Stilettos and Diapers: March 2009


Ticker Issues

I am sad to write this and honestly, kindof embarrassed. The half marathon that I am supposed to be running on Sunday, (yeah, the one I started talking about like 3 months ago) must go on without me. Instead of running, I am going to be getting a chest x-ray and stress test. Awesome. What 24 year old has ticker issues?

I often thought on several occasions while I was running and feeling pretty close to death, "Maybe bodies are not intended to be pushed this hard." What benefit do I get out of running 13 miles? I am beginning to think none. Man. I even bought some really cute yoga pants so I looked adorable crossing the finish line.

I am thinking this is just another sweet post-pregnancy gift, much like the destruction of my one and only thyroid. Why couldn't it have been a gallbladder or appendix? Something that I didn't need. Now I am left having to take meds every morning. Ugg. The worst part is that I can't start drinking the good stuff for an ENTIRE HOUR! (Coffee, that is. Jeeze people, I don't start boozing until noon.)

Well, I am off to lace up my shoes now for a very different reason. I will be running on a treadmill, with wires all over me, in a room full of men over 50 who have never raised their treadmill speed over 2.5. Oh, I will feel right at home. Wish me luck!


Gripin' and Complain'

I just wanna know what in the world happened to customer service? I got my new (green!) laptop 6 months ago and have had nothing but trouble with it since then. First off, the webcam doesn't work. Seriously, how am I supposed to upload incredible videos to my blog without a webcam? I have called 4 times, but conveniently they only have record of 2 of them. Each time they fix it, it quits working after a couple days. I cringe every time it quits because I know I have to call and spend up to 2 hours of my sweet life on the phone.
To make matters worse, the display driver quit working over the weekend. (I just found out there was such a thing...don't think I am some computer genius.) The screen flashes black 4 times, barely leaving me time to tell the entire world what I am doing, before the whole thing shuts down. Insert moans, groans, and four letter words.
The poor hubs got the job of calling yesterday. He was on the phone for about 3 hours between yesterday and today before they agreed to send us a "new" refurbished computer. Insert his four letter words, threats to sue and call Michael Dell. He is a New Yorker and studied law, so he knows some pretty impressive terms and is bound to intimidate the average customer service rep. (or anyone else he meets for that matter.)
He didn't go down without a fight, though. He finally got them to send a local serviceman this week to replace the motherboard, webcam, CD drive and USB ports. (oh yeah, because those don't work either) Is there anything left but the green plastic cover? Would it really be that much more to just take this one back and send us a new one?
Gone are the days of the customer always being right. I guess that means gone are the days of me smiling and saying thank you. I do always say "I know its not your fault, but what are you going to do about it? Thanks nice, right?


When the hubs away, the mom goes gray...

To start, my family has a ridiculous gray hair gene that unfortunately, I have inherited. Ugg. I think this week just gave me a few more to take to my hairdresser.

It was the first time Cooper had really been sick and his first fever. Of course, it had to be a week when the hubs is out of town. He woke up screaming at 6am. I picked him up and knew immediately that he had a fever. My first thought was, "great, I am so prepared and organized that I left the diaper bag in the car so I didn't have to carry it down in the morning and the Tylenol is in there...awesome." I fed Cooper and he actually fell back to sleep, so I put him in the crib to go to the car. I grabbed the monitor and headed out. Once I started walking, I realized I was only wearing a t-shirt. Oops. It was over sized, so there was no booty rocking everywhere, but still, only a shirt. (You really think I am going to sleep in something cute when the hubs is gone? Fat chance. He is lucky if I wear that when he is here!) I got to the car and realized that there are alot of poor people that actually leave for work at 6 am. Just lovely. My neighbors will never see me the same way again. Once I got back in, gave the Tylenol, and put Coop in bed with me, I came to a profound realization.

I need a rent-a-hubs. Wouldn't that be awesome? Whenever he travels, there is someone there to fetch the Tylenol in the middle of the night, change the occasional poopie, take out the trash..ect. You know, all those things I shouldn't have to do. Maybe then I could have gone to the grocery store instead of having the groceries delivered. Or actually gotten the bathrooms cleaned. I could have someone to tell my judgemental American Idol comments to. (You know you do it to.)

Well, the hubs is home now. Hallelujah! I took my first shower in a week without a baby in the bathroom with me. Yippie! I have learned to treasure the time he is here and feel blessed to have this weekend together! We picked some different teams on our basketball brackets so the house will soon be filled with rival jeers. I am so winning.


