Memories forever. Now lets hope I can get my lazy self back into blogging. I have tons of reading to catch up on. Sorry though, for now I am off to the beach. Got to keep this tan up! Hehe.

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