Stilettos and Diapers: June 2009


Bloggy Vacation!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am abandoning my beloved blog for a few days of R & R. I will still be checking in because, lets face it, I am addicted. I might even break my own rules and blog. Just a little. Or everyday. Its my blog so I will do what I like. Hehe. We will see. Have a wonderful week!


Awkward Moments

I have a friend who happens to have a newly walking baby. That baby can get around much faster than when he was crawling. My friend also happens to be married. Well, married people sometimes do, well, what married people do. Not so long ago, while such said thing was happening, the new walker waddled in, sipping his juice cup and giggling. So incredibly awkward. I severely underestimated the awkwardness. I mean, my friend did.


Fashion Friday - Its a first!

I am linking up with Summer from Le Musings of Moi for Fashion Fridays! This is my first so please excuse the awkward poses. I am no model, even though I may think I am. Wait. I didn't have to say that. It is just obvious. My outfit is super boring, especially compared to Summer's, but hey, it works for playgroup and grocery shopping!

Top is Charlotte Russe, Jeans are my fav American Eagle.
Earrings are from Maurices like forever ago.
I had to show the back because I just won a Strap Perfect from April at and I love it! It is really amazing. I have worn it a ton and don't know what I did without it! Thanks April! (Ignore again the shirt tucked into the pants. That is lovely, huh?)

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I am the newest identity theft victim.

Identify theft has happened to me. Not in the steal all my money and screw up my credit kindof way. No, this way is different. Maybe worse. I am not one for down in the dumps post, but whatever, that is me today.
I am happy with my life. I am genuinely happy being a wife and a mommy. It is what I always wanted to be. I feel incredibly blessed that I can be home with Cooper. I sound very ungrateful even writing this, but sometimes I just feel like the old me is missing. What is my identity now other than mom? I feel as if someone else has taken residence in my body. I loose my temper way easier. I am not as sweet as I used to be. I try to, but I am just on edge. I used to be incredibly patient...yeah, so not that anymore. I don't know if there is much of anything from the "real" me left. I worry about letting my husband down because I am not the girl he married.
I love seeing Cooper learn new things and grow up every day, but those days just meld into one another. I go nonstop and get nothing done. How does that happen? I can go days without feeling like I got anything accomplished. When the hubby travels, it is even worse. I talk to my family and friends on the phone, but face to face adult conversation is rare.
I have thought a little about getting a job. I am a nurse, so it would be pretty easy. I would just do it on the weekend. Maybe even one a month. I mentioned it to the hubby and he didn't seem too excited. I would be giving up time with him then, too. I just don't know if it is worth it. We don't see each other as much as I would like as it is, and finding quality time once you have kids is no easy task.
I feel jealous of the hubs job. He went through training living with 7 other people for 3 months. His company has alot of young people that he gets along great with. Although they are not in the area and don't work together on a daily basis, he goes to conferences and talks to them alot. He spent the week in Chicago for a work conference last week. Hearing about everything they did and all the people that he likes, it makes me feel like I am missing out. I suddenly want to go through training and work for him. Haha. Granted, his job is stressful, and I am the one that sees that end of things. I guess the grass is always greener.
I just don't want to loose the good things about me. I know I have good and bad characteristics, but I feel like in all of this new found stress, the good ones are MIA. How do I get back to where I was while still fitting in my "new" life? How am I defined other than, Molly, Cooper's mom? I am living a life I always wanted, but feel I have lost myself in the process. Now what?


Wordful Wednesday - Cooper is walking!

Do videos count for Wordful Wednesday? Hope so. This is Cooper walking yesterday when we went out for a hike. He was filthy be the time we got home! Oh, and yes, the hubs shirt say I love Duet 4.0. Gotta hand it to a guy that has been brainwashed loves his company enough to be completely obsessed with appliances and wears shirts to prove it.

Also a reminder that this time next week, I will be here!

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I am finally dating again

Last night I went on my first date in over a year. 14 months to be exact. I bought a cute new outfit, (sorry, I forgot to take pictures) got all primped, and off we went! We went to dinner at a very quiet restaurant, and got a bottle of cab. Yum. I love bottles of wine at a restaurant. It makes me feel like a grown up. I must admit, it was a little awkward at first. I felt some jitters and kept wondering if I had food in my teeth, or if I was showing too much boobage. It was a great dinner though, and the conversation was easy.
After that, we went to the movies. Who knew that movie theaters on Monday nights were practically empty? It was just us and high school students there. Forget feeling like a grown up, I felt straight up old. We saw The Hangover and it was hysterical. (Warning, if you are easily offended, don't see the movie.) My date didn't get me home until midnight! Oh, then I let him in. And I slept with him. Does that make me a whore? Nope. My date was the hubs. Thats right. I have not been out alone with him since Cooper was born. Really, really sad. You can't just leave your kid with anyone these days! Thanks to my sis who is here visiting who kept Cooper so we could go out. It totally felt like when we were first dating, and is something that needs to happen on a regular basis. Needless to say, we will be looking for a sitter very soon!


Mr. Ed. Who are you?