Time to partaaay!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I have thrown myself full force into the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 hosted by 5 Minutes for Moms. You don't have to be a blogger to join in either! They are giving away great prizes that you should check out!

For those of you blog hoppers today, how about an introduction? I am a 24 year old stay at home mommy of an 11 month old boy. I am a southern born and raised girl living in sunny California with my New Yorker hubs. I am a new to blogging and love to blog about anything and everything in my life. Mostly: motherhood, shopping, craftiness and getting fabulous DEALS!

I am home with a sick baby today, so I am going to spend countless hours checking out your blogs! My only obligation is waiting on the grocery delivery man. Yes, I am having my groceries delivered. Not a normal occurrence, but I have a sick baby, so that is a great excuse, right? Don't judge. You just met me! Besides, I used a coupon for free delivery. Saaweet!

Now for the prizes I want from UBP. Oh, there are so many amazing prizes!

#1 - $100 gift card to Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles. Cooper needs about 87 things from here. Seriously.

#2 - Bracelet by Sydney Andrews. Just for me, myself and I.

#19, #20, and #22 are all $50 Target Cards. Who couldn't use that? Do you know how many diapers I buy from there?

#49 - Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred DVD and Biggest Loser Cookbook. Because working out at home in your pajamas is amazing.

I will stop there. I think I could go on for awhile though. Get out there and check out the prizes!


My recent craftiness

Wow. I am a blog slacker. I used all my recent bloggy time for some other good stuff. Outcome:

Made new pillows for my couch.

Finally finished my little niche. Well, almost. The desk is done, but a chair still needs to be found.

Spent time with my visiting sis. Sang "Everywhere you look" and yelled "Danny Tanner" out the window about 7 million times. Did some touristy sight seeing by the Golden Gate.

Played in the park with Maggie and Cooper while Bill and Lance played ball.

Lastly, ate Lance's delicious, chocolate birthday cake that Maggie made...from scratch. Now I can just hope Billy forgets about it before his birthday so I can use a box.

I am easily distracted, you see? Don't think for a minute that there was nothing to blog about. I did drop the pack-n-play on my toe and bleeding ensued. I bought Cooper's Easter outfit (his first tie!) and he is going to match his cousins. So adorable. Also found big brother shirts for my nephews and great deals on Coop some summer clothes to take to FL next month. The real kicker of the week was Cooper wiping the hubs blackberry clean. Yeah, like there was nothing in it at all. No contacts, emails, ANYTHING. Just "Welcome. Your number is:" Awesome. And it had to be on my watch too. Double awesome.


TV week so far...I am such a junkie.

Most people who know me, know that I love to watch TV. Alot of TV. Bad habit, I know. I just get addicted to every friggin show! I see one episode and I am hooked. Well, after finding out that Melissa from one of the best shows EVER was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, of course I had to watch! I actually enjoyed the show. Shocker. What shows do I not like? I really like Jewel's extremely awkward bull riding hubs. He will be fun to watch. That is if he stays...not likely. Back to Melissa, am I the only one who noticed they Bedazzled her back tat? Fancy pants.

I am assuming many people didn't notice, because I can't find a picture anywhere!!

On to American Idol. Does Randy really have to mention that he worked with Mariah Carey on practically every episode?

We know, we know. You are the reason Mimi ever got Emancipated. This was waaaay back in the day. We are not withholding your props from you. Okay, props to you, dog. Happy?

I am so ready for a new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice this week. The crossover event was oh so fabulous, but ABC, that doesn't excuse repeat weeks. I need my fix!

America's Next Top Model - love it. We are not far enough in for the catty, catty cat fights, but that is when I really love it. Oh, and how did I miss the under 5'7'' tryouts?? I fit those requirements. No, wait. I don't. I am a mom now with a mom body. Thanks alot, Tyra, for waiting until now to realize women with legs as long as me are not the only ones in the world.


Here Snuggie, Snuggie Winner

SITS Spring Fling Giveaway Winner!

Now everyone will know you lucky, lucky winner, that you indeed want a Snuggie! I used this random number generator to pick a winner out of the 126 entries I got. I can't believe that many people entered and checked out my tiny little blog. How sweet. A big thanks to all my new followers! When I settled down (in my Snuggie, of course) last night to check the status of my giveaway, I was so excited to see all of you! Insert happy dancing. Alot of it!

