Stilettos and Diapers: Use this bathroom, and you'll be sorry.


Use this bathroom, and you'll be sorry.

You know I'm a planner. You know I make list. Lots of list. I like to plan ahead, so as to not be stressed at the last minute. That is why I do things like clean the bathroom 2 days ahead of guest and leave this note on the door:

I had a list the size of Texas of things to do the night before and day my parents got here. My uber relaxed hubs doesn't quite see things the same way I do. He was thoroughly aware of when they got here, but is completely convinced that a person can clean the bathrooms, do laundry, make the beds, dust, vacuum, move all the boxes to the garage and grocery shop in 30 minutes flat.
Yeah, in my dreams.
Now I'd been sick for days so alot of this stuff would normally be done, but hours before they got here, and the entryway to my house looked like this:
{Notice the feetsies chillaxin on the couch}
I know I'm moving, so there are going to be boxes. But I can't take those boxes down 3 flights of stairs to put into the garage.
{Kudos to anyone who notices the "poop sack" as we call it on the floor.}
As I cleaned the guest bathtub with a toothbrush, (because its my MOM, goddess of all things clean) the hubs calls out, "why don't you just come sit and watch this show with me?"
I guess what they say is true. Opposites attract. Sometimes opposites make you blow steam out your ears somethin fierce.

Good thing I can do A TON of cleaning when extremely slightly irritated.


  1. You are so funny, I literally just laughed out loud! My BF is like that too, and I all, "Umm...these dishes are not going to clean themselves!!!" Can't wait for the day we have kids. That will be HI-larious.

  2. LOL @ poopsac, and I am steeling the sign on the bathroom door idea. genius.

  3. I'm so glad that I'm not the only person who scrubs the guest bathroom, closes and locks the door and then forbids anyone from using it until our company arrives, haha. Thank you for once again making me feel a little less weird :)

  4. What a great idea, I have the try the note on the bathroom!
    I hope you get to feeling better! :)

  5. This is, hands down, the best idea I've ever heard. When we have parents coming over for the weekend (they're all in Jersey and we're in MD), I normally start to clean a week in advance, and then have to redo everything the night before they get here, usually staying up late to do so. I will totally be stealing this!!

  6. I swear we are sisters or just weirdly connected in some way b/c this sounds EXACTLY like my husband and I.

    I love having a clean house, but that doesn't mean I want to be the only one working to keep it that way. While I was super sick over the weekend I was cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, moping, doing laundry AND taking care of the two kiddos my hubs was laying on the couch watching movies in his jammies....ugh men.

  7. ha.. i love having a clean place every day but I'm going crazy freaking maniac when parents are coming over(either of 'em) so i totally get you there... but hubs gotta move his ass to help ya a little.. smack him with that poop sack and he'll figure it out later why:)
    Hope you get better soon!

  8. ohh gosh loved the bathroom door sign!!!

    hope you feel better soon=)


  9. Haha, you are hysterical! I imagine I'll be the same way when I have my own home. I'm ocd about a lot of things, cleanliness being one of them. Loved the bathroom door sign!

  10. Hahaha! That sign is hilarious. Too bad my hubby would purposely use that bathroom to mess with me. He knows how stressed I get about house guests so he likes to be "funny" to chill me out. Usually, it just makes me more psycho. Hahaha! Your new place looks great form what I can see!

  11. if you help clean mine, i'll come help clean yours! :) I love the note on the bathroom, that's how I feel after I clean ours..

  12. i'm so like you. i do the same thing if guests are coming which is why i only like invited guests only!

  13. I love that! I cleaned the whole house yesterday and I feel like putting that sign everywhere - LOL.


  14. My husband is exactly the same! I want things done RIGHT NOW and he could not care less!

  15. I do my best cleaning when I am mad at my husband!

    PS moving sucks. hang in there!

  16. Oh my!

    I'm blessed to be married to a neat freak! But I'm glad you were about to get some things done!

  17. hahahha nice nice

    and about that note in the bathroom I would write a second note below it:

    "If I don't use it, YOU (and the rest of the household) will be sorry"

  18. I LOVE the sign on the door idea. Did it work? I'm wondering if my husband and kids would listen to it or go in there just cause it says not to!

  19. That's completely my husband and I! I'm so neurotic when it comes to cleaning and he's like "eh.. it's gonna ge tmessed up again." GRR!!

    I am a list maker too. Saves my life.


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