Stilettos and Diapers: The best of 2009 begins.


The best of 2009 begins.

I know I have been ignoring my poor boo blog. I'm having fun with the in-laws in NY, doing lots of eating and watching out the window for the snow that's coming today! I decided that since my blogiversary is coming up, this week, I should do a little reposting of my very first blogs.
Here ya go!

In my quest to run this half marathon, the "workout music" play list in my ipod is on overload . It is interesting the music that people run to...stuff they generally wouldn't listen to, I think. I suppose everyone needs the upbeat, motivational kind of music. I particularly like the ghetto rap that makes me feel like my feet are in a fight with the pavement. The downfall is that it throws my whole pace off because I start running with the beat, stomping ever so hard with every step. My arms have to get involved too, of course. You are supposed to move them while running, right? Well, probably not as dramatically as I do. I think my run looks more like a dance. A really bad dance. It's a good thing I haven't actually seen it, because I might quit.
One song that I have really enjoyed lately caught my attention the other day. You see, with any song I have the tendency to make up my own words and really, really think they're right. Unfortunately, I can't understand half the things that are said in my running ghetto music. Probably better. When I actually understood some words, I was surprised. "Car and a crib she 'bout to pay 'em both off, and her bills are paid on time...that's why I love her." Wait a minute...I have good credit and I am not late on my bills. That's seriously the requirement for love? I could have had a filthy rich rapper that wrote a hit about his love of my money management?
Oh well, guess I missed that one. Hope my discovery helps some of you single ladies, though!


  1. Congrats on your blogiversary and I'm jealous that you are going to see snow any minute! By the way, I like to run to: "Rock you like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions, hahaha. My husband makes fun of me but there's just something motivating about 80's hairband ballads :)

  2. GIRL! I've wondered how you were doing. glad you're going to see some snow.

    I'm lmao over here because I listen to ghetto rap while running at the track too. Everyone makes fun of me,but it gets me in an excited upbeat mood. :)

  3. Ha! I love it. Rap is the bast. I seriously have to control my arms sometimes too. It's ridiculous.

  4. Me, workout? Ha ha! That is funny!! I should really start doing that though ... let's start January 4th. LOL!
    Glad you are having a great holiday!!

  5. Happy Blog birthday!

    I am new to your blog! Come on over to my blog and follow back if you would like. It is very nice to "meet" you.

  6. I miss my Molly poo!!!!

    And seriously, you would DIE if you heard my running list. Snoop to Broadway.

    Weird, I know.

  7. when i run i usually listen to some fast paced stuff.
    lately when i've been running i've been listening to slower music to pace myself, then i can run 35-40 mins or so. bottom line, i hate running and the fact that it takes so long to do so little. blah, hahaha ;)
    i have a christmas get together at a swimming pool in 2 weeks. i have some work to do....i've skipped out over a week now, i need to get my booty in gear!
    best of luck working out my love....xo


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