Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Purple Nails


Fashion Friday - Purple Nails

I am so feelin' the side bun right now. Literally in this pic.
Peace yo. Actually just trying to show you my nails. Love! Nails. There, that's a little better.

This outfit was inspired by the nail polish. I got Peoples Style Trend mag in the mail this week. EEK! When I got the page saying that purple nails are ALL THE RAGE this season, I nearly killed myself trying to get my shoes and get. to. the. store.
I quickly hit up Tarjay and found some alright purple, thought I would give it a try. But wait! On the end cap was an entire display of E.L.F cosmetics in little packages for Christmas. They have a jewel tone trio of polish that you have to go get. Like yesterday. 2 coats of the purple is perfecto! Oh, and did I mention that it is $3? For 3 polishes? Oh, yeah.
According to Rachel Zoe, who knows everything and is everything fashion, nail polish is an accessory. Bold colors should be paired with neutral clothes and minimal accessories.
So there you go. I have successfully made Peoples Mag, Rachel Zoe, and Tyra happy in this post.

Gray Leggings - Forever 21
Black Sweater - Ross
Black Booties - Charlotte Russe
Bracelet - Forever 21
Ring - Tiffany & Co
Happy Friday my lovelies! Have a wonderful weekend!

Summer is a stylist now, so you need to go visit her. NOW!
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  1. what a great ross find! super cute :)

  2. you are so freakin cute. Love pic #2. But where are you in these??
    I'm totally going to buy nail polish on my lunch break :)

  3. CUTE!! I am used to your inside pics...these threw me off at first...purple nail polish, huh?!? better go get some :)

  4. I looooove purple nails! My favorite is "Lincoln Park after Midnight" by OPI- check it out, it's a FABULOUS dark purple and it's been on my nails from October to Feb for 2 yrs now. Your outfit is CUTE!! Loving those leggings!

  5. I am still scared of booties... Not just your booties, but ALL booties. I am totally loving the side bun and the purple polish though! Inspiring!!

  6. Cute! Cute! Cute! I wish I was daring enough to wear purple. I think I would look funny but it looks awesome on you!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LOVE!!! You seriously wear all of that so well! Gorgeous, you are my dear and SO stylish. I love your Fashion Friday posts!! Makes me wanna go and shop! ;)Happy Friday!

  9. I love your outfit and the side bun!! Ahh! Everything is SO cute!
    And I've been rockin the dark dark blue polish for a couple weeks now. :)

  10. i'm totally loving the side bun too! you can't go wrong.

    hope you have a funtastic weekend! xoxo.

  11. love this outfit! the side bun is so in right now! xxx

  12. Love the outfit! I love bold colors for fall nails. I had a raisin color on mine a couple weeks ago, and it looked so pretty!!

  13. Love the nails and you totally made me want to go shopping!

  14. Awww I love purple nail polish! And it definitely pops when paired with a more subtle color palette like what you are wearing. Totally glam, Tyra would be proud.

  15. Look at you girl! Love the out fit and the purple nails! You crack me up running to the store :)


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