Stilettos and Diapers: I'm sick, but check out what's keeping me happy.


I'm sick, but check out what's keeping me happy.

Today, I'm sick, and I've been sick since Saturday. It's the first time, actually, since becoming a mom 18 months ago, so I guess I can't complain. But, its hard. I want to take care of my little man and let him jump on me while I'm lying in a ball on the couch, but I just can't. I passed out Saturday and my head landed in a pile of damp dirty towels in the laundry room. My hair reeked, but I didn't even have energy to wash it. I stayed in my jammies for 2 days straight!

Saturday was a little easier, because the hubs was helping, but yesterday, he got sick too. Awesomeness. You all know how men are when they are sick. Worse than kids. Worse than anyone. Plain awful.

I thought today would be a good day to do a little photo searching to show you a couple studs I am crushin hard on. Now, I've never read Twilight, (don't hate me!) and I DO NOT understand the Robert Pattinson thing. Just not into him. Sorry! I can't help it! But, I am totally diggin a couple guys.

I think you all know by now about my MASSIVE crush on Taye Diggs. He has been #1 on my list for awhile now.Photo credit

I mean, seriously. Look at that hot piece of eye candy!

But, over the past couple weeks, I started cheating on him. Just a little. At first. Now I am pretty much in love with one of the new Mercy West interns on Grey's Anatomy, Dr Jackson Avery, aka, Jesse Williams.

Oh, mother of all hotness.
Now, Taye, you're still my #1, but watch yourself. You've got competition.


  1. they both are hot. keep on drooling!

  2. Yea...Dr. A is freaking gorgeous! Yumm! You got good taste girl!

  3. Just another reason I love you....we both haven't read Twilight and we both don't get Robert Patterson, and we both think those two amazing men are HOT!


  4. Feel better soon! And yes . . . LOVE me some Taye too :)

  5. OMG how could you cheat on Taye? He is just "IT", very hot!!

  6. ohhhmiiigoodeness where have i been the dr. is yummy :D and taye diggs never a compitition he's just too gorgeous!! and i'm sorry but i love edward cullan NOT robert pattison BIG DIFFERENCE!!! lols hey it's the story we feel in love with not so much him :)

    happy happy monday

  7. I don't get the Twilight thing either. I have no desire the read the books or watch the movies. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Both gorgeous men!!!
    I hope you get to feeling better!

  9. LOL! I'm not into Taye Diggs, but Dr Avery is hotness! I've been loving him lately too.

    Girl, READ Twilight. I was anti for the longest time, but not LOVE it! I'm more into Taylor Lautner, even though he's like 10(er..17) haha!

  10. Sorry to hear you've been sick, but those pics are sure to make you feel better! I am totally with you on the Dr. Avery train! His eyes are amazing!

  11. oh yes, taye diggs is some yummy goodness but who is this jesse fellow. i am in LOVE! those eyes just made me melt and well other things...haha. kidding.

  12. I have not read Twilight either and don't plan on it. I tend not to jump on the trendy teen book bandwagon.
    But hey! I wanted to tell you! That look I posted was what I wear when I'm NOT at work. Gosh, I wish I could go to work in my juicy sweats and Uggs!
    Just for you, I've decided to do a post on every outfit I wear this week...I think it will post next weekend sometime, but I'll tell you when! I want you to see how (equally lame) my work clothes are!!!
    I hope you feel better, sweetie!!

  13. iv never seen taye diggs before but he is gorgeous! haha! xxxx

  14. I'm sorry my one weakness is brown boys with green eyes (aka my husband)...there is nothing sexier...

    And Rob Patt not so much either.

  15. Dr Jackson Avery, aka, Jesse Williams....Yumm-o....I better start paying better attention to Greys!!

    hope that you feel better :(

  16. Im not into dudes but.. i hope you feel better.. :)

  17. hotties can always help out ;)
    hope you are feeling better soon my luv! XO


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