Okay, on to the good stuff. The number between 1 and 126 that the generator choose is: #59.

That is coco-ono of The Coco Cafe!

#59 coco-ono said...
OMG my mom totally wants this! Let me give it to her!
March 10, 2009 3:18 PM

Congrats to you! I will be contacting you for your address to mail the Snuggie!


My first giveaway!

SITS Spring Fling Giveaway!

I am joining in on SITS Spring Fling Giveaway! If you have never visited The Secret is in the Sauce...go there. Now. No wait. After you finish this blog. It is a great place to meet bloggy friends!

This is my first giveaway and I am so excited! I decided that I needed to give away something that I have blogged about. In my very short blogging lifetime, the best product I have blogged about is the Snuggie. You can see my love/hate relationship bloom here.

The sweet hubs got me one for Valentines Day and I LOVE it. You all NEED one. Besides, you all know you want it. The winner will get a new blue (because mine is blue and we can match) Snuggie to keep you nice and cozy while you blog!

You can win 3 ways:
1) Leave me a comment
2) Follow me
3) Blog about my giveaway and post a link to this page.

Leave a seperate comment for each entry. Contest ends March 10th at midnight PST.

Easy Peasy! Now enter away!


Sister, Sister never knew how much I missed ya!

You remember that show? Tia and Tamara? Oh, yeah! Well, that isn't what I am writing about. It is because my sister is coming for a visit tomorrow and I am so excited! My big sis, Casey is pregnant with her third baby AND third boy. She is coming from Georgia to get over the shock and dismay that she is not popping out a baby wearing a pink tutu.
Now that we are both grown up and living far away, I started thinking about the slightly cruel things I have done to her over my 24 years.

When Casey was about 12 or so, my little sis and I didn't understand why she was suddenly so private and wouldn't play dress-up with us. One day while she was in the shower, we hid in her closet. We waited until she got out and had been in the room for a couple minutes before we threw open the closet doors and scared her to death, making her drop the towel she was actually still wearing. We rolled on the floor laughing while she yelled for my mom.
Both my sisters and I shared clothes alot growing up. Still do now. It is easier now because if I can get them in my suitcase, they have to come all the way to California to get them. Muah haha. I am the one that takes good care of my clothes and they always throw them on the floor. It drove me crazy that instead of getting my clothes back in the laundry, they were in a pile on the floor. So, I put padlocks on my closet. Served them right. Then my dad found out they were scratching the doors and off they came.

When Casey had been dating Jarrod (her now hubs) for only a couple weeks, she went to England with Dad. While they were gone, we had Jarrod over for dinner. After dinner, I decided to show him all the home videos we had. Casey went through a akward stage around 14ish. Poor thing. It was rough. I felt is was my duty to exploit this to him. What was I thinking?
On one long, grueling, 8 hour trip to see our Grandparents, I got very board. I noticed on the seat belt there is a warning label. Part of that is written in French. Well, I called Casey Porte Bebe for pretty much the entire summer. Nice, huh?

Speaking of name calling, Casey decided to call Cooper Coopie (you know, like poopie?) the whole time I was pregnant and for a couple months after he was born. I retaliated and called her Auntie *unmentionable* for a while. Ok, sometimes I still do. Don't judge. You want your kids name to sound like poop?

I am publicly saying I'm sorry, Case! I am not even going to rub in your face the mean things you did to me. Haha. Aren't I nice? Once she started having kids, I decided I was not going to have any, for fear they wouldn't be as cute as hers. Her boys are precious and I can't wait to see this new little one she is going to have in August. I am determined to be there for this delivery! I missed her first by about 30 seconds!

All that to say, Casey is an amazing mom, business woman, wife, sister and friend. I am so blessed to have her as my sis, and grateful she is giving up her family for a few days to be with me!

Oh, one thing, though, can you please not get sick in my new car?

About a 3 year old picture, but my favorite of us.

Casey and her boys

Adorable nephews!


Yay for a working blog!

As you know by now, I have moved. The old blog was like living in a beautiful house with no bed. You can make it work, but not so much fun, and you wake up every morning with pain in the back. I wasted so much freakin time trying to make it work and honestly, I am just ready to sit down and watch 3 hours of The Bachelor. Here I go!

Thanks for following me here!
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