What is my obsession with Ed Hardy? I don't have anything from the brand. I don't know anyone with anything form the brand. I don't know what made me start looking at it. I don't even know who Ed Hardy, er, Christian Audigier is. I just went on about 2 weeks ago to the hubs about why someone would want to wear something with the brand name so big across it. Then my heart started to change. Why? No clue. Same thing that happened with the snuggie. Made fun of it, keep looking at it, started to like it, fell in love with it, own it! Is this an unnatural process? Humm. I am just not so sure I want to bring myself to pay $80 for a t-shirt. But the undies. Thats right, the panties. (you know how I feel about that word, hehe.) They are adorable. And under your pants. Why do I want them so bad?!?! Because they look like this!

I don't think any of you can disagree that these are freakin' adorable.


Parallel Parking

I can't parallel park. I got my first driver's license in FL. There is no need to parallel park there, therefore, no need to teach anyone. I did live in NY for 3 years, but it was upstate and if we ever went somewhere that it was necessary, the hubs would drive. He is really good at it. He actually loves to do it. He tried to teach me once and I quit. Never tried again. So yesterday, my sis and I decided to go into SanFran for a shopping filled day. Sounds great, huh? Well, hello parallel parking. EVERYWHERE. We ended up parking in a lot because lets face it, it was much safer. But then she wanted to go see the Painted Ladies. (You know, the beautiful houses from Full house?) That area is not only all parallel parking, but add in hills like you wouldn't believe and I was having a panic attack. My hands were sweating. My heart was racing. We went around and around passing tons of open spaces searching for one on the end or 2 in a row. Eventually I found what I believed was a spot in between 2 driveways. I parked. Phew. I had to sit in the car for a few minutes and calm down before I got out. When I got out, I realized that either my car was really long, or the spot was reserved for Mini Coopers.

We didn't stay long, because I was blocking people's driveways.

We did get a few pics, though. Whit and Cooper in front of the Ladies.

Me and my walking man going up hill.

And sliding down. And yelling for Whitney to come get Cooper. (Don't wear adorable silver flats up a slippery hill.)


Wordful Wednesday - New Heights

Cooper is walking. And climbing. And preventing me from doing much but following him around and taking him off high surfaces. I would have more pictures if I didn't freak out and pull him down every time. He has been on the dining table, my desk and the back of the couch. Scare me to death.
Haha, Mom. I'm up!
And I am stealing your stuff.
And I will balance on this moving toy until you have a heart attack.

In light of my new career in chasing, I have decided I am an every other day kindof blogger. I tried to blog every day, and I was pooped. Not sure if I spoke to my husband during the month of May either. That is probably a problem, huh? If I am going to blog every other day or so, I thought I should add more to the list. Then I will be busy one day, and super lazy the next.
Making the bed
Doing the dishes
Cooking dinner
Picking up toys
I think all of these things are better the next day. Don't you?

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Craziness done. Now lets walk!

Ahhh. Finally. Last week was crazy. I had playgroup at my house for the first time. That meant 7 babies under 13 months, plus their mommies. I cleaned like I have OCD and baked muffins. It went really well, and no one even commented on the second shelf of the entertainment center being white with dust. (How did I miss that?) The next day, me and 2 other mommies hosted the end of the year barbeque for our Mom's Club. There were 60 people and tons of food. My blood pressure was through the roof all week while we tried to get all the details perfect. Thank goodness my sis was with me for the Costco trip. We filled 2 carts full and barely fit everything in the car. I did score the extra potato salad which is practically worth all the trouble. That stuff is delish.
This week is all about re cooping. The hubs is off to Chicago for work and Whit and I are going to do alot of this.

We started off this morning with Panera and our second over 1 hour trip to Target. I am loving having a partner in crime here with me!

On another (and more important) note, Cooper is walking! He loves to walk holding our hands and constantly wants to get down now. It is super awesome while he is squirming to get down while I am climbing 3 flights of stairs. The most he has done himself is 6 or 7 steps in a row. Our neighbors keep hearing spontaneous burst of cheering and clapping. I think they love it. Ha! The best is when Cooper grins huge and claps for himself when he is done. Adorable. Then he throws a plate of ketchup covered hot dog on the floor and flashes that same grin. Thank you, my sweet one!


The Maxi. Not the pad.

I love this summers new dress style, the maxi. Like really love it. I am only 5'2'', so not the ideal height to wear them, but I do anyway. The only issue is that I don't understand why they have to be named after a pad. I feel the same embarrassment when I say the word as I do in the lady aisle of Target. I will still share a few favorites that I have found.

Forever 21 $14.50

Fab Braid Strap Maxi Dress

Macy's $89.00

DKNY Jeans Floral Print Jersey Maxi Dress

Express $88.00

Ruffle Tube Maxi Trim

Macy's $159.50
Michael Kors Sweetheart-Neckline Strapless Textured Dress

Forever 21 $27.80

Stud Trim Maxi Dress

So now that I have typed that more times than I am comfortable with, I am going to find out where it came from. Who came up with it? Maybe it is so you can be nice and comfy while wearing a maxi. (The dress and the pad) Eww. That was too far. Seriously, sorry. Well, not enough to hold backspace for an entire sentence.


Wordful Wednesday - As I am in real life.

My 10 year old little sis is into Barbies. Last week, she decided to dress hers up to represent all of us sisters. Her interpretation is priceless.

This is Casey, the oldest. She is a Real Estate Agent. As she is in real life.

This is Whitney. She is baking cakes and serving food. As she does in real life.

This is Shelby (herself). She is a Vet. As she will be in real life.

This is me. What am I supposed to be? Stay at home mom? Nope.

Thats right. America's Next Top Model. As I am in real life.